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MikeHAZE fanclub
Description:this is a place for those who are fans of MikeHAZE's marth
Category: General
Members: 35
People Who say Metaknight is easy to use usually suck *** with metaknight
Description:Please people can you explain why you say "metaknight is so easy to use" and then when i play your mk i own you like nothing thats right stfu
Category: General
Members: 96
R.I.P Sake, we all will miss you
Description:We've heard the news, we've said our prayers, and we have spoken from our hearts. Many of us worry about Sake, and he truelly needs everyone's support, even God's. Join this group if you love, care, and want to support Sake. We pray he will come back to us.
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 157
Ridiculously Handsome Brawlers
Description:- Brilliance on the purely aesthetic nature. - People who give the sun a purpose to shine, and the moon to reflect. - Those whose grade physical genius comes about once every decade - Long Beach Z
Category: Education » Education
Members: 5
Description:Is there anywhere else you'd rather live?
Category: Location » Region
Members: 656
SoCal Brawl
Description:Featured Tournaments: [url=]E4H:CHAMPION - Orange, CA - October, 22nd 2011[/url] Featured local!!! [C...
Category: Location » Region
Members: 125
The Offical DEHF (Larry) Fan-Club
Description:Because Larry is too good. It's DEHF! A top player from SoCal and the best Falco in the US. Not only is he pro at brawl, but he's a really cool guy also, so everyone join to show your love for him! In terms of Falcos Larry is #1 In terms of Rape Larry is #1 In terms of Reese's Pieces Larry is #...
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 257