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Description: Some Compare Him To The Canadian Ninja Links
Actualy Negga Is the Best Diddy in Canada
He Main DIddy like Woah!!!!! He Just Prove To the World
He can take diddy to the next level !!!!!!
So bigs Up for negga!!!!!! Best diddy in Canada.
Negga is just Neggarofic A real phenomen !!!!!
And he show us how Diddy can be DIDDYLICIOUS!!!!!
Yea That My NEGGA !!!!!!!!!!

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Created: May 16, 2009
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Apathy wrote at 8:47 PM on Jun 09, 2012 :
dat diddy
GoldenYoshiKing wrote at 5:54 PM on Oct 01, 2011 :
Kimii wrote at 8:09 PM on Aug 08, 2011 :
diddylicious lol stay pro with diddy bro XD
zekezan88 wrote at 12:12 PM on Aug 06, 2011 :
For a second I thought you meant *****.