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Dec 13, 2008:9th of 31 in SSBB Singles at Vayseth's Outta Here!

The Elite FOW wrote at 1:46 AM on Jun 18, 2014:
Awesome man! Just got done streaming, ready whenever :D
Sonic the Hedgehog wrote at 10:27 PM on Jun 17, 2014:
So my video helped you guys or something?
Tairbear wrote at 10:24 PM on Jun 17, 2014:
ugh i thought i sent the pm but it didnt go through. ima send another one but it'll be a smaller brief on what i think
Sonic the Hedgehog wrote at 10:17 PM on Jun 17, 2014:
JV_ wrote at 10:09 PM on Jun 17, 2014 :
Test number 2

I don't get it?
The Elite FOW wrote at 8:31 PM on Jun 17, 2014:
That's awesome! Just add "mastuh_fow". I'm streaming MK8 today actually :)
Tairbear wrote at 2:15 PM on Jun 17, 2014:
sadly this computer is a pile of junk and cant really run anything but the internet browser. if you can just PM me the bases and structure of everything ill be happy to give my input
Dalexion wrote at 3:44 PM on Jun 10, 2014:
Did you mean to spell "goodness" in the Smash 4 Week article? Might want to take a look at it for typos.
Yoshinendo wrote at 6:18 PM on Jun 06, 2014:
If you need any help with MK8 I can help as well, hosted some tournaments in the past and planning on hosting more for this game.
Tairbear wrote at 8:49 PM on Jun 05, 2014:
I can help with mk8 stuff too. I prob play more than zork

Zork wrote at 8:26 PM on Jun 05, 2014:
Hit me up on Skype as well for the MK8 Thing, I pretty much probabyl played the most out of AiB.