skazryk's tournament history

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May 16, 2009

Single Pools (entered as skazryk)
Defeated Mooch
Defeated Professor Snape
Lost to Sean
Defeated CGCGrayFox
Split with Redj
Placed 1 out of 6

Singles Bracket (entered as skazryk)
Defeated Ruler of Chaos
Lost to Michael Hey
Lost to Really Imba Player
Placed 17 out of 24

Doubles (entered as Aunty's Skazryk's Cookies)
Lost to Whoop that trick (Meep + Catnip)
Lost to Naners and Some Dedede (The Nanerz + idontknow)
Placed 7 out of 11

May 11, 2009
Jmac's Smashfest

Brawl Singles (entered as Skazryk)
Lost to Jmac
Lost to Sal
Placed 7 out of 11

April 25, 2009
TAG Monthly XX

Doubles (entered as JMAC and Skaz)
Defeated Two Way Climax (Uraj + Scamp)
Lost to Dookie Pon (Catnip + DP)
Defeated Why so Seris? (DRGN + Seris)
Lost to Grandma's Crotch (Zem + RIP)
Placed 5 out of 11

SINGLES (entered as Skazryk)
Defeated Phnx
Defeated Dog
Lost to Meep
Lost to Dog
Placed 9 out of 32

April 11, 2009

Singles Pools (entered as skazryk)
Defeated cmw812
Lost to KBC
Defeated S.o.S
Split with Zem
Split with Dog
Placed 1 out of 6

March 7, 2009
TAG Monthly XIX

Singles (entered as Skazryk)
Lost to Catnip
Defeated Nubsta
Defeated Falconv1
Defeated Seris
Lost to QTP
Placed 7 out of 22

Doubles (entered as Auntie Skazrak's Cookies)
Defeated Swishist Cat (Salmon + Lindsey)
Lost to Sugoi (TC1 + DP)
Lost to Green Team (Klutch + Draken)
Placed 5 out of 10

Low Tier (entered as Skazryk)
Defeated The marth madness
Defeated DRGN
Lost to Dan
Defeated Foot
Defeated Enouchuout
Defeated Jackl
Lost to DRGN
Placed 4 out of 21