Hunter Keeba's groups

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Description:The picture alone should make you want to join.
Category: Business » Career Goal
Members: 69
Description:;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ;o; ...
Category: Location » State
Members: 17
Description:Corneria is the best stage EVER! join if you love corneria!
Category: General
Members: 15
~Cool Kids Club~
Description:NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 29
Description:[center][size=3][font="Arial"]ZJUA Zap Jump Up Air Originally formed as a Lucas chat in June of '10 until new people started pouring in. With all these new characters, it could no longer stand as a Lucas based chat. Eventually, FAE made up the term "ZJUA" after using it in a match, and ...
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 20
Adult Swim
Description:A group for ppl who like Adult Swim or Anything in that channel including CartoonNetwork. Action/Anime on Adult Swim () means the show is no longer in play: -(Astro Boy) -The Big O -Bleach -Blood+ -Code Geass -Cowboy Bebop -(Death Note) -FLCL -Fullmetal Alchemist -Ghost in the Shell -Inu...
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 145
Alcoholic Smashers
Description:The opposite of the [url=]StraightXEdge [/url]group. You don't necessarily have to be an alcoholic, but enjoy drinking in general at social events or after smash tournaments! EDIT BY [url=]ABERZ[/url]: Or like to...
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 110
All is Brawl Smash Trivia
Description:This group is made for people who run or enjoy participating in Smash Trivia events hosted on All is Brawl. We have a list of all the current participants with their current scores, so they can see how many more points they need before getting that next badge, and also send PMs to all of the members...
Category: General
Members: 230
All is Pokemon
Description:This the group for people who think there should be a site!
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 114
Always remember to shut the **** up.
Description:hotdogturtle wrote at 8:55 PM on Sep 02, 2011 : I wish someone would make a group called "Always Remember To Shut The **** Up". Because that's what I think every time someone posts on the other group.
Category: Business » Workplace
Members: 62
Description:A group for everyone who has JIZZED IN THEIR PANTS [url][/url]
Category: Social » Entertainment
Members: 97
Anti-desu Group
Description:A group for people who hate Japanese language abusers and fangirls/fanboys
Category: General
Members: 33
Anyone who says jigglypuff counters mk is a ****** idiot
Description:seriously ive never seen a puff owning an mk in a tournament, assuming the mk knows how to camp and spam accordingly. ur tripin if u disagree
Category: General
Members: 87
Aural Sex
Description:Because one Lucario group just isn't big enough.
Category: General
Members: 127
Billy Mays Fan Group (R.I.P.)
Description:BILLY MAYS HERE, INTRODUCING OXI CLEAN!!! Are you on the ball?
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 149
Description:this is a group where fellow olimar mainers and olimar lovers can come to chat about how awesome Brood is and how awesome olimar is in general :3 1. just have fun and talk about olimar :3 2. olimar is better than metaknight 3. pink boots is a beast <3
Category: General
Members: 9
Can't let you do that, Star Fox!
Description:This group is far better than that other group you nubs joined without thinking :D [img]
Category: General
Members: 188
Description:For all those people who like the randomness of caramelldansen.
Category: General
Members: 35
Chocolate Milk
Description:If you love chocolate milk or just love milk in general this is the group for you.
Category: General
Members: 83
Chocolate milk lovers and haters of fat brown chicks that look like cows >___>
Description:A group for chocolate milk and brown cow lovers and haters of brown fat chicks that look like cows and you accidentally milk them =X We have been fooled by the cow impersonating fat chicks for too long!! Now is the time for revenge! Are you with meh?!?! =D
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 49
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