8bitrevolver's tournament history

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February 21, 2009

Singles Pools (entered as 8bit)
Defeated Marty Mcfly
Defeated Tempest
Split with FK
Defeated Clel
Split with Ratman
Split with BadNewsBear
Defeated Shido
Defeated Tad2000
Placed 1 out of 9

Singles Bracket (entered as 8bit)
Defeated Blarg
Defeated BadNewsBear
Defeated BoRn
Defeated Clel
Lost to Dr. Mario Guy
Lost to KY
Placed 5 out of 50

Doubles Bracket (entered as East Coast Dubs)
Defeated Hacked IV's (Steeler + Thinkaman)
Lost to Sons of Liberty (Clel + Ratman)
Defeated Esco (Zhao + Eddy)
Lost to Don't Touch Our Monkey Balls You Jive Ass Monkey! (Nynja + Inferno)
Placed 13 out of 34

September 6, 2008
Flight of the Falcon

Singles (entered as 8bitrevolver)
Defeated IKe_angel
Lost to X_Metallica_X
Lost to Anime-Fan111
Placed 17 out of 26

August 31, 2008
~ Night time Brawling ~

Singles (entered as 8bitrevolver )
Lost to cloudlink05
Defeated onionchowder
Lost to TantalusIX
Placed 9 out of 16

August 21, 2008
it's show time!!!

Singles (entered as 8bitrevolver)
Defeated Arrancar 18
Defeated dani58
Defeated Rin
Lost to perfectcell10
Lost to Tapion
Placed 3 out of 19

August 17, 2008

POST-FAP TOURNY V (entered as 8bitrevolver)
Defeated Dark Mirror Link
Lost to TICO
Defeated antisaint
Defeated Holic
Lost to snadmonkey
Placed 9 out of 22