Satanpuuuu's tournament history


July 22, 2011

WWS (entered as Satanpuuuu)
Lost to Aurablast
Defeated Beaver
Defeated Chocapic
Lost to Lifes
Lost to Sandwhale
Placed 4 out of 6

Bracket single (entered as Satanpuuuu)
Lost to Leon
Defeated SSA
Defeated Sandwhale
Defeated Kick
Lost to Zudenka
Placed 9 out of 32

July 30, 2010
Geneva Brawl Garden III

Doubles (entered as Nowage Team)
Defeated Les sans pantalon (Mr. lama + BlackNat)
Lost to Super Pinoy (Bjay + Zudenka)
Defeated B & B (Overgamer + MonkeySike)
Defeated Hachibi (Chamallow + Kirblink)
Lost to Rer C (Leon + Gon)
Placed 5 out of 96

Pool Singles (entered as Satanpuuuu)
Lost to Alucard
Defeated BlackNat
Lost to Overgamer
Lost to Zudenka
Lost to Skelerex
Lost to Bjay
Defeated Forzeker
Placed 6 out of 8

Brackets singles (entered as Satanpuuuu)
Defeated Bluelink
Lost to Charby
Defeated MonkeySike
Lost to Ciaw
Placed 13 out of 24

November 28, 2009
Geneva Brawl Garden II

Pools (entered as Satanpuuu)
Defeated Forzeker
Lost to Jujux
Defeated Kudemo
Lost to Sandwhale
Defeated Didi
Placed 3 out of 6

Doubles brackets (entered as Team apéro)
Defeated Softcore (heL + Gibra)
Lost to Super timor (Achoral + Orb)
Defeated Les robins des pois (Didi + Joke)
Lost to God is a lie (Sandwhale + DJ)
Placed 13 out of 23

Singles brackets (entered as Satanpuuu)
Lost to Kirblink
Defeated neXus
Lost to Sandwhale
Placed 17 out of 32