Yamahou 2b's tournament history


February 26, 2010
Alpha Tournament

Brawl Singles Pools (entered as Yamahou 2B)
Lost to Charby
Defeated Chuck
Lost to Nintenpro
Defeated telu
Defeated Yoyo
Placed 2 out of 6

Brawl Singles Bracket (entered as Yamahou 2B)
Lost to Leon
Defeated Myollnir
Lost to Kaos
Placed 9 out of 16

December 20, 2008
SSBEurope 3 (Winter 2008)

Singles Pools (entered as Yamahou 2b)
Defeated crifer
Defeated FouLu
Lost to Lenaska
Defeated Glax
Lost to Zudenka
Lost to ssj5goten
Defeated Seton
Lost to Dash Tidus
Placed 6 out of 9