Roy Gone Rogue's tournament history

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May 18, 2013
Epitome 2

Singles (entered as Red Roy)
Defeated Cody.
Defeated Raws.
Defeated -Light-
Lost to Darky Shiranui
Defeated GardevoirsGotAGun
Lost to Darky Shiranui
Placed 2 out of 14

April 25, 2013
Project M Tournament #2

Doubles (entered as The Miniskirt Brigade)
Defeated Two of a Triforce (KosmoGreanan9, GardevoirsGotAGun)
Lost to M&M (Megaplox, Metabous)
Defeated PRINCESS POWER (ACSL8R, Chase the Dark)
Lost to The Whimsical Kneeslappers (Tinto, KataMario777)
Placed 4 out of 9

July 31, 2012
Let's make Sunday into Funday! Singles

Sunday Singles (entered as Red Roy)
Defeated Ralph Cecil
Defeated ninja alex
Defeated lobsterfest
Defeated Philosophical Hipster
Defeated Philosophical Hipster
Placed 1 out of 16

May 26, 2012
Nation Of Ikes 3.0 TR#1

Singles (entered as Roy)
Defeated Alka_Tri
Defeated Sam
Defeated MegaIke
Lost to Pain
Lost to LNIAD
Placed 3 out of 14

May 18, 2012

Legion (entered as Roy Flare Blade)
Lost to BoToxin
Defeated Ninja Alex
Defeated lll Manny lll
Defeated Pug
Defeated Blazer
Defeated IceArrow
Defeated BoToxin
Lost to Iota
Placed 2 out of 17