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- Kid Icarus: Uprising!
Description:Finally after all this years, a new Kid Icarus game got announced at E3 2010, Kid Icarus™: uprising! Starring Pit having his brawl-look. Join the group if you liked the game, and if you're planning to buy it when the new Nintendo 3DS is coming! Pit ftw. o Trailer: [url]http://www.youtub...
Category: General
Members: 88
**** LUIGI
Category: General
Members: 18
Description:This black/orange thing looks insane in your profile :] THESE GROUPS ARE BETTER (yeah they look amazing too) [url]http://allisbrawl.com/group.aspx?id=10005[/url] [url]http://allisbrawl.com/group.aspx?id=10887[/url] [url]http://allisbrawl.com/group.aspx?id=10888[/url] [url]http:/...
Category: General
Members: 102
Description:because it will look good under the "my groups" segment. (also this group contains a picture of tabuu dancing with casper in street fighter)
Category: General
Members: 369
Anther Fan Club
Description:For anybody that loves watching Pikachu rape high tiers, or just any character in general.
Category: General
Members: 102
Anyone who says jigglypuff counters mk is a ****** idiot
Description:seriously ive never seen a puff owning an mk in a tournament, assuming the mk knows how to camp and spam accordingly. ur tripin if u disagree
Category: General
Members: 87
Armada is freaking amazing
Description:Too. ****ing. Pro. Currently the 16 years old prodigy is the only player whose beaten M2K, DSW, AND Mango (arguably the top three players in the US) in tournament. Congratulations on 2nd place at Genesis and we all wish you good luck at Pound 4!
Category: Education » Education
Members: 125
Ash should STOP releasing his Pokemon!
Description:That stupid faced kid. He keeps releasing Pokemon that have some good potential, and keeps the one that are generically cute. I know it's a kids show, but come on, Pidgeot? Primape? all to get who? Corphish?
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 149
East Coast
Category: Location » Region
Members: 1230
East Coast MLG Support
Description:We support Atomsk, dmbrandon, Shadow, Fatal, Allied, Snakeee, ksizzle, ADHD, Will, KirinBlaze, Pierce, D1, RJ, Que, bschung, Malcolm, Cura, San, and all the other East Coast Smashers attending Major League Gaming 2010. Good luck and kick ***! Show the other regions why we're the best!
Category: Gaming » Adventure
Members: 24
Fullmetal alchemist
Description:if u like FMA or FMA:B, then u will love dis group!
Category: General
Members: 24
Description:A group for game-aholics (people that really love video games) of all kinds. If you can't go one sec without destroyin' stuff, savin' princesses, fightin' warlocks and wizards, playin' sports, or rapin' a controller, then click the "Join this group" button and be with your fellow "gamefreaks". GAMER...
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 1975
Get Raped
Description:You should. To anyone who has been Falcon Punched, felt the wrath of G&W's judgment, rolled into Ganon's uptilt, or just got 4 stocked: You got raped. If you play brawl you already got raped, no further description needed there.
Category: Business » Career Goal
Members: 225
Category: Social » Entertainment
Members: 56
High Voltage Pikachu Clan
Description:This is a clan for Pikachu users. You don't have to main him, but you must be able to use Pikachu at a high enough level. XAT CHAT: [url]http://xat.com/HighVoltageClan[/url] CLAN WEBSITE: [url]http://highvoltageclan.awardspace.us/[/url] SWF SOCIAL GROUP: [url]http://www.smashboards.com/group.ph...
Category: Gaming » Crew, team, or guild
Members: 46
How to unlock Metaknight in Melee!!!
Description:Beat Ken 50,000 times with Pichu
Category: Business » Career
Members: 32
HugS Fan Club
Description:Because HugS is a Sexican
Category: General
Members: 107
I didn't choose my main after looking at a tier list
Description:If you didn't decide to play a character because of their position on a tier list than this is for you!
Category: General
Members: 849
I don't hit people while they're taunting.
Description:This group is for people who let people finish taunting instead if hitting them... Well, without hitting them on purpose.
Category: General
Members: 398
Category: Gaming » Crew, team, or guild
Members: 58
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