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Group that you can join just for the sake of joining another group. Plus we have a goat group pic..
Description:Well, the title pretty much explains it. Join if you are one of those people that joins a group for no reason except just joining a group. And the tiltle is huge so it looks like more than one. Plus our group pic is a goat which makes it godly. JOIN US. JOIN THE GOAT.
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 196
!!!!!YO *** JUST GOT 3 STOCKED. DAMN!!!!!!
Description:This group is for people has 3 stock people on AIB or somebody they know, and know they will 3 stock anybody else if they had to. This group you can also talk **** and get bragging rights so join and invite people to this group and let the 3 stocking and **** talking begin!!!!
Category: Gaming » Action
Members: 267
+10 Style Points
Description:A group for those of us who don't even care if we win or lose, as long as we get a ridiculous combo or cheap-out on someone we play. We love the tricks, and will double jump off the ledge for the "all or nothing" kill. (which causes us to lose the match 80% of the time) We don't win as often as w...
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 230
Description:A (Mostly) Valdens-proof group
Category: Education » Education
Members: 24
Category: General
Members: 82
All is Brawl
Description:This is the group for anyone who is a member to the wonder web site!!! If you are a member of All is Brawl, I suggest you join.
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 170
AllIsBrawl > All
Description:Weegee says so. But don't tell anyone.
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 176
Description:THE MOST AWSOME GROUP ON ALL IS BRAWL!!! This group is for people that follow either of these 3 things: 1. Bill Cosby is the god of...stuff 2. Bill Cosby has the funniest voice you've ever heard 3. Bill Cosby is awsome or just funny for being himself This group is listed as a crew, team, or gu...
Category: Gaming » Crew, team, or guild
Members: 19
California Group
Description:If u live in California Join dis group
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 74
Characters To-Be
Description:This is a group about what you think cool characters would be in the next game. You can post your ideas about them and their movesets. And no, this is not for people who don't like brawl. Its just a brain-storming group.
Category: Social » Shared interest
Members: 21
crazycrackers' Favorite People On AiB
Description:My favorite people. This group is invite only so you can't join unless your one of my favorite people. :D
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 24
Description:To barrel roll press Z or R twice!!!
Category: General
Members: 154
Fox McCloud
Description:If you main Fox in SSBB then join up! We'll make Fox top tier! Profile picture owned by [url=]Daltair[/url] Banner owned by TheKoopaBros
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 178
Gimpyfish's Group
Description:This group is meant to be the biggest group on All Is Brawl. Join, invite everyone you know, tell people who join the site to join this group. Seriously. Biggest group. Let's go.
Category: General
Members: 858
Hands Off My Bread
Description:Join if you think falco says hands off my bread with his down taunt, or if you like to make fun of each character's taunts in general.
Category: General
Members: 425
I Can Has Cheezburger?
Description:dis groop is for u lolcats fanz out thar.
Category: General
Members: 99
I John even when I win
Description:this is group is for people who john even when they win. maybe you know someone who johns when they win, maybe you do? if so invite/join this group :)
Category: General
Members: 821
I liek turtles.
Description:So i herd u liek turtles?
Category: General
Members: 123
I Love Scrubs!(The Show)
Description:Coming soon, or not.
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 43
I Love Video Game Music
Description:Well yeah, of course there are some awsome bands out there... but what about video game music!? There are alot of soundtracks that are good out there. For ex: F-Zero (always has good music) The World Ends with You Metal Gear Solid Ace Combat Tekken Lunar Knights Custom Robo Legend of Zelda
Category: General
Members: 2570
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