rike's tournament history

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July 2, 2009
SSBSCV's Guess Who's Back Tournament

Doubles (entered as Team)
Lost to Man Whores (Tron + Krooton)
Defeated Ramrod (Fish + Kurt)
Defeated Super Strawhats (ravenhats + gamerboy15)
Defeated Man Whores (Tron + Krooton)
Defeated Genius (Parker + Marston)
Lost to Lakitu Bros. Evil Brother 5 Billion Man Guy Thing (Andrew + Rich)
Placed 2 out of 8

Singles (entered as Rike)
Defeated Tronzilla666
Lost to RichBrown
Defeated NF89
Defeated WtZzz
Defeated Cranberry Rogue
Lost to Hollings
Placed 4 out of 20

June 14, 2009
Los Angeles Smashers UNITE!

Singles (entered as Rike)
Lost to CBeef
Lost to King Dark
Placed 17 out of 26

April 24, 2009
Constantine's Johnapalooza Tiernament

Singles (entered as rike)
Defeated nathan
Defeated iceemonkey
Defeated eric
Defeated MalcolmGNAR
Defeated MalcolmGNAR
Placed 1 out of 16

April 3, 2009
kritzkrackers birthday shenanigans

Doubles (entered as We're better than Malcolm and Andrew)
Defeated We're better than Ricky and John (MalcolmGNAR + Lovelucario)
Defeated umwhat? (eric shepard + iceemonkey)
Defeated Santillians (yoosteen + kenji)
Defeated We're better than Ricky and John (MalcolmGNAR + Lovelucario)
Placed 1 out of 6

March 15, 2009
TourneyPlay.net OnLine SSBB League - Season 1

TP.net Online Season 1 (entered as rike)
Defeated CPUSoCal
Defeated Sgt. Pit
Lost to a male platypus
Lost to L33T
Placed 9 out of 34