OrangeFox's tournament history

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August 10, 2013
ZXL Monthly III: Heads will Roll!

Singles (entered as OrangeFox)
Lost to Slither2Hunter
Lost to Model0din
Placed 25 out of 31

August 1, 2013
Thursday Night Doubles

Thursday Night Doubles (entered as Dont get fsmashed+Orange Fox)
Lost to Stridez+Uli
Defeated Slither2Hunter+Akito555
Lost to K9+Kiraflax
Placed 9 out of 15

December 28, 2012
SuperStar Brawl-Off

Singles (entered as Cpt.OrangeFox)
Defeated LinkToSonic
Defeated Magatsu Yoshinendo
Lost to Mei Chan
Defeated -TheLethalAlphX-
Defeated KataMario777
Defeated R2D2
Lost to Mei Chan
Placed 4 out of 25

Doubles (entered as Foxxizumi)
Defeated JDSiAzN (JD + AzN)
Lost to AZ (KiraFlaz + K9)
Lost to Nos Gusta (Massimo + Traetic)
Placed 5 out of 9

December 8, 2012
I Hate Finals

Exam singles (entered as Cpt.OrangeFox)
Lost to Ame
Defeated pok3
Lost to Massimo Corteleoni
Placed 9 out of 14

November 11, 2012
If u win this people still won't find u attractive

Singles (entered as Cpt.OrangeFox)
Defeated TFL
Lost to Patrick Bateman
Lost to akito555
Placed 17 out of 40