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Description:This group represents the unity between the 2 Smash Communities of All is Brawl and Smashboards. In this group, we understand that choosing only one Smash community is pointless and unethical. Each community has its strong points and weak points and we should not limit ourselves to one g...
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 748
'90's Are All That
Description:Remember those great cartoons/shows of the 90's we all talk about, reminisce about, wish they'd put back on TV! Well get ready to relive all those great childhood experiences, because this is the type of nostaliga that used to shape our world! Thanks to the millions of loyal fans, like yourselves, N...
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 348
Balanced Brawl: What Brawl could, and should be!
Description:Balanced Brawl is a hack of SSBB designed by Amazing Ampharos and Thinkaman. Paraphrased from AA himself: The first thing that needs to be understood about Balanced Brawl is that this project embraces Brawl for what it is. The foundation of this project is that Brawl is a fun game that we enj...
Category: Gaming » Competitive gaming
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Bionic Sonic Appreciation Group
Description:He is the best hacker you can imagine. You all have used his hacks some time or another. He also probably has helped you. He invented the custom music hack. Show your support. Great man indeed.
Category: General
Members: 48
Description:Yeah, Cheese. Get owned - you lost to a 13 year old girl that used Yoshi who mains Olimar (Which means she was using an ALT) when you're seven years older.
Category: General
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I lol @ ppl who say you are amazing when they beat you, but john when they lose to you.
Description:These people are funny. "YOU ARE AMAZING! GL ON THE LADDER!" ^ When they win "WOW! STUPID NOOB JUST SPAMMED!" ^ When they lose
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 98
I saw ADHD 2-stock M2K
Description:We all saw it! M2K pussied out at the end and forfeit xD
Category: Gaming » Player rankings
Members: 41
Lady GaGa Is My Life
Description:For all those Lady GaGa addicts =]
Category: General
Members: 36
Money Back
Description:the money,we want it back
Category: Education » Education
Members: 50
Samus is Amazing
Description:Samus was, is, and always will be amazing(I am talking about Melee of course). Can any other character super wavedash, do the extended grapple, or fire a giant blue thing at people? No, I didn't think so. Join this if you use Samus, or just love looking at her pictures(while shes inside of her suit ...
Category: General
Members: 158
Soma's Art fan club
Description: [IMG]
Category: Social » Entertainment
Members: 46
There Will Be Brawl
Description:Join this group if you love this fantastic, well made machinima or want to know more about it.
Category: Gaming » Fighting
Members: 100
You'd beat me in Brawl, I'd RAPE you in Melee
Description:For those who hate when people brag about beating you in Brawl, when you could absolutely rape them in Melee.
Category: Gaming » Competitive gaming
Members: 65