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Bloodynite's Smasher Score 6450
Gender: Male
Location: Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States
Birthday: July 4, 1992
Joined: January 19, 2009
Favorite games:Super smash bros Melee Super smash bros Brawl
Brawl Friend Code:0087 2449 7608
PSN Account:Bloodyknite
August 27
Bloodynite commented on one of Durango's blog entries, "I've spent the last few days in excruciating pain.". 8:02 PM
August 25
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August 16
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Bloodynite wrote a blog entry, "Keeping a cool head in the face of danger". 11:27 PM
Bloodynite left Zork a shoutout. 6:58 PM
Oct 13, 2012:17th of 31 in Brawl Singles at Tantalus and Sa1vy Present: Sa1vation!
May 30, 2011:4th of 12 in AiB 2011 Smash Election at AiB 2011 Smash Election
Dec 11, 2010:5th of 5 in Singles Pools at Adventures of the Prima Vista

Low tier Dubz
2nd place Doubles
Jul 20, 2009

4th place Brawl Singles
May 22, 2010

Captain Falcon ONLY
4th place Singles
Sep 26, 2009

Zork wrote at 6:56 PM on Aug 16, 2014:
Do you still play Marvel? If so, we should play, I rarely play online, but its hard to find people to play with offline sometimes.
SketchLA94 wrote at 12:15 AM on Jul 05, 2014:
Happy Birthday Bloodynite!!!
Rise Kujikawa wrote at 11:11 PM on Jul 04, 2014:
Happy independence birthday
Waldo wrote at 6:16 PM on Jul 04, 2014:
Zano wrote at 4:27 PM on Jul 04, 2014:
happy birfday bloodydiamond
Zork wrote at 8:56 AM on Jul 04, 2014:
happy bday yo
Carls493 wrote at 12:01 AM on Jul 04, 2014:
Happy Birthday!
Alan Oeao wrote at 7:53 PM on Feb 25, 2014:
o :(
Alan Oeao wrote at 11:15 PM on Feb 24, 2014:
LOOOOOOOOOOL where u was at apex lol?
Bloodynite wrote at 7:06 PM on Oct 07, 2013:
Rest in Peace Mounsieur Charles

I'll never forget you
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