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blog_img I now live in Ohio.
11:39 PM on Jul 9, 2014
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1:38 AM on May 28, 2014
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Super Smash Bros. 4

Let's Make a Contract

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Name:Dave (Mood: Great! =3)
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Favorite games:My favorite games are Final Fantasy X (So excited over the remastered version!), Paper Mario, Pokemon FireRed version and Brawl. I love WoW and anime too. Top 3 favorite anime are Madoka Magica, Hunter X Hunter and Gintama. If you want to know more, its easy! Just ask me! Im very approachable =) My phone number is 908-907-5409. Hit me up with a text ;3
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July 9
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Feb 11, 2012:4th of 14 in Doubles at Saturday Doubles
Oct 09, 2011:1st of 21 in Brawl singles at
Jul 31, 2011:3rd of 13 in Sakram3nt's last boring sunday doubles at Sakram3nt's last boring sunday doubles

Play 'n' Trade - NYC - Oct 18, 08 - SSBB 1v1/2v2 -
3rd place Doubles
Oct 18, 2008

Super DSO
2nd place Doubles Bracket
Apr 10, 2010

DNA Gaming & Entertainment #13
3rd place Doubles
Jan 24, 2011

Super DSO 2 - Brawl and Brawl+!
3rd place Brawl Doubles
May 08, 2010

Yami No Suisei wrote at 3:50 PM on Jul 10, 2014:
Yami No Suisei wrote at 1:36 PM on Jul 10, 2014:
Enlighten me on your lifestyle in Ohio. Tell me have you become one with your inner native blood? Can you feel the land course through your veins as if it were your own? Well, actually, the natives believed the land belonged to everyone.

But seriously. What is life like there? I'm asking for personal reasons such as a story I'm writing and as a person who lives near Chicago.
Scout wrote at 12:54 AM on Jul 09, 2014:
Mayo will stay free wrote at 3:18 PM on Jul 07, 2014:
doesn't it still have a 1 min cd tho?
Mayo will stay free wrote at 2:46 PM on Jul 07, 2014:
I gota buy more time lol.

also they fixed it, but only cause now the boss kills pet he is still so free.
Im only 555 atm if i remember right
Mayo will stay free wrote at 2:24 PM on Jul 07, 2014:
Zork wrote at 2:17 PM on Jul 07, 2014:
I swear we were already friended, there is no way it took this long :I
Ryuuko wrote at 3:30 AM on Jul 04, 2014:
That's basically my life rn.
Geno wrote at 5:59 PM on Jul 02, 2014:
Geno wrote at 2:10 PM on Jul 02, 2014:
I'm just trying to get 200 friends so i can get that lvl 5 badge :U

Call me Izumi! In Brawl, I use MK if my partner isnt and its not laggy, Kirby if my partner is MK, DDD if theres no opponent MK and my partner is MK, GaW if its SUPER laggy, and random high tiers if you suck. Irl I use TL. ANIME! Heres a club for my anime Skype group. If its appealing, let me know and you can get in maybe. http://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=33935 I love Konata Izumi, Toon Link, Madoka Kaname and being an Otaku. Lol. =3 My YouTube name is "NarutoMasterNo1" and my Skype is "master.izumi". I may act silly, but Im responsible when needed, so behave! I currently have a job as a recreational therapy assistant and have had my own apartment and car and such for a bit, so dont think Im stupid. Chances are Ive got more of a life than you! ;D But Im nice and only say mean stuff cuz I love you all~
Madoka so kawaii!

I go by Izumi in Brawl because Konatas hot!

So is Toon Link! (pic by Midna01)

HOT GUY! (as url to stop profile width problems):
Leave me a shoutout if you want to talk! <3