Rich Brown's tournament history

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July 18, 2008
The Hills Have Brawl 2 More Violent and Unrated

Singles (entered as RichBrown)
Defeated Landshark
Defeated Durant
Defeated Surveilance Camera
Lost to Cranberry Rogue
Lost to WtZzz
Placed 3 out of 14

Doubles (entered as Salutations)
Defeated 5 Dollar Hoes (CPU, Damoiselle)
Defeated Straw Hat Genins (Gamerboy15, Ravenhats)
Lost to Team Delicious (Cranberry Rogue, Taldarin)
Defeated My B-Day Be Soo Mess Up (LandShark, Wtzzz)
Lost to Team Delicious (Cranberry Rogue, Taldarin)
Placed 2 out of 7

Panic Draft (entered as RichBrown)
Defeated Taldarin
Lost to Rike
Lost to Krooton
Placed 7 out of 11

July 10, 2008
AVC Tournament 2up

Singles (entered as Rich Brown)
Defeated Alex!
Lost to Lee Puff
Defeated Jhay Justo
Lost to Purp
Placed 25 out of 57

Doubles (entered as Team Gastly)
Defeated El Turbo Negro (Hero + Thug)
Lost to Gyroware Inc (DQ + Shadow)
Defeated White Chicks Black Dicks (Alex! + Phil?)
Lost to Team Delicious (Cranberry Rogue + Taldarin)
Placed 13 out of 23

July 6, 2008
SSBSCV's There Go My Weekend

Singles (entered as RichBrown)
Defeated Surveilancecamera
Defeated NF89
Lost to Soap
Defeated Gamerboy15
Lost to rike
Placed 7 out of 26

Doubles (entered as Team Gastly)
Lost to Om Nom Nom Nom (Krooton and Wellroasted)
Defeated Straw Hat Genins (Gamerboy15 and Ravenhats)
Defeated Kercow! (Rike and MikewinsA)
Lost to Fantastic Unrelenting Comback Kids (ShadowSpartan and NF89)
Placed 5 out of 12

June 26, 2008
The Hills have Brawl Fests

Singles (entered as Rich)
Defeated Krooton
Defeated Surveilance Camera
Defeated Greg
Lost to Cranberry Rogue
Defeated Taldarin
Lost to Cranberry Rogue
Placed 2 out of 15

Doubles (entered as Banana Pikmin)
Defeated Shits and Giggles (Nick, Greg)
Lost to Undercover Monkeys (Cranberry Rogue, Surveilance Camera)
Defeated Team Fat Tau (Collin, Daniel)
Lost to 5 Dollar Hoes (Rasa, Taldarin)
Placed 4 out of 8

Panic Draft (entered as Rich)
Defeated Ravenhats
Lost to Shadowspartan
Defeated Surveilance Camera
Lost to Ricky
Placed 7 out of 12

June 22, 2008
SSBSCV's Originally Titled Tournament

Singles (entered as RichBrown)
Defeated surveillancecamera
Defeated Hero
Lost to Cranberry Rogue
Lost to Gamerboy15
Placed 5 out of 21

Doubles (entered as Team Gastly)
Defeated Dolphin Revolution (Keith and Nick)
Lost to Slut Force (Andrew and Alex)
Defeated Chiko Yona (Joe and Jeff)
Defeated Fantastically Unrelenting Comeback Kids (Nathaniel and Russell)
Defeated Slut Force (Andrew and Alex)
Lost to Team Delicious (Sam and GareBear)
Placed 2 out of 11