Rich Brown's tournament history

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May 9, 2009
Takeda in his Mystic Realm III

Singles (entered as RichBrown)
Defeated IkeTakeda
Lost to MikeHaze
Defeated Zack
Defeated Ajax
Lost to Havok
Placed 5 out of 13

May 8, 2009
Skurai's Birthday Brawl Tourney.

Singles (entered as Richard Pryor)
Defeated Mr. MoodyPants
Defeated S2H46
Lost to MikeHAZE
Defeated Rickety's Husband
Defeated Rej
Lost to Havok
Placed 5 out of 39

May 1, 2009
The Justice League Presents-818 Brawl Vol.5

Doubles (entered as Pikmin)
Defeated OnlineTony's got the Swine Flu (Kdrunx,OT213)
Lost to TheBird (Larry,DSF)
Defeated Whatever (Bigfoot,Layzee)
Defeated OnlineTony's got the Swine Flu (Kdrunx,OT213)
Lost to community college ftw (Ajax,Tyrant)
Placed 3 out of 6

Singles (entered as RichBrown)
Defeated K-O5
Lost to Larry
Defeated Big O
Defeated Steppin it up for Black Guy
Lost to DSF
Placed 5 out of 14

April 25, 2009
Quiznos - The Finale

Doubles (entered as Sonic the Hedgehog the Fantaaastic Porcupine Part )
Lost to Ape and Cape (M7H + Quickpy)
Defeated 2DK (Zer0 + Enigma)
Defeated PewPewPichu (Yubin + Dribbles)
Defeated One of us is Gay and the other is Sky (Sky + Jmex)
Lost to Links Cross Bow Training for the Nintendo Wii (Hugs + Edrees)
Placed 7 out of 25

Singles (entered as Rich Brown)
Defeated Dribbles
Defeated Oki
Defeated Zex
Lost to Tyrant
Defeated Fierce
Lost to Zex
Placed 7 out of 86

April 4, 2009
Backyard Brawl III!!

Doubles (entered as El Tigre Spectactularrrrrrr)
Lost to Farty Poop Fart (awesome, fox16)
Defeated Sailors (Meeks, M7H)
Defeated We smoke green greens (Willyo, Dao)
Defeated ??? (Hugs, Azeem)
Lost to Yeeeeaaahyuhz (Havok, Bone)
Placed 4 out of 14

Singles (entered as Seat #27 in Hugo's astronomy class)
Defeated Someone
Lost to Hugs
Defeated Twilight Kirby
Defeated Zack
Defeated M7H
Defeated JonT
Defeated Havok
Lost to Fly Amanita
Placed 4 out of 39