Maylinh's groups

Burntsocks Fan Club
Description: Seriously, why doesn't he have one yet? He's best yoshi on the west coast and places very well irl tournies. He definitely deserves one. =D And I gotta pay respect to my fellow yoshi XD
Category: Gaming » General
Members: 15
Combo Vision: A Tetris Attack / Panel de Pon / Puzzle League Group
Description:For all those that are fans of the games Tetris Attack, Panel de Pon, Puzzle League, this group is for you. If you think you're good, talk some ****, if you want to get better, ask for help. We're all here for the same masterful puzzle game.
Category: Gaming » General
Members: 36
Competitive Pokemon D/P/Pt
Description:I am aware there is that Allispokemon group/movement thing going on but that seems kinda dead. I've decided to make this group as a place where people who are competitive in pokemon can come to ask questions, seek trades, and find battles. Ill edit this later >.>
Category: Gaming » Competitive gaming
Members: 170
Description: For anyone who loves the Darkstalkers series! [img]http://www.fig...
Category: Gaming » Fighting
Members: 11
Doppelganger's Too Good Fan Club
Description:For the man, who is the zelda, who is the best in SoCal. It's time for a fan club for "Daa foo" (Doppel). Why? cause no one is a better zelda, no one says "get raped" as well. and no one is such a good friend as in the man doppelganger! let's show the love ppl and you gotta love his anime hair!
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 19
Edrees Fan Club
Description:Edrees- The most polite and respectful player you will ever find, yet he will mess you up if you find yourself facing him in a tournament. The best Peach player by far, yet the one who asks for least credit, while everyone else fights for second best in the Peach boards. [img]http://www.nintend...
Category: Gaming » Player rankings
Members: 47
Femme Fatale - Competitive Female Gamers
Description:First and foremost, this is not a 'girl power' or feminazi group. This is a group for female gamers in the competitive scene. We have no intentions of segregating 'male' and 'female' gamers. The purpose of this group is to support and encourage females in the competitive scene; to discuss, l...
Category: Gaming » Competitive gaming
Members: 286
Final Fantasy X
Description:If the tenth entry in this legendary series is your favorite game or one of your favorites, or if you like Pyreflies, Shoopufs, and Blitzball, this is for you.
Category: Gaming » General
Members: 41
I Like To Take Naps!
Description:Who doesn't like to take naps?
Category: General
Members: 48
I Love Video Game Music
Description:Well yeah, of course there are some awsome bands out there... but what about video game music!? There are alot of soundtracks that are good out there. For ex: F-Zero (always has good music) The World Ends with You Metal Gear Solid Ace Combat Tekken Lunar Knights Custom Robo Legend of Zelda
Category: General
Members: 2570
Description:The AiB LeePuff Fan Club for the best LeePuff in SoCal (and also the world). He is a hero to all Game and Watch mains! After you lose to him, you'll just nod your head and walk away without shame, because you accept th...
Category: General
Members: 81
Maylinh 99 blocked me on Super Puzzle Fighter 2 >_>
Description:12/6/08. :| if you like puzzle fighter join this too :D[IMG]
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 18
PeachyAenne's Brothel
Description:A place for all my AIB loves! <3 <3 I heart you guys! oh baby! JEALOUS?!?!?!
Category: General
Members: 48
pokemon pick up lines are <3 !!1
Description: pokemon pick up lines are oscar mayor winner. if you don't get teh girls, you will get teh lulz. i will update group with high tier pick up lines to help those indeed out. you got this. [smile]:|...
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 161
Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles
Description:For that perfect rail shooter. This Game is based on Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica. IMO one of the best Rail shooters ever made. Join to share locations of objects and good strats on boss killing.
Category: Gaming » First-person shooter
Members: 50
Respectful Smashers
Description:This is a group for respectful smashers. If you are one, there this might be the group for you. Respectful smashers are smashers who are respectful after matches such as hand shakes, saying good game, or thanking them for a good match. If you believe that you are respectful, this is the group for...
Category: General
Members: 2868
Shigeru Miyamoto Recognition Group
Description: Shigeru Miyamoto (宮本 茂, Miyamoto Shigeru, born November 16, 1952) is a Japanese video game designer. He is the creator of the Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Nintendogs, Wave Race, and Pikmin video game series for Nintendo game systems. He has also produced many titles publish...
Category: General
Members: 326
Description:Is there anywhere else you'd rather live?
Category: Location » Region
Members: 655
Super Mega Awesome Late Night Crew Funtime
Description:Rebirth! With 10x as much awesomeness as before.
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 13
Tales Fans
Description:This group is for people who enjoy playing the Tales games from Namco.
Category: Gaming » General
Members: 227