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Description:This group represents the unity between the 2 Smash Communities of All is Brawl and Smashboards. In this group, we understand that choosing only one Smash community is pointless and unethical. Each community has its strong points and weak points and we should not limit ourselves to one g...
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 748
2 Good Gaming
Description:Are you too good? Then this place is for you! We are an organization in SoCal promoting the community and encouraging competition from Melee, to Brawl, to TVC, and more! Check us out! My name is Champ and I am too good.
Category: General
Members: 162
AllisBrawl Pro Players
Description:The best players on AllisBrawl! Being a part of this group gives players access to the AllisBrawl Pro Lounge. Access is only given to players who earn their way in either by placing top 8 in one of AllisBrawl's ladder seasons or by finishing at the top of large in-person tournaments.
Category: Gaming » Competitive gaming
Members: 31
Angel's Ascension
Description:This group is mainly for the few remaining Pit players who truly want Pit to improve. This is also a replacement for the decayed United Angels Group, which lost its original purpose to improve Pit. This group will now be doing so. [IMG]
Category: General
Members: 63
brawl is your favorite game
Description:join if you only got a wii because of brawl, brawl is your favorite wii game in existence and nothing can top it . or brawl is your all time favorite game. discuss anything about it! lol
Category: Gaming » Action
Members: 70
Calvin and Hobbes
Description:A group dedicated to the greatest newspaper comic strip of all time: Calvin and Hobbes!
Category: General
Members: 66
CenCal Smash - Brawl
Description:A place for CenCal Brawlers to organize smashfests/rides to tournaments/etc. I will be updating this regularly. Click here for the smashboards SB/SLO Smash Thread: [url][/url] Members: Junk - DeDeDe, Snake ViceGrip - Ness Tinasaur - Tinas...
Category: Location » Region
Members: 22
Choice Fan Club
Description:Choice(aka Joe) is one of the communities coolest people, he owns people with Wolf and even Falco, a really friendly person, gives all kinda of useful advice, and is just an all around good person. Did I mention he kicks *** at brawl? Cuz he does. Choice's Twitter: cordovajm23 Just made a littl...
Category: Gaming » Player rankings
Members: 51
CT Tyrant is too good
Description:Best in the west, he knows so much about the game and you learn so much by just hearing him speak. And good job to tyrant to getting 3rd at mlg Orlando! stauffy "Tyrant is the most Hug able person in socal."
Category: General
Members: 57
Description:For all the people who are obsessed/infatuated with death, join. Death is the termination of the biological functions that define a living organism. It refers to both a particular event and to the condition that results thereby. The true nature of the latter has for millennia been a...
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 26
Edrees Fan Club
Description:Edrees- The most polite and respectful player you will ever find, yet he will mess you up if you find yourself facing him in a tournament. The best Peach player by far, yet the one who asks for least credit, while everyone else fights for second best in the Peach boards. [img]http://www.nintend...
Category: Gaming » Player rankings
Members: 47
Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate
Description:A group for Monster Hunters who are going to hunt in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on Wiiu.Join and play for your chance to obtain the Monster Hunter Badge
Category: General
Members: 45
Neal Appreciation Group
Description:Neal has done so much for the community, so show your appreciation for him here!
Category: General
Members: 468
Official FOW fanclub
Description:"THE Ness kid".[url=] FOW[/url] (Freddie Omar Williams) is raising the bar and giving hope to low tier mainers everywhere. This 14 year old has been showing his skills for over two years now. He has beaten pros like MikeHaze, DSF, Tyrant and many others. He is nic...
Category: General
Members: 76
Procrastinators Club
Description:for those who are suposed to be at there jobs....or school..or anything else and they are on this site. come here for lols and other such funny stuff.
Category: Social » Entertainment
Members: 108
Respectful Smashers
Description:This is a group for respectful smashers. If you are one, there this might be the group for you. Respectful smashers are smashers who are respectful after matches such as hand shakes, saying good game, or thanking them for a good match. If you believe that you are respectful, this is the group for...
Category: General
Members: 2868
S1-14 fanclub
Description:A fan club dedicated to this amazing Ness!
Category: General
Members: 28
Settlers of Catan
Description:I'll stick my wood in your brick port! To play online go here: [url][/url] You can be ranked and play some other fun maps. PeachyAenne: PeachyAenne Koikaze: koikaze Ender: enderD Tareth: Tareth
Category: General
Members: 18
Description:Is there anywhere else you'd rather live?
Category: Location » Region
Members: 655
SoCal Brawl
Description:Featured Tournaments: [url=]E4H:CHAMPION - Orange, CA - October, 22nd 2011[/url] Featured local!!! [C...
Category: Location » Region
Members: 125
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