CIPH3r7's tournament history

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June 13, 2010
Pokemon Tournament #3 (Doubles)

pkmn doubles (entered as MPA)
Lost to Team Sexy (FrUiT_DaT_LoOp + GOG)
Lost to Action Only (Acton + Eric2627)
Placed 7 out of 8

May 29, 2010
POW Saturday Night Dubz

Dubz (entered as The God Tiers)
Defeated Crisspeh Nuggetz (crisspy727 and rukiastar12)
Lost to Super Suicidal (Ushio and XD)
Placed 3 out of 6

April 7, 2010
Team Dark Smashers Tourney 1(open to all)

Singles (entered as CIPH3r7)
Defeated OhSnapRicke
Defeated AlEx65
Lost to OoAZIELoO
Defeated Nysyarc
Lost to Dark17Rob
Placed 4 out of 18

January 1, 2010
Tulat's New Year Tourney

Singles (entered as CIPH3r7)
Defeated Mpa231
Defeated Dizmy
Defeated OmegaG
Defeated Watkins
Lost to Pelca
Lost to Tulat
Placed 3 out of 16

November 27, 2009
*A* Pimp & The740 Own You Friday *A*

New event (entered as star fox armade)
Defeated Show Me Ya Boobs! (Beatroid & Negga)
Lost to Amaterasu (Amaterasu Okami and Gunman)
Defeated Stars&Spikes (GenoSamus and Femmefatale)
Lost to diggs and piggs (FlameShad0w and Solbladecharon)
Placed 13 out of 22