Rich Brown's tournament history

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January 31, 2009
3D Games Biweekly SSBB Tournament Jan 31

Singles (entered as RichBrown)
Defeated Gamerboy15
Defeated Krooton
Defeated Abe
Defeated Abe
Placed 1 out of 13

Doubles (entered as Happy Feet. Wambo Combo. That Ain't Falco.)
Defeated Can We Do It? NO WE CAN'T! (David Zuckman + Andrew Carrillo)
Lost to Ain't Got No Parfait (Russ + Sam)
Defeated Team Classic Heroes (Gamerboy + Ravenhats)
Defeated Ain't Got No Parfait (Russ + Sam)
Defeated Ain't Got No Parfait (Russ + Sam)
Placed 1 out of 4

January 17, 2009
Winter Game Fest '09

Doubles Pool (entered as 2 Giant Spiders Fighting)
Defeated Chasing Miss Daisey
Lost to Club Papi Hosted by Lola
Lost to Criss Angel a Mind Freak Kaos
Lost to You Can't Handle the Dick
Defeated Dream Team
Placed 4 out of 6

Singles Round 1 Pool (entered as RichBrown)
Defeated Oats
Defeated Quick Py
Lost to WarpStatus
Defeated Johnathan Yang
Defeated Jeffrey Wang
Defeated Michael Chang 54
Defeated Mojoe
Placed 1 out of 8

Singles Round 2 Pool (entered as RichBrown)
Defeated CGCGrayFox
Defeated CPU
Defeated PokemonmasterIRL
Defeated ViceGrip
Lost to WarpStatus
Defeated PBS
Lost to BoA
Placed 2 out of 8

Singles Bracket (entered as RichBrown)
Lost to Leepuff
Lost to MogX
Placed 25 out of 32

December 28, 2008
Quiznos Presents Brawl VI

Brawl Doubles (entered as Awex and RichBrown: Get Raped)
Lost to This Ones For Richie (Cakez + Jamez)
Defeated Edrees Has a Nice Beard (Ryzen + Ike Takeda)
Lost to CPU + MikeHaze (TlocCPU + MikeHaze)
Placed 17 out of 42

Singles (entered as Rich Mother Fuckin Brown)
Defeated Someone
Defeated A2ZOMG
Lost to Ajax
Defeated Gameophile
Defeated Ryzen Xia
Lost to Mogx
Placed 17 out of 113

December 17, 2008
Mind Games Son I

Doubles (entered as Shut up Seamus)
Lost to Danimals and Lucky (Danimals, Lucky)
Defeated Rej and Jason (Rej and Jason)
Lost to Danimals and Lucky (Danimals, Lucky)
Placed 4 out of 6

Singles (entered as RichBrown)
Defeated Jason
Defeated Danimals
Defeated Nezumi
Lost to Edrees
Lost to DSF
Placed 5 out of 21

December 6, 2008
SCSA West Coast Circuit #1

Brawl Doubles (entered as Team Gastly 3.0)
Defeated AB (brent + Adam)
Lost to Bringing Sexy Back (Aero + Ripn)
Lost to Wifi Stadium (ERS + ChokoB)
Placed 33 out of 46

Brawl Singles Pools (entered as Rich Brown)
Defeated Kite
Defeated Ace
Split with Michael Hey
Lost to ShadowROB
Lost to Teddy
Split with A-bomb
Defeated TheZeroForReal
Defeated Someone
Placed 1 out of 9