VANS's groups

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Description:All hail the mighty Tetriminos!
Category: Gaming » General
Members: 360
All is Melee
Description:Bringing melee back! Official organized melee community on AiB. I guess its not all brawl anymore!
Category: Gaming » Competitive gaming
Members: 773
Bay area Smashers
Description:For all those smashers that lives in the Bay Area... we just wanna know who you are so we can all have some fun! =)
Category: Location » Region
Members: 149
CrispyTacoz Shrine
Description:If there was one person on this site you should be in good terms with, it's this guy. The coolest, calmest and collectable-est person on this site. JOIN NOW!
Category: Business » Career
Members: 64
HugS Fan Club
Description:Because HugS is a Sexican
Category: General
Members: 107
I counterpick with gay stages, so practice up folks!
Description:You heard me! I counterpick with a bunch of gay, crazy stages. Green greens, luigis mansion, corneria, jungle japes, brinstar, rainbow cruise. you better practice cuz we pick these stages!! mwuhahaahah wbuahahahaha bwuhahahaahh
Category: Education » Education
Members: 167
I didn't choose my main after looking at a tier list
Description:If you didn't decide to play a character because of their position on a tier list than this is for you!
Category: General
Members: 847
I Love Video Game Music
Description:Well yeah, of course there are some awsome bands out there... but what about video game music!? There are alot of soundtracks that are good out there. For ex: F-Zero (always has good music) The World Ends with You Metal Gear Solid Ace Combat Tekken Lunar Knights Custom Robo Legend of Zelda
Category: General
Members: 2570
I only use a specific color of my character.
Description:Join if you only play one color of your character. You go back to the character selection screen if you pick the wrong color.
Category: Gaming » Fighting
Members: 638
I watched Survivor because Ken was a contestant
Description:The CLOSED group for people who wouldn't have normally watched a whole season of "Survivor," but just watched Season 17 because Ken Hoang, "Master of Smash," was a contestant. 5th place woo
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 402
Description:You'd know if you were cool enough
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 44
SilentSpectre is handsome.
Description:he just is...
Category: General
Members: 61
The Mangeezy "MaNg0" Fanclub
Description:Cause Mango is the little kid who won Pound 3! Everyone loves him!! He also likes to come to my house, lose in slap fights and eat my ice cream. Plus, we rape in DotA <33333
Category: Gaming » Competitive gaming
Members: 59
The Official KUROHiTO Fan Club
Description:what more can't you love about this fine gentleman? - from painting controllers [owner of KKK group] - being TOA's Artisan - having a thing for Asian Sruts and PeachyAenne <3 - delivering the DICK - being a NORCAL representative - being the Uncle of Semi-Internet Celebrity V-TEK - being a som...
Category: General
Members: 79
The Official uchiha78 Fanclub!
Description:He didn't have a fanclub, why?! [Picture is COMPLETELY relevant to this group. Completely]
Category: Social » Hangout
Members: 71
UC Davis Smash Crew
Description:An All is Brawl group to unite all of the Smashers at UC Davis. Come to meet Davis Smashers, set up friendlies, or just hang out and chill. We'll arrange Smashfests and tourneys, and we'll help each other get better as a whole. Smashers in the Davis area are welcome to join as well. Come! We play...
Category: Gaming » Crew, team, or guild
Members: 43
West Coast
Description:"West Coast is the best coast"
Category: Location » Region
Members: 1252