CPU's groups

?CPU? Fan Club
Description:For any1 who is a ?CPU? Fan http://i272.photobucket.com/albums/jj168/Roboticopperatingbuddy/rob22222223333lol.jpg http://i627.photobucket.com/albums/tt353/ninthbandit/SolidSnake-Freeart.jpg [IMG]http://i380.photobucket.com/albums/oo241/pokegirl5000/Kirby_and_Meta_Knigh...
Category: Gaming » Crew, team, or guild
Members: 11
All is Melee
Description:Bringing melee back! Official organized melee community on AiB. I guess its not all brawl anymore!
Category: Gaming » Competitive gaming
Members: 774
Christian Gamers
Description:This is for Christian gamers who would like to proudly place our beliefs on display as we should. God Bless!
Category: General
Members: 730
Dragon Ball Z
Description:A group where any DBZ fan can rant and rave bout the best anime ever
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 440
Heart Gold & Soul Silver
Description:OH MY GOD FINALLY A REMAKE!! Everybody that has waited for this day to finally come, Join this group. JOIN IT!!
Category: General
Members: 96
Melee > Brawl
Description:Because Melee is too good.
Category: Gaming » Competitive gaming
Members: 182
Plan 9 08
Description:The best plan for AiB Plan 9 is a family man. Plan 9 is a ladies man. Plan 9 is a artful man. Plan 9 is the ONLY candidate approved by Neal.
Category: General
Members: 43
Description:join if ur FIRIN ya LAZHER
Category: General
Members: 746
The Jigglypuff Backroom
Description:An environment for pre-established and knowedgeable Jigglypuff users to come together and discuss ideas among the players that understand puff on an advanced level. There will be various discussion topics for matchups, in depth analysis of her metagame, and many other concepts that will develop h...
Category: Gaming » Competitive gaming
Members: 37
The Jiggz Appreciation Group
Description:This is for people who appreciate jigglypuff or jiggs for short . I made this because another jiggs appreciation group told me to.
Category: Gaming » Competitive gaming
Members: 26
Description:We just love the neutral stages!!
Category: General
Members: 210