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AiB's Bi-Weekly Top 10 (Closed Indefinitely)
Description:http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z294/xomfgiitsallix/Top10Welcome.gif Welcome everyone! You have arrived at the new home of All is Brawl's Bi-weekly Top 10. We would like to thank you for your continued support through our rough transition. This group brings the sites greatest, fro...
Category: Social » Entertainment
Members: 85
All is Dissidia
Description:The Official Dissidia group of AllisBrawl.
Category: Gaming » Fighting
Members: 195
All is Melee
Description:Bringing melee back! Official organized melee community on AiB. I guess its not all brawl anymore!
Category: Gaming » Competitive gaming
Members: 774
AllIsBrawl > All
Description:Weegee says so. But don't tell anyone.
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 176
Anything goes..
Description:What is this, you ask? It's like the ghetto side of All is Brawl. On your right are alleys. On your left are the homeless. In front of you is a street filled with stolen cars. Behind you is a big black guy. It's lawless.. It's dirty.. It's dangerous.. It's lonely.. It's dark.. A...
Category: General
Members: 63
Brawlers of Montana!
Description:I know theres not many of us but join to make new montana friends and see whos the best.
Category: Gaming » Action
Members: 10
Custom Destination
Description:Custom Destination is the premium destination on All is Brawl for up-and-coming stage designers to display their skills. We offer a wide variety of benefits, including: private forums, a private shoutbox, a large source of potential feedback, the chance to design our group's official "Stage of the ...
Category: Gaming » Crew, team, or guild
Members: 29
Custom Stage Design
Description:This Group is for people who like to create and design stages on the stage builder of SSBB. Here you can discuss your ideas of stage building, Share stages with one another, and meet friendly creative people.
Category: General
Members: 104
DTL Fan Club
Description:Best Toon Link in Colorado.
Category: Gaming » Crew, team, or guild
Members: 519
Duelists of AIB
Description:For those who still play Yu-Gi-Oh and kick *** at it.
Category: General
Members: 41
Hates when people advertise clans on AIB chats
Description:For everyone who is annoyed at those who clan advertise on the aib chats >:[
Category: General
Members: 122
I Hate Diddy's Banana Peels!!!!!!
Description:Because you might have been playing a championship game, or a friendly, and you've either lost a life, or a game, to Diddy's Banana Peels.
Category: Gaming » Online
Members: 186
I John even when I win
Description:this is group is for people who john even when they win. maybe you know someone who johns when they win, maybe you do? if so invite/join this group :)
Category: General
Members: 821
I Refuse to Buy Another Sonic Game Until it gets a 39/40 or Higher in Famitsu
Description:From Staindgrey: Coast to Coast - "I hereby pledge to not spend any more money on any sort of game or memorabilia involving Sonic the Hedgehog or his million furry friends until... hmm, we need a lofty yet attainable goal... ooo! Until a Sonic game receives at least a 39/40 in Famitsu magazine! N...
Category: Business » Career Goal
Members: 18
I've never met a pit that hasn't spammed!
Description:This is for all you people out there like me who have never met a pit that hasn't spammed or just hate pit in general. Darn those spammers!!!
Category: General
Members: 131
Mega Man Fans
Description:Mega Man should have been in Brawl -.-;
Category: Gaming » Action
Members: 105
Metroid Metal Fans
Description:This group is for anyone who likes the Metroid Metal project that Stemage (Grant Henry) worked on... by himself. It contains awesome interpretations of various songs in the Metroid Series Soundtrack. There's about 22 songs and they are AWESOME. You can download for free at the official website: ...
Category: Social » Entertainment
Members: 47
Category: Location » Region
Members: 542
Official Kirrrby Fan Group Woot!! :]
Category: Business » Career Goal
Members: 102
Riddle Dimension X
Description:Can you beat the game? Solve my riddles!
Category: General
Members: 47
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