SmashG0D has 4 gold, 6 silver, 8 bronze, and 1 fourth-place medals.

2 of SmashG0D's medals come from the Potato series~ tournament series.

SmashG0D's medals

19 total
Medal case

Lovely Singles 1.0
2nd place Lovely Singles
Feb 13, 2009

9001 Power Level Singles
3rd place Singles
Mar 08, 2009

Dai-As Sexy Tourney
3rd place Singles
Jun 28, 2009

Doubles Bash!
4th place Doubles
Jul 13, 2009

Prince's 1st tourney (Tuesday-singles)
1st place Singles
Jul 21, 2009

SSBB Deluxe Tournament: Mario
3rd place Singles
Jul 27, 2009

A Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament.
3rd place Singles
Aug 16, 2009

Amazing Smash God presents: Epic Doubles v.01
3rd place Doubles
Aug 21, 2009

*A* Pimp and BF Owns You Tuesday *A*
3rd place New event
Nov 24, 2009

Group Brawling #2 (singles)
2nd place Brawl Singles
Feb 20, 2010

*Waft-OLi's BAEMENT DWELLER's(inside joke) DOUBLES
1st place Brawl Doubles
Apr 23, 2010

Saturday Awesomeness Night Doubles of awesomeness
1st place Saturday Awesomeness Night Doubles of awesomeness
May 29, 2010

BowLX' Brawl Doubles Tournament #1
2nd place BowLX' Brawl Doubles Tournament
Oct 10, 2010

Sakram3nt's Sunday Doubles
1st place Sakram3nt's Sunday Doubles
Aug 14, 2011

The U Mad Card III.V
3rd place Brawl Doubles
Aug 25, 2011

Mid Tiers
3rd place Singles
Aug 26, 2011

Weekly Potato Singles!
2nd place Singles (Brawl)
Jun 25, 2012

Sunday Night Doubles!#2 (EVERY WEEK)
2nd place Brawl (Doubles)
Jun 25, 2012

Practice tourney to get hyped up for RevaLAtions!
2nd place Singles
Aug 17, 2012