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Over the last three years, Apex has become the standard for events in the Super Smash Bros. community.  We have strived to become better and, with each year, have succeeded.  With help from you, the fans, we're improving; we're trying to provide an experience like no other.  This year we wanted to improve every facet of the event.  Of course, this includes what we feel is the most important part of any event:  The livestream.  We're trying create something that has not been seen before.

It is with a great deal of pride that we announce our official stream partner for this event, Jaxel from 8wayrun.com.  A relationship that has stemmed from his brilliantly high-quality streams at Juice.Gaming's Concentrate events held in New Jersey.  Since we established the relationship, he has been nothing short of professional and very enthusiastic about helping the scene grow into the collosus that it should be!  Thanks to this blossoming love between 8wayrun.com and Smash, we've worked out an amazing weekend of streaming for Apex 2012, and for him to be our primary stream provider!  

This is not the only news we have, either!  Directional Influence, the go-to podcast for Smash news has joined the Apex fray!  We will be working all Apex weekend with Directional Influence to produce a LIVE broadcast of their show.  This means that instead of boring down time and dead air, we will have a professional crew set to have live interviews, discussions, and predictions with some of our favorite players in Smash, Street Fighter, Marvel, and MORE.  We will be changing the way you look at tournaments for years to come!

Do not miss out on the chance of a lifetime to be a part of Apex 2012.  Not only are we bringing you -the best- Smash tournament of all time (and of that, we're extremely confident), but we're also bringing you the experience of a gaming life time.  One of the biggest complaints about any tournament, is the lack of time to play casuals!  Well, this year we're featuring 40, count them, FORTY FREE-PLAY STATIONS FOR SMASH, ALL WEEKEND LONG.  Twenty melee, twenty brawl.  No tournament sets, no TOs telling you you're a jerk.  Just 40 stations dedicated to the gamers, to do the things they've come so far to do!

This is alongside the amazing artwork and t-shirts we'll have for sale (pre-orders coming soon), top level play in fighting games, pokemon and smash for you all to see, and plenty of sponsor booths to learn more about the people supporting Apex, and E-sports as a whole!  Be a part of the greatest event of 2012 and beyond!

Level-up Live, known most famously for their Wednesday Night Fights stream and SoCal Regionals, Alex Valle and Level-up have teamed up with Apex Series to bring you guys a ton of great cross promotions!

First off, any player who attends Socal Regionals will receive a 50% discount off of Apex's venue fee!  So, all you west coasters looking t save some money, and stay in the hype, make sure you're hitting up SoCal Regionals!

Secondly, SoCal Regionals is also going to act as an Apex Qualifier (One more to be announced!) for Mortal Kombat 9, Ultimate MvC3, and Super Street Fighter 4: AE!  The top 8 placers in these games will receive seeding points for Apex, to ensure the best and most fair playing field we can possible give!

Moving on, you're also going to see Apex promoted throughout Level Up's streams, and of course, you'll see Level Up promoted through Concentrate, the Break streams, and all of Apex on Jaxel's stream.  To that end, Jaxel Rod of 8wayrun.com will be bringing you guys at home the absolute best stream you could possibly imagine!  Building up that, make sure you're following Jaxel and 8wayrun on Twitch @ www.twitch.tv/8wayrun !

It's time everyone stops treating Smash and fighting games like two separate worlds.  Apex is the bridge that's going to help merge them together.  It's time to level up, Smashers.  this year, bigger is the name of the game, and we're doing everything we can to ensure that Smash stays around for years to come!  With that said, you guys have to do your part as well.  Follow Level up on twitch, catch them on twitter @levelupseries, and make sure you tune into Wednesday Night Fights tonight at 9pm PST!

Joining Level|up, we are also offering our most sincere welcome to Dominion Method Gaming!  DMG is one of the world's leading gaming teams, with players such as PR Balrog, Insayne, and Slob Murph, we can expect a big showing from these players at Apex!  Dominion method gaming will be providing Apex with an amount of hype not many could bring to the house, let alone the humble table that Apex is.  We're truly excited to have these players in attendance, and you can expect you'll hear a lot of what DMG has to offer in the coming weeks!

Jose "Hyena" Rodriguez and Apex are going to working together closely to bring you the best possible event that we can!

We'll have some more news for you tomorrow, so be sure to keep it stuck to the front page.
Hello, everyone! With that spooky holiday everyone knows and loves around the corner, we figured there should be some contests to get everyone hyped. Hopefully you all won't be too busy munching on candy, scaring little kids, or hunting ghosts in a creepy mansion with a Poltergust 3000 strapped to your back, to participate. So, without further ado, I present to you the two contests for this year!

1. Pumpkin Carving Contest 2011

This has been featured on the Art District corner of the front page since October 3rd, so I'm sure many of you noticed it. If not, here is the link I speak of. Basically, you take a pumpkin, hack it up, and make a pretty scene from anything Smash-related. Badges are given to those that participate, as well as those that are finalists and winner. So what are you waiting for? Go on out there and find that Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! I mean...interested reader! (P.S. If you have any questions, send a private message or leave a shoutout to Cyanoctopus.)

2. 1st Annual Halloween Costume Competition

A new addition to our contest repertoire. This was something I wanted to give a try last year, but it never got off the ground...until today! The rules for this contest are very simple:

1. Get your Halloween costume together. (No need to buy another one just for this contest; use the one you have. And please don't make your costume inappropriate. Any costume that breaks the site rules on that kind of stuff will be discarded, so keep it PG or so.)
2. Take a picture of yourself in it.
3. Submit it to me, Candyboy, via private message. (If you're dressed as a certain character, say who it is. Including a picture of that character would also be a good idea.)
4. Profit!

After the deadline of November 1st, midnight PST (when the day turns to November 2nd, for those that aren't good with time), an esteemed panel of judges will begin to evaluate the entrants for their effort, creativity, and a couple other categories. Badges will definitely be given out to those that participate and win, and depending on how many participants there are, there could also be one for finalists. I hope you all send in some crazy, cute, or creepy costumes for us to get a good laugh or scare out of!

Well, that's about it for this year. Good luck to those that plan to participate, and Happy Halloween to all you smashers out there!
by Mocha Oct 23 2011, 6:07PM
Psychology of Gamers



Hey AiB, it's been awhile since I've written anything for you guys, the last article being a ladder update. Hopefully I'll be able to write more of those for you in the future, however, with this article, I'm hoping to take a step further and have a bit more variety in my writing. That, and applying my interests in Psychology, gaming, and writing all into one.
I’m working on getting a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and I'm currently taking a couple of Psychology classes at my university. One of them is Social Psychology, which is basically about how mental processes and behavior are influenced by other people. What does this have to do with Brawl?


Whether you realize it or not, Brawlers are constantly being influenced by others. People can influence them to play a certain character, to not play a certain character, to abuse a move, to use it less because they are getting punished for it, to intentionally annoy each other so that they play worse, to encourage - I mean, this could go on and on. I don't think some of us realize just how much another individual can change how we play.

There are several factors that play a huge role in how people influence us or in how we play.


Lifestory: For example, when Brawl first came out, I used my usual favorite two mains that I had used in Melee. But I wanted to toy around with the other characters, especially the newer ones. I picked up Meta Knight at the time, and actually enjoyed using him because I liked the idea of an amazing aerial character - not even knowing back then that his ground game was nothing to scoff at either. Meta Knight was my 'pocket character' or my 'third main', however, it didn't take long before people started to complain to me about how broken he was, and not just to me, but to everyone in general. I was conflicted; did I really want to keep using this character who had supposedly caused so much harm? Or should I pick up another pocket character and keep using my mains?

I had in fact, become so discouraged about Meta Knight, that I grew to dislike him to the point where I felt 'cheap' when I used him. I wasn't even taking into account that there would be other people who had no problem using Meta Knight, and that they would play cheap too. My mentality was strict and stubborn, "Well just because they play cheap, it doesn't mean I have to." I've found that I wasn't the only player with this train of thought. Some of these people ended up using characters that were hindered by the onslaught of higher tiers/MK, others used high tiers themselves and went far in the tournament scene, yet continued to struggle with MK. Whatever the case was, the very subject of Meta Knight would have me look away and shake my head. I didn't stop using him because I felt like it. It was clear that in this situation, other people had influenced me to make that decision.


Again, this goes back to personality. You can put someone else in my shoes, and they wouldn't have given a rat's rear about people complaining about Meta Knight. In fact, others would become even more encouraged to use him - may that be to irritate others, may that be to win, or maybe they just have fun with the character.

People with the 'pleasing personality', or the knack for wanting to please others without much consideration into what you want - can be taken advantage of by other players so that they don't play to their full potential. If someone complains about how retarded your upsmash is, then the pleasing person will limit the usage because they don't want to be a bother for that person. If someone complains that all you do is grab, then you find yourself grabbing considerably less, and then you wonder why you've started playing worse all the sudden.

If you don't care about pleasing others, you'll keep playing how you've been doing, because it's working for you. Or you'll abuse the move(s) that have been bothering your opponent, and find yourself 2 or 3-stocking them, because you're exploiting their frustration. This of course, doesn't apply to everyone, and not every opponent is going to be raging between matches. But these are just some examples to show how personalities alone can be influenced by others, and how they affect your gameplay. There are also players with good sportsmanship, who won't try to put the other down, and have either little or no complaining. When both players display this, then both can usually play well against each other as far as psychologically well is concerned. This does not mean that a Ganon player is going to be consistently beating Sheik simply because he's mentally focused and not being bothered during the game.



You’ve probably heard of stories where people ‘throw their controller’ or break their plasma television after losing to their opponent. Perhaps they even got physically violent with their opponent. These people tend to do poor in a tournament environment, and possibly get disqualified, depending on the degree of aggression. These players also have a knack for being ‘bad’ players, not because they lack skill per say, but because they’re usually too stubborn to try and work on overcoming their frustration and learn from their mistakes. These players can be of any age, however can be common among children and teenagers who are first adjusting to competitive play. This immature attitude either matures itself with time, and the player learns that they need to be more self-controlled. Or this attitude continues, and the player eventually gives up on the game and moves onto something else. One can argue that video games can help contribute to someone’s normally aggressive behavior and actually help mature the player not just as a gamer, but a person.

Another emotion that can be a result of doing badly against an opponent is depression, and a constant attack on their own self esteem. In some ways, this can be more dangerous than being very angry. These individuals sometimes have more in their life going on than just getting sad over a game – they have problems in the home environment, with parents, siblings, students at school, or all of these. They are generally extroverts online (friendly and active), and introverts otherwise. Gaming can be considered an ‘escape’ for them from the constant gloomy environment they’re succumbed in. These gamers sometimes have a low self-esteem, and are the ones that are very hard on themselves about almost anything, especially the games they play, because they put so much dedication into them. These are the ones that say ‘I suck.’ or ‘I don’t know why you would bother with playing someone as bad as me.’ They are sometimes criticized for taking the game ‘too seriously’ or for being ‘too emo.’  I believe these players can overcome this misery with encouragement from others, and a growing self-need to feel more confident with themselves in general. Mocking and bringing these gamers down is a poor way to help. Pointing out to them that a game shouldn’t be taken so seriously isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s more like how you do this. Be clear and honest, but be kinder with your words. No, this doesn’t mean you should overdo it and become the sponge to soak in all their problems constantly, but being a bit more delicate and understanding won’t kill you.

Finally, there are people who don’t really get enraged or depressed, and are either pretty neutral between matches, or they’ll laugh off their losses and move on. These gamers tend to be friendly and have a good sense of humor. They may not have the perfect social life, but they don’t usually threaten to kill anyone, or themselves – for losing in a game. This isn’t implying that all gamers with this pleasant attitude are saints. However, these gamers have the potential to become excellent examples and role models for other gamers who struggle with their emotions. These gamers can become decent tournament hosts, moderators, and other leadership positions.



Lifestory: When I went to Hobo 33, a local tournament here in Texas, I observed the gamers there and studied how they played; what helped them focus, what distracted them, etc. Out of all the players there, one guy stood out to me among them. He was the only player there who had his headphones on, listening to music, while playing. For some people, this would be incredibly distracting from the game. I was curious about this, so after I played a match with him, I asked him how he was able to focus on the game. He lowered his head phones around his neck, and said, “Oh no, this is exactly how I’m able to focus.”

Habits can seem unusual to some people, and perfectly normal to others. Habits have the potential to affect game play in such a way that an entire match can make a difference to the individual. I have come across many different habits people have, as well as my own when it comes to playing Brawl. I specifically pointed out Brawl, because I have my own set of particular habits for this game, compared to other games.

The size of a television for example, can affect game play to some players. People who are used to playing on a larger screen, and with amazing graphics, will find themselves squinting and shaking their head at a television twice or more smaller than what they’re used to during a tournament. Likewise, a player who’s used to playing on a smaller screen will find larger televisions too ‘big’, and will be overwhelmed by how much space there is on the screen, even though the space doesn’t literally change the size of the stages themselves. Others, like me, are used to many television sizes, and aren’t affected much by the changes, while others are able to adapt fairly quickly, whether they’re used to or not – the television size making no difference in how they play.

Sounds for me make a huge deal in how I play. Similarly to the example I provided in this section, the guy at the tournament was able to focus only with his headphones on. Other players can’t concentrate like this at all. Although I like to have music when I play, I would rather the music be part of the game itself, or a custom music on the game (though it can be argued that some custom songs are distracting) rather than having my headphones on, blocking out all other sounds. I find myself very ‘attached’ to the sounds of the game, as in the actual sounds; jumping, powershielding, moves, etc. For some strange reason, if I don’t hear those sounds while I’m playing, I seem to play more uncomfortable. Even things like listening to the buttons of my controller being tapped and having rumble on my controller whenever I use a smash have an effect in how I play. I’ve grown so used to these things, that playing otherwise would throw me off.

Character and stage textures, or some kind of hack in the game can also contribute to how someone plays. For some people, character and stage hacks hardly make any difference. For others, they find it distracting, and are either more comfortable with their own hacks, or no hacks. Then of course, those that have gotten too used to their hacks, may have a difficult time with the default game’s textures. In addition to textures however, even a default game’s color can cause some interesting results on the player. You sometimes hear of people say, ‘Oh, I lost because I didn’t use my red Falcon.’ (which to many people, are considered johns) or stuff like, ‘I HAVE to be blue Pikachu to do well with him.’ While some people would laugh at these silly statements, for some players, having their desired color is almost like another character for them.



I bet a couple of the factors that I pointed out are merely glimpses of just how things can affect game play. I feel like these are, however, the more obvious ones when you glance at it from a general and psychological perspective. Keep in mind that none of this, especially in the ‘Emotions’ section, are things set in stone, and that everyone who has a particular lifestyle and personality are always like this. I realize that everyone is different, and that someone within a harsh environment, for example, can actually be extremely cheerful people. I’m just looking at this from a typical standpoint, based on my experiences, both of my own and other people’s experiences, and applying this with what I’ve learned and with what I’m still learning in Psychology. I hope you have all learned something from this, or at least, I hope this has made you think about interesting things you don’t normally think about. Or even ask yourself a couple of questions. What helps you play well? What distracts you? How do you make a comeback?

I also hope that I can someday make some kind of guide, or a helpful essay giving some suggestions to people in how they can improve as gamers, which, as I stated before, can even go as far as to improve themselves as a person.

The Socal regional series is finishing up another circuit this Saturday, October 22nd in Orange, California. The venue is home to the famous EGP fighting game ranbats, only this time the entire venue is dedicated to only Brawl and Melee! 

We are expecting lots of tough competition including:

-Rich Brown
....and a chance some special guests up North ;)

This is a tournament you won't want to miss out on especially if you're a new player. With the flyer below new players will receive
$5 off of their entry fee!


The venue opens at 1:00 PM and the tournament starts at 2:00, so be sure to register on time and get some warm ups in. 
I really hope to see everybody there this Saturday. I know I'll be there trying to win it! 

If you can't attend, don't forget to check out the livestream for some great matches - www.twitch.tv/mikehazegaming

Check out the tournament page here:http://allisbrawl.com/ttournament.aspx?id=12401

Tags: Rich Brown, E4H
Our second interview here on the Apex Smash is a special one! vVv Zero is an international player to us, but not just any international player - he is the best player in Chile! vVv Zero won the Apex 2012 qualifier in Chile, Showdown 2! vVv Zero was nice enough to allow me to conduct an interview with him about the upcoming Apex 2012 tournament on January 6th, 2012.
vVv ChiboSempai - vVv Zero, wifi master, Chile's #1 player, Meta Knight extraordinaire - how are you doing today?
vVv Zero - ¡I am doing great today! Thanks for asking! ¿What about yourself?
vVv ChiboSempai - I am doing great as well! I am excited about Apex coming up in just a few short months, getting ready for everything being both a member of the staff and a competitor. I want to start by saying congratulations by winning the Chile qualifer for Apex - Showdown 2! By winning you won yourself free entry into Apex 2012! Excited!?
vVv Zero - Extremely! Apex 2012 is going to be a Smash tournament that will make HISTORY. And I am extremely excited and happy that I will be able to form part of this!
vVv ChiboSempai - Have you begun to make your travel/flight arrangements yet? I've never flown out of the country myself but I imagine that it would take a lot of work! Do you plan to stay in the US only for Apex, or stay a little extra time to enjoy some of the surrounding areas, or perhaps stay for an extra tournament?
vVv Zero - I am planning everything related to my Visa papers first. This is something that requires time and a lot of requirements that I have to complete. My travel plans are related to my Visa papers. So at this moment, my Visa papers are the most important part to make my travel a possible one. I would love to stay in the United States of America for an extra tournament or two. Especially in the New York/New Jersey area! The chance to play with AMAZING players, like ADHD, Nairo, Dabuz and many others it's just a chance I wouldn't like to miss!
For Chile, it requires a lot of things. For example, as I'm not over 18 years old yet, I need a signed paper at a notary with both of my parents signature. I also need to sign and fill a lot of papers and tests on the embassy website. I need to be as clean as PictoChat in terms of "law" problems. I need to proove that I'm not going to stay ilegally in the United States of America, for which, I need a signed invitation from a resident of the United States of America inviting me to visit the United States of America with a CLEAR intention. In this case, compete at Apex 2012. I also need a special Visa, not a normal tourist one. As a competitor that is going to compete at Apex, I will have the "chance" of winning money, even from money matches. And for that I will have to pay taxes, which is something I can't do with a normal tourist Visa. Also, in some states of the United States, competing in a Video Game tournament is considered a "Gamble" and I can't "Gamble" with a normal tourist visa either. I need a special kind of Visa, such as a Visa that allows me to work, which allows me to pay taxes. Or, an athlete Visa, which allows me to compete without a problem. However, prooving that a 16 year old teenager is going to "work" or "compete" in the United States of America is something that I can't do without help. And that's where vVv Gaming helps comes in. Along with this, are everything related to my travel plans. Such as, travelling 450Km's to visit the Embassy in Santiago, travel costs, and language problems. My english if far from a native level, but I am trying my best everyday to keep improving it!
vVv ChiboSempai - That is quite a lot of work! I'm impressed, I really am. This shows the amount of dedication you're showing to attend this event, far more than your average smasher in the tri-state area that just has to hop into a car for a couple hours. I don't think any normal person would be making this travel like you are, and you are clearly the exception. To my understanding, you're one of the best, if not the undisputed best player in all of Chile! Why don't you talk about some of your tournament accomplishments from this year?
vVv Zero - Thank you very much for the accompliments! I am extremely dedicated for this game. This is truly something I love and care a LOT. The passion I feel for this game is very big. Well, I have won all the tournaments I have attended this year in Chile. In total, 11 Singles wins, and about 4-6 Doubles wins. I won the National Tournament without dropping from the Singles Bracket, and I won 3-0 in the Grand Finals. I won Showdown 2 dropping one game against Fabri, and one game to my best friend, Iori. I also, mastered the Diddy Kong match up, and now I can 3-2 stock consistently the second best player in Chil, Phantom who uses Diddy Kong. I have not dropped a single game in my last 3 tournaments, in singles and doubles.
One good memory I have is from Showdown 1. Where I lost to Phantom in WB2 2-1. I was extremely dissapointed after that. I rallied trough the losers bracket, beating Hb2 (best peach in Chile), Ferna (2nd best Falco in Chile), Dragon (3rd best overall player in Chile), Iori (my best friend, and the person I fear the most in a tournament! He knows EXACTLY what I'm gonna do!) and finally, I beat Phantom 6-0 in Grand Finals. This was an AMAZING experience for me. I just couldn't keep smiling after that!
vVv ChiboSempai - That is incredible! No one in the US has a record like that here. Granted we have more players, but not dropping a single game in 3 tournaments? Consistently 2 or 3 stocking the 2nd best player? No one in the US can match that sort of status, and I'm excited to see how you will perform with our best here. As I mentioned earlier, you are a Meta Knight main. Do you have any secondary characters you have prepared, perhaps even used in tournament?
vVv Zero - Thanks for that! I think there are players in the US who have reached this "status". Players like Mew2King, Ally or ADHD have won several tournaments without dropping games, or 2-3 stocking in Grand Finals. I'm a Meta Knight exclusive main in tournaments. But, I have been preparing a few characters for Apex 2012, such as Ice Climbers, Snake, Falco, Fox, Diddy Kong and even Donkey Kong. This way, I can counterpick the match ups I don't feel like I can perform really well with Meta Knight, or use them when I feel I need them. Having more options is better than not having many options!
vVv ChiboSempai - Which matchup could you possibly favor Donkey Kong in over Meta Knight??
vVv Zero - Definitely Lucas. I can't play Lucas with Meta Knight for a weird reason. I am going to have some good practice sessions with FernHadez, the best Lucas main in Chile before Apex 2012. I want to have my Meta Knight ready for any great Lucas mains, such as Mekos or PinkFresh. I'm gonna have a Donkey Kong ready in the Lucas match up just in case. I prefer to be ready for any situation than to be sorry after losing!
vVv ChiboSempai - Ah, good answer. That is definitely a matchup I can see you preferring to use Donkey Kong. What would you say is your best matchup for your Meta Knight?
vVv Zero - Definitely, Snake. The Snake match up is the match up where I am the most comfortable with, and also the match up where I have the most fun and experience! I love to play Snake in almost every single stage of the game. The better the Snake player, the more fun I have! For this, I am very excited to play Ally in a 50$ Dollar money match at Apex 2012!
It's like a dream to me. Play with the Snake who has beaten Mew2King, Anti, ADHD, and basically, everyone? It's just something I want to experience!
Ally, be ready for our Money Match! Because I am going to try my hardest to win! And I expect you to do so as well!
vVv ChiboSempai - Oooh, vVv Zero with the call out! I love it! I don't know if I would ever do so much money lying on a single set, but I certainly hope for the best.
Now despite living in Chile, I feel like your connected pretty well with the American Smash scene. You compete regularly on the All is Brawl ladder, and you have an account on Smashboards where you post at times. How would you say the Smash scene here differs from where you live?
vVv Zero - Haha, well, if you don't have the right mindset to compete with the best, then you wouldn't have chance, no? And thanks! I hope that aswell! The North American Smash scene is really different from the Smash scene of Chile. The most obvious and first difference is the language barrier. The second is the size and level of competition in the communites. The North American Smash scene is not only the biggest Smash community in the world, but also it has some of the best players in the world! I also think that a big difference is the economy.
Chile doesn't have the same reality as the United States, economically speaking. The tournaments over here are much cheaper and smaller in terms of prices and prizes. That's a big difference. For this reason I don't play Smash for money. I compete for the love and passion I have for the game! I am a very, very competitive person! I can even compete in "Who can eat the breakfast/lunch faster than the other!". That's a competition I usually compete with my mom or my friends, haha.
I also love and respect the compromise, professionalism and dedication of the persons who try to take Smash to a next level. Persons like AlphaZealot or you are a big example of this! I'm also very thankful of the persons who run websites like AllisBrawl and Smashboards. These persons are extremely dedicated to the Smash community, and they do it for FREE! Shoutouts to every moderator, super moderator, and admins in AllisBrawl and Smashboards! Also shoutouts to VideoGameBootCamp! They have done SO much to take the Smash scene to a new level, and again, for FREE! Shoutouts to everyone who runs VGBC! (GIMR, Bionic, Logic and you!). I am sorry if I forgot someone! Shoutouts to "you" as well, and thanks for taking the Smash scene to a next level!
vVv ChiboSempai - Quite an answer vVv Zero! I want to thank you for taking your time to do this interview with me, I'm sure everyone appreciates it. We all look forward to seeing you compete at Apex 2012!
vVv Zero - Thanks for having me, and thanks to everyone who reads this interview! And YES! I am so excited and hyped for Apex 2012! I just can't keep counting the days with my fingers! Shoutouts to my mom, my sister, my dad, my two dogs, my cat, my friends, and of course, the Smash scene! Also, special shoutouts to vVv Gaming for being a great sponsor and helping me to get to compete at Apex 2012! Make sure to check out the best professional gaming community in the world at: www.vVv-Gaming.com
Everyone has been excited ever since we announced that Pokemon, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012 would be coming to Apex, and now we’re ready to give you the next batch of details!

Until UMvC3 and SSF4:AE12 are released, we're going to stick with normal ruleset.  Addenda will be made as game-breaking tactics are discovered!

Both games will run: 
  • All sets leading up to the finals will be best two out of three.  Winner's Finals, Loser's Finals and Grand Finals will be best three of five.  If the player from loser's bracket wins a best of five set against the Winner's Final victor, the match will be reset, and a final set of five will be played.
  • Time limit:  99
  • Damage set to game default
  • Stage set to random, unless players can agree to a stage.
  • The winner must keep his character/team, and assists/ultra.  In Marvel, you may not change your order.

As for Pokemon, everyone already knows we will be bringing the action of both Single and Double Battles to Apex, but how? For the Singles Battles we will be running a standard OU tier tournament using Smogon’s Ruleset, and for Double Battles we will be running the VGC 2012 Ruleset used at all official Nintendo tournaments for the 2011-12 season. Read on for details on these rules!
Rules for Both Events
  • All players in either event must be using a legitimate copy of Pokemon Black or White version.
  • A hack check may be run on anyone’s team if there is suspicion of them using illegal Pokemon.
  • Cheating will be dealt with strictly and can result in disqualification.
Single Battles Ruleset
*This ruleset may be changed at any time without notice. This tournament will use the Smogon ruleset at the time so players may practice on their Pokemon Online server before the event.
  • All battles will be full 6 vs 6 battles with one Pokemon out on each team at a time.
  • Team preview is enabled for all matches.
  • The following Pokemon are banned:
    • Arceus
    • Blaziken
    • Darkrai
    • Deoxys-A
    • Deoxys
    • Dialga
    • Garchomp
    • Giratina
    • Giratina-O
    • Groudon
    • Ho-Oh
    • Kyogre
    • Lugia
    • Manaphy
    • Mewtwo
    • Palkia
    • Rayquaza
    • Reshiram
    • Shaymin-S
    • Zekrom
  • You may not use a Pokemon with the ability Swift Swim if you have a Pokemon with the ability Drizzle on the same team.
  • You may only use Pokemon that have been released legally in the US or Japanese games. This includes Dream World Pokemon. For a list of released Dream World Pokemon, you may find them on Smogon here.
  • You may not use any items that have not been released legally in the US or Japan (such as Soul Dew), or any items that increase evasion (Brightpowder and Lax Incense).
  • You are not allowed to use the ability Moody.
  • You may not use any moves that increase only evasion (Double Team, Minimize).
  • Species Clause: You may not use two of the same Pokemon on your team.
  • OHKO Clause: You may not use any moves that result in a OHKO (Fissure, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, Guillotine).
  • Self-KO Clause: If a player ends the game with a self-destructing move such as Explosion or through recoil damage through methods such as Life Orb or Flare Blitz, the player who initiated the attack loses the game.
Double Battles Ruleset
  • All matches are played in Doubles format.
  • Pokemon above Level 50 will be brought down to 50 for the match while those below 50 will stay as-is.
  • Players choose 4 of their 6 registered Pokemon after team preview.
  • The following Pokemon are banned:
    • Mewtwo
    • Mew
    • Lugia
    • Ho-Oh
    • Celebi
    • Kyogre
    • Groudon
    • Rayquaza
    • Jirachi
    • Deoxys
    • Dialga
    • Palkia
    • Giratina
    • Phione
    • Manaphy
    • Darkrai
    • Shaymin
    • Arceus
    • Victini
    • Reshiram
    • Zekrom
    • Kyurem
  • Species Clause: You may not use two of the same Pokemon on your team.
  • Item Clause: You may not use two of the same hold items on your team.
  • The moves Dark Void and Sky Drop are banned.
  • You may only use Pokemon that have been released legally in the US or Japanese games. This includes Dream World Pokemon. For a list of released Dream World Pokemon, you may find them on Smogon here.
  • If the player’s final Pokémon used Selfdestruct, Explosion, Destiny Bond, or Final Gambit, and both players’ final Pokémon are knocked out as a result, that player loses that game.
  • If a player’s final Pokémon used Double‐Edge, Volt Tackle, Flare Blitz, Take Down, Submission, Brave Bird, Wood Hammer, Head Smash, Struggle, or Wild Charge, or was holding Life Orb, and both players’ final Pokémon are knocked out as a result, that player wins that game.
  • If both players’ final Pokémon is knocked out by a weather condition, such as Hail or Sandstorm, the player whose Pokémon is knocked out last wins the game.
  • If a Pokémon’s Ability or held item, such as Rough Skin, Aftermath, Liquid Ooze, Iron Barbs, or Rocky Helmet, results in each player’s final Pokémon being knocked out, the player with the Ability or held item will win the game.

Next, we know we promised to announce a game, and while some of you have seen the trailer and some haven't, we're pumped to announce that we're also bringing on Mortal Kombat 9!

MK9 has shown a strong force in the last half of a year, with Nether Realm Studios keeping a watchful eye on tournament results and player feedback to create an ever changing, ever evolving fighter.  This year, Apex is proud to offer you guys who is now the major trinity in fighting games!
Double Elimination

  • All sets leading up to the finals will be best two out of three.  Winner's Finals, Loser's Finals and Grand Finals will be best three of five.  If the player from loser's bracket wins a best of five set against the Winner's Final victor, the match will be reset, and a final set of five will be played.
  • Time limit:  99
  • Damage set to game default
  • Stage set to random, unless players can agree to a stage.
  • The winner must keep his character/team, and assists/ultra.

    Mortal Kombat 9 is an amazing addition to our line up, and we hope you're just as excited as we are to bring it Apex!

    Now, aside from new events, we want to talk about a special group of people we've met over the last couple of months.  These people are responsible for the upcoming documentary series "The Smash Bros."  This group of dedicated film makers is planning to record and document the evolution of Super Smash Bros Melee, strictly as a tribute to the game and its ever growing community.  

    They'll be joining us at Apex with a further taste of what's to come in the series, but we're gonna start off with the pilot episode released a few weeks back.  Please take the time, if you haven't, to watch this extraordinary video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH9GTNSU77Y

    This video contains footage most thought would have been lost.  This was the first time that a lot of the top players met in tournament, and while the gameplay is dated, you can still see the brilliance in the players behind the legendary names some of you have only heard!  You can check out the website of the guys who created this video here.

    We know the news has been slow, guys, but we're back on track.  We have a lot more stuff coming your way!

    Lastly, you should know that registration for all games has been opened!  Pokemon will have a door registration, but all other games will have online pre-registration!  Check that out right here, and don't forget to like us on Facebook, and follow us and our partners on Twitter!


    As always, if you have any questions, leave a comment, or shoot me a PM!  
  • The Road to Apex 2012 Bi-Weekly Ladder Update #1

    Hello fellow Smashers! I’m Minty Horse, also known as just “Horse”, originally from Bucharest, Romania and I’ll be bringing you guys the very first ladder news update for this pre-season to the next BIG event! I am new to this, as I only recently joined up with the Content Team, so please bare with me and I’ll do my very best! Hey, we all have our “first days on the job”, right? Are you guys HYPE for Apex 2012? Thought so! Well, welcome to the “Road to Apex 2012” Fall Laddering Season. In this special two month pre-season, Smashers from all over the world will duke it out with each other to see who can get their foot into the door of the big Apex 2012 tournament next year! Despite Apex still being at least 3 months away, I am very shocked, excited and impressed to see all of the early hype going around our community! It’s a new ladder season, so think positive, keep your heads up and reach for your dreams and goals to be the best! Never give up!

    With that said, good luck to everyone and remember to always have fun! (=

    *Notice: These top rankings for singles and doubles are current as of October 8th, 2011 at 3:10 am (EST)*

    Current Rankings (Singles)

    1st - Megafox (score: 2165) → Fox                                   
    2nd - Kingtoon (score: 2132) → Toon Link
    3rd - vVv ZeRo (score: 2059) → Meta Knight
    4th - Salem (score: 2025) → Zero Suit Samus
    5th - DracoBlaze (score: 1977) → Meta Knight / Snake
    6th - M to the Ekos (score: 1973) → Lucas
    7th - Toronto Joe (score: 2026) → Meta Knight
    8th - Kain (score: 1960) → Wolf
    9th - Jtails (score: 1951) → Meta Knight
    10th - ANTi (score: 1944) → Olimar
    11th - wWw Koolaid (score: 1923) → Snake / Wario
    12th - SlayerZ (score: 1909) → Peach
    13th - DEHF (score: 1907) → Falco
    14th - Aegis Angel Admiral Pit (score: 1901) → Pit
    15th - pwii (score: 1894) → Mr. Game & Watch
    16th - BarDulL (score: 1876) → King Dedede
    17th - Explosive Zebra (score: 1862) → Wario
    18th - Actual Champ Adam Gibson (score: 1850) → Snake
    19th - Jbandrew (score: 1850) → Ice Climbers
    20th - vVv Pelca (score: 1843) → Falco
    21st - BananaSalad (score: 1837) → Mr. Game & Watch
    22nd - teddiursa28 (score: 1833) → Olimar
    23rd - Aphro (score: 1799) → Marth
    24th - Prof3ssor MGW (score: 1797) → Olimar
    25th - Iota (score: 1791) → Wario
    26th - Bio (score: 1756) → Meta Knight
    27th - ItoI6 (score: 1757) → Zero Suit Samus
    28th - -6WX- (score: 1755) → Sonic the Hedgehog
    29th - Atomsk (score: 1748) → King Dedede
    30th - jpIsCrAzY (score: 1728) → Diddy Kong
    31st - -ED- (score: 1727) → Pit
    32nd - ToxinTRASH (score: 1712) → Pit

    Current Rankings (Doubles)

    1st - Is it...Real? (score: 1777) → Lucas / Pikachu
    2nd - Tres Leches (score: 1673) → Meta Knight
    3rd - Couple of randoms (score: 1620) → Meta Knight / Random?
    4th - Leggo (score: 1536) → Meta Knight
    5th - Fried Chicken and Rice (score: 1491) → Kirby
    6th - we throw our controllers wen we lose (score: 1469) → Snake / Olimar 
    7th - rocNation! (score: 1463) → Meta Knight / Diddy Kong   
    8th - Blue Team (score: 1399) → Random? / Donkey Kong   
    9th - CAT SAVERS (score: 1298) → Zero Suit Samus / Meta Knight 
    10th - tina+waldo=protastic donkeyism:L (score: 1291) → Ike / Snake / Kirby
    11th - GreenTeam R.I.P Henry-Sake (score: 1242) → Lucas / Luigi
    12th - IMBALANCE (score: 1185) → Marth / Meta Knight      
    13th - 1.5 black (score: 1182) → Toon Link / Meta Knight        
    14th - -_- (score: 1131) → Kirby / Peach                  
    15th - Who do you think we are? ;3 (score: 1085) → R.O.B. / Snake
    16th - Dabess kids on Allisbrawl (score: 1079) → Fox / R.O.B.

    In the Know:

    This season has barely started! For all you Smashers out there who aren’t currently within the top rankings, don’t be discouraged! You still have ample time to get up there! Anything can happen between now and late November! So put on your battle faces, put on your armor, equip yourselves and charge into battle like the brave and courageous Soldiers of Smash I know you guys are! ^_^

    Special Thanks:

    I would like to give special thanks to both awesome Super Moderators Lightlanayru and Zolga for giving me this great honor of writing out the very first news update to this pre-Apex season! Thank you both very much, you guys rock! (;
    Hello, everyone! Looks like things are starting to cool down over here, but this new season isn't going to make me fall behind in my WTUs. Hopefully that goes for you all as well. Let's see what this edition holds...as well as the last one!

    Recent Results: Kyleisreal was last week's featured user. He joined the site on August 24, 2008, mains Snake, and has seven tournament medals. Blazerlicious, Sakram3nt, Minty Horse, SkOaRaAn, Eggo, Diska the Mocha lover, Legit, Tulat, Jewl Echo, and BrawlerJesse werethe first ten to guess correctly. Wow...it's been a while since I actually filled up the ten spots. I mean, true that it's been a while since I upped the cutoff number, but whenever I did, I fell short by quite a few users. Regardless, I'm impressed with the amount of participation. Congratulations to you all, and keep up the awesome work! icon_biggrin

    1. I will show you the message the featured user sent me. If you are the user I am describing, please keep quiet about it and do not reveal yourself. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your
    WTU Featured User badge.
    2. In addition to a fact, clues will be given to help you search the myriad users of AiB for the right one. Don’t stop until you are absolutely sure you have the right user and he or she matches the clues given, because you only get one shot at this.
    3. To make sure you are taking the time to check your guess, I will give you a few questions to answer about this user. Every answer will be found somewhere on his or her profile (About Me, blogs, videos, etc.) If one answer is incorrect, then your whole guess will be counted wrong, so make sure you are absolutely certain of what you typed. (P.S. If you can't find the answers or have to PM the person you're looking at for an answer, you're doing it wrong.)
    4. When you are ready to give the name and answers, do not post as a comment. You must send a private message, or your submission will be void. Also, don’t give me a link to his or her profile unless you have the name and the answers to the questions to go with it. Putting just a link in your message will count as an incomplete (and therefore wrong) answer.
    5. Everyone has until midnight tonight (PST) to message me. Any answer sent in after that will not be counted.
    6. The first TEN that send the correct username get the
    WTU Winner badge! That's right, ten! Since last edition was so awesome, I figured I'd keep the number like this as a thank you to everyone that participated. :) Keep in mind, however, that some veterans may come back to compete. Work fast, but don’t give up!

    And now, I present you all with this week's mystery submission. Good luck!

    "Juggling is something I’ve been doing for years. While my other friends are busy playing sports or directing videos, I enjoy nothing more than to take out my clubs/balls/rings and practice some different juggling patterns (siteswaps). I’ve always been fascinated with object manipulation, and loved the simplicity of taking an everyday item and turning it into an art form. Thanks to my strong dedication, I have achieved the ability to juggle up to 7 balls, 5 clubs, and 8 rings! My goal is to one day perform for a vast crowd without freezing up. Because you see, unfortunately, I develop a bad case of stage fright whenever I am presented with a large audience. Though that’ll never stop me from furthering in my manipulative art!"

    In addition to what's above, this user...
    -is in the Shigeru Miyamoto Recognition Group.
    -has an "o" in the username.
    -joined the site during Winter 2009.

    And the questions you need to answer are as follows:
    1. When exactly did this user join the site?
    2. Who does this user main in Melee?
    3. How many tournament medals does this user have?

    So tell me…WHO’S THAT USER?! Good luck to all, use your time wisely, and pay attention to the clues/questions! >;D

    P.S. If you wish to send in a submission to be featured in future WTUs, feel free to do so! Your submission should look similar to those that have been featured before in terms of content, so...yeah.
    Greeting one and all, and welcome to this season's first Doubles Night! I know how hard it is to find people to challenge in the Doubles Ladder chat sometimes, but I also know how important this ladder is, so we're going to host a few Doubles Nights this season to get things moving.

    Doubles night is just a time to come to the doubles chat, play as many matches to your heart's content and earn a cool badge for doing so. This Doubles Night event will be hosted Friday, September 30, 2011, and will run from 6 PM EST – 12 AM EST. Participants at this event will have a shot at earning the double dater badge! To acquire the badge, participants will need to complete a minimum of 3 Doubles Ladder rank matches this Doubles Night, and send me (or host Miles of SmashWiki) a PM after the event if you think your team fulfilled the requirements to obtain the badge. Just have the team captain PM one of us, since it's not really necessary for both members of the team to send me the same PM.

    As an added bonus hosts of the night, Miles of SmashWiki and Fandangox, will be hosting Non-Smash Trivia during Doubles Night. For those who are unfamiliar with how Non-Smash Trivia works, it is a contest for knowing certain pieces of information relating to Nintendo games.  For those who know how it works, Miles and Fandangox will be doing things a little differently at this event. Since this is a 6 hour event, we don’t want people just coming by to play three matches for the double dater badge, and calling it a night. We want everyone sticking around the whole night, playing rank matches, earning badges, and having fun; so throughout the night, Miles and Fandangox will be randomly asking Non-Smash Trivia questions. They’ll give notice before asking questions, but if you miss one, you’ll have many more chances throughout the night. All standard Non-Smash Trivia rules apply. Whoever answers first gets a point, they'll keep track of points throughout the night, etc. The top scoring individuals will receive cards, as will whoever correctly answers the difficult Challenge Question!

    Now for the new ladder rules!!! Yes, in addition to last articles.
    1. If your partner is banned from the site then you are unable to participate in doubles ladder. You can not substitute your partner, unless you disband. This means if your partner gets banned from the site for a month then your team can not participate in ladder for that month.
    2. You cannot play against family members, or anyone in the same house, but you can play with them as a team.
    3. No one person can play the same team more than once in 24 hours regardless of you switching teams.
    And for this season alone, until further notice, we have decided to use Apex's stage list. It was decided since stage lists are already so close and it is the Apex ladder there is no reason not to use Apex's stage list.

    • Battlefield
    • Final Destination
    • Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)
    • Smashville
    • Lylat
    Counter Picks:
    • Castle Siege
    • Delfino Plaza
    • Halberd
    • Pokemon Stadium 1
    • Frigate Orpheon

    For anyone unfamiliar with the recent changes made to the ladder please check out, "The Road to Apex: Online Edition!". As I've stated before Neal is the only one that can change the ladder rules page, and because of his busy schedule I'm unsure how soon he'll be able to change it. Until further notice (or he changes the page to match the updated rules) please refer to this article and the one linked above for the rules. Anything not addressed in the articles can be found in the FAQs or Rules. If you are unsure of anything after reading everything please feel free to ask me.

    Once again please give big thanks to our sponsors vVv-Gaming, and Apex2012 for making this ladder so special! We hope to see everyone at Doubles Night, and good luck to everyone!

    Hello everyone! Today marks the one-year anniversary of the creation of the Official AIB Trading Card Support Group. I can't say which day testing on the TCG actually began, but the official release was marked on September 27, 2010.

    I'm glad that the project was taken so well by the community. There was originally a lot of bad energy floating around the idea when I presented it. Many members and staff believed that the TCG wouldn't take root in the AIB community very well and that the idea was just one more unnecessary addition to the site to keep members from playing Brawl itself.

    However, the TCG has flourished even better than I originally imagined that it could. It has been used as a means of entertainment for many of you, a means of rewarding participants in various parts of the site including the Ladder, Contests and various other events over the past year. It also unintentionally became somewhat of a deterrent for users who tended to break the rules more often than necessary.

    Overall it's been a good year. I'm happy to have created something that provided a measure of novelty for everyone of AIB and I'm proud that I've provided the site with something that could potentially outlast me as a member and still bring the community together. It's been tough keeping everything up to date as much as possible and work with members in order to manage the system and I'm thankful for those of you who have put time and effort into it and have enjoyed it as much as I have.

    I'd like to thank the following people:
    • Nealdt: Without him, none of this would be possible. He did an amazing job of applying it to the site so that everyone could have access to the system. He's done more than I ever expected, and then some, to keep this thing fresh and user friendly. I'm thankful that he even considered my idea and I'm glad to have been allowed to do the things that I've done with it.
    • Midnite: He's done a large number of tasks with helping me manage the system, create new cards and take snapshots. He's had some great ideas that lead to new card designs, and he's helped a ton with users and problems that arose early on in the initial creation of the support group.
    • Hazeo, ASF1ink and Dramakidd: These three did quite a bit of work creating icons, emblems and full card templates for me. Without them, none of the new card designs you see today would even be slightly possible. Sadly, Hazeo and ASF have pretty much left the designer group. I haven't heard much of them lately and I hope they're doing good.
    • Volke Aeno, Sumer and Foodies: These three have provided me with TONS of snapshots in the past and I really would like to say thank you to them. Their work has given us way more than I could have dreamed to work with as far as unique card images and themes. I really do appreciate all the time you must have put into taking so many shots.
    There are many of you who have contributed to the TCG in one way or another. I've been sent hundreds of ideas, suggestions, and the occasional snapshot or ten. Xyless allowed me to use his derpy images for the vending machine cards. Chookie, Sakram3nt, Silly, and others have worked with templates or various smaller images we wanted to put on the cards. NinoskaFlores has helped in the design room, and there are many of you who I can't name due to sheer mass that have contributed various smaller tasks. I'd like to thank you all.

    Now, to celebrate this year's TCG Anniversary I've created a new category on your MyCards page.

    This new Keepsakes category is an expansion on the original TCG idea where members will be able to collect various items that aren't directly TCG related but still are worth the collectable.

    Many of you have suggested in the past that the TCG get a category where we create Moderator trading cards and cards that relate to the various aspects of the site. Until now, I've had a hard time with this. Trying to create trading cards and templates with new designs on them that only relate to the site is much harder than you'd think, but last night I had a great idea and so I've planned another approach to remedy this.

    This new Keepsakes category will allow members to collect other small tokens about the site that aren't trading cards. These objects will include Booster Pack wrappers, posters, dolls and an endless possibility of new items.

    For example, when you buy a booster pack, you will have a 1 in 10 chance that the pack's "wrapper" will still be in tact enough to collect them. Full Wrappers can be recycled for a few points back. Trashed wrappers will be recycled for only 1 point. Then in the future I might make a forge for them .

    Other items, such as Posters and different Smash memorabilia that aren't necessarily trading cards, will be collected through different means other than just buying booster packs. As of right now, these items aren't added to the TCG yet and the means of collecting them hasn't been put into work yet, but in time they will be.

    Thanks again everyone! I'm glad that this year has been as good as it has, and I hope to keep it going.
    It's nice to see people are taking full advantage of what we offer this season (with help from our sponsors vVv-Gaming, and Apex2012) by jumping on ladder right away. Before everyone gets a little too comfortable with the current ruleset for this season I wanted to introduce some changes to this season's ruleset!

    First of all, the stages! Finally the stage that everyone hates is finally getting taken off the stage list. Yes, it's that particular stage that everyone hates because of the constant movement. Of course everyone knows I'm talking about Jungle Japes, right? The constant moving river sends everyone who falls into it to their untimely deaths. Along side Jungle Japes will be Pictochat. We felt that due to the seriousness of this season it was about time we had stage list have a more traditional tournament feel. Also, we've been receiving a lot of questions regarding the change to the stage list.  Aside from being a sort of out-adted list, we decided to go ahead with the change so that our Apex Online qualifier will be more in line with the qualifiers around the country.

    Now on to the general rules of ladder!
    1. Use the chats provided! If you report a match we referees feel is too short you will be disqualified from the ladder and unable to participate in this season's playoffs, which means no prizes for you. 
    2. If you receive more than three dishonor points this season you will be disqualified from ladder. Dishonor points are given based on the results of a dispute. There are some exceptions, but that will be on a case by case basis. By the way, referees have been informed to be more "strict" on disputes, meaning more chances of dishonor points so please be careful when reporting.
    3. No substituting of any kind is allowed! Regardless of an opponent approving or not, if we find out that you had someone or something else play for you and/or your teammate you will be disqualified. 
    4. This season we're going to have a minimal requirement on how many matches you/your team have to play in order to participate in the playoffs. This will prevent higher level plays from waiting until the last week and playing eight people barely making it into the playoffs. In order to participate in the singles playoffs you must play 30 matches in singles ladder this season. In order to participate in the doubles playoff your team has to play 25 matches. 
    That should do it for the changes! If you are unsure of anything please feel free to ask me or one of the other referees, but please make sure you check the rules and FAQs before asking.

    Good luck, and be sure to check out the next update on Apex 2012 Thursday!

    P.S. Yeah, we're taking Rainbow Cruise off the stage list as well. icon_wink
    Hello AIB, and welcome to another event of Karaoke... or shall I say Karaoke and Dance!
    First of all, sorry for being a bit late with the new event, IRL and college got me busy!

    Now let’s start with the newest addition for this Karaoke Contest: The Dance Contest!
    Due to many requests by a lot of people we decided to give it a chance to see how people would react (hopefully positive). While I’m fully aware this is a step further than the Karaoke Contest, I have good hopes for the people who actually are interested and want to do something like this instead of singing!

    So people, without further ado, scroll down below for all the details and good luck to everyone who joins!

    First of all, what is the Dance Contest?
    Simply put, you can record yourself dancing and we judge the performance!
    You are free to do anything you want, be it some kind of anime dance or imitating Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.
    In both contests, like the one before, we allow up to 2 entries per person for both the Karaoke & The Dance Contest!.
    Judges will not hand out extra points for having 2 entries of course, but it might increase your chances if one out of the two entries is very good.

    Want to know how to send in your entry?
    Check out the steps below~!

    Step one:
    Karaoke Contest: Record yourself, be it audio file or video, singing karaoke to ANY song. Any genre is fine, but due to the nature of AiB, explicit entries will be discounted (we aren’t strict, but keep it nice people).

    Dance Contest: Record yourself via a video dancing to whatever you want, be it some kind of anime dance or imitating a well known dance etc. The best way would be to put them on youtube (for the people that are shy, change it in a private video and delete it after the contest is over).

    Step two:
    Submit it to This Article AND send it through PM to -GoV-, lightlanayru (Back-up judge: Invinciboy) and Kakashi of the Sharingan <--- That means all 3 of them, before the deadline.
    *We will begin judging after the deadline so any entries sent after the deadline won’t count!*
    Step three:
    Upon all entries being received somewhere after the deadline, The judges shall begin judging the songs. The judges will write their comments on every entry and give a grade (0 – 100). These comments and grades will be posted when the judges are done so everyone can check. In the mean time the people of AIB can vote on their favorite singer on a special poll which will open up when the deadline has been reached and all entries have been received! This poll will be open to vote for everyone in the special Karaoke and Dance Contest group!

    The votes will be used as extra points for every participant to judge their performance, so it’s not only the judges who choose the winners!
    For example, Mr. *Insert name * will get an average of 50 out of 100 for his performance, but he got 75 votes on the poll, his average could end up at 75!
    You see, it’s all very easy, so be sure to support your favorite entry by your favorite participant and vote for them in the upcoming poll after the deadline!
    *A small announcement announcing all entries are submitted will follow so do not forget to vote!*

    So again, the judges will be: -GoV-, Kakashi of the Sharingan and lightlanayru (Back-up judge: Invinciboy).

                                                               *The Deadline will be October 7th 12:00 EST!*

    The winners and 2nd/3rd placers will get a badge for their performance and everyone else will get a badge for entering the Karaoke Contest!
    That’s about it!
    We are looking forward to judge the many entries that will be posted. So don’t be too shy to enter because you might end up winning with your favorite song/dance performance!
    *Last reminder, convince others to join up as well to make this even more popular!*

    Good luck everyone!
    Well everyone, here we are again. Another Sunday, and another "Who's That User?"! I hope you all are just as psyched as you've been for the past couple of editions. Speaking of "past", check out what happened last time!

    Last edition's results: Minty Horse was the featured user. He joined the site on February 8, 2010, mains Pikachu in Brawl, and has attended 24 tournaments. lobsterfest, BowLX, SkOaRaAn, Ezio Auditore, and Eggo were the first five to guess correctly, so kudos to them! By the way, if you wish to see the results of each WTU right after the submission period ends, join this group!

    1. I will show you the message the featured user sent me. If you are the user I am describing, please keep quiet about it and do not reveal yourself. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your
    WTU Featured User badge.
    2. In addition to a fact, clues will be given to help you search the myriad users of AiB for the right one. Don’t stop until you are absolutely sure you have the right user and he or she matches the clues given, because you only get one shot at this.
    3. To make sure you are taking the time to check your guess, I will give you a few questions to answer about this user. Every answer will be found somewhere on his or her profile (About Me, blogs, videos, etc.) If one answer is incorrect, then your whole guess will be counted wrong, so make sure you are absolutely certain of what you typed. (P.S. If you can't find the answers or have to PM the person you're looking at for an answer, you're doing it wrong.)
    4. When you are ready to give the name and answers, do not post as a comment. You must send a private message, or your submission will be void. Also, don’t give me a link to his or her profile unless you have the name and the answers to the questions to go with it. Putting just a link in your message will count as an incomplete (and therefore wrong) answer.
    5. Everyone has until midnight tonight (PST) to message me. Any answer sent in after that will not be counted.
    6. The first TEN that send the correct username get the
    WTU Winner badge! Keep in mind, however, that some veterans may come back to compete. Work fast, but don’t give up!

    Now for this week's featured user. Good luck, everyone!

    "Every time around holidays of December i go to NY and visit my brother and sister and some friends. My favorite place to eat at in NY is Pontillo's Pizza and its just because they have the best pizza I've ever tasted. When i get a bit older i plan on moving back north solely because i was born there and it will always be my favorite state. NY forever."

    In addition to what's above, this user...
    -is in the group R.I.P. Michael Jackson.
    -has an "l" in the username.
    -joined in summer (June, July, or August) 2008.
    -mains an A tier Brawl character, according to the Official BBR Tier List v6.

    And the questions you need to answer are as follows:
    1. When exactly did this user join the site?
    2. Who is the main described above?
    3. How many tournament medals has this user earned?

    So tell me…WHO’S THAT USER?! Good luck to all, use your time wisely, and pay attention to the clues/questions! >;D

    P.S. If you wish to send in a submission to be featured in future WTUs, feel free to do so! Your submission should look similar to those that have been featured before in terms of content, so...yeah.
    It's been a long and arduous experience, but as of yesterday, the Spring '11 Singles and Doubles Playoffs have finally come to an end! Here are the rankings:


    1st ($200): Ally
    2nd ($100): dabunsaur
    3rd ($50): Salem
    4th ($25): HolyNightmare

    I'd say I was surprised to see Ally come up from behind and claim first prize, but that'd be a lie because I saw it from a mile away. lol. Congratulations to all that earned some free cash, as well as everyone else that qualified for playoffs! And for those interested in seeing the singles bracket in its entirety, here it is!


    1st ($100): Aliados Impuros (HolyNightmare and Ally)
    2nd ($50): Midwest dabesssss (Sinnyboo242 and Childish Gambino)

    This could've went in several directions, considering how Sinny and Childish retained the first place spot for a majority of the season. Regardless, congrats to both teams and everyone that got through to compete! And here is the complete doubles bracket.


    This season certainly had its ups and downs, and will forever be recorded as the most stressful season in history. (My opinion, at least.) However, that's all in the past. With a new ladder around the corner and much bigger stakes, I encourage everyone to keep a stiff upper lip and prepare to go far! (Yes, we realize neal's slacking with the ladder update, but stay tuned as he should be on and fix it soon.) Until then, train hard, stay in school, and practice good hygiene. Peace out, All is Brawl!
    It was important for us to have our first interview with the person who shocked the Smash Bros world in 2010.  This player beat every top player in his path to his extraordinary first place finish, besting not only the likes of America's greatest, but the entire world!  This west coast monster managed his way through one of the toughest brackets in tournament history, earning him the first true international title in Smash Bros!As you may have guessed (from the title of the article) joining me in our inaugural interview for Apexsmash.com is none other than the champion of the 2010 Smash Bros. Brawl bracket, DEHF!  

    dmbrandon:  Larry, it's been a year since your win at Apex 2010, and in five months, you'll have a chance to defend your title.  But first, tell us a little bit about how you felt after your victory over Brood: 

    DEHF:  I felt really excited and happy! The tournament itself was probably the most efficient tournament I've ever been to and it was really fun. Winning the tournament just made everything all the more better. It was the first national I've ever won and I did it going all Falco, something that a lot people said was impossible to do. 

    dmbrandon:  Honestly, I still say it's impossible.  But, your innovative style with Falco has produced some serious success!  Top placings at MLG, the Pound Series, and the winner of Apex 2010:  Can we expect any new tricks this year, or do you just plan to hone your current style?

    DEHF:  You can expect some new tricks from this time around. I've been thinking up new tricks that I can use to prepare for Apex. 

    dmbrandon:  Did you go into the tourney expecting a 1st place finish?

    DEHF:  I wasn't expecting it, but I was aiming for it. 

    dmbrandon:  Unfortunately, your presence hasn't felt in such a powerful fashion since your first place finish at Apex 2010, can you give us a run down of what you're doing to ensure you keep your title as Apex Champion?

    DEHF:  I intend on playing a lot more for Apex 2012. When I went to the last Apex I had been playing and practicing so much for it that I was prepared for everything thrown at me, it was the most I've ever practiced for a smash tournament in my life. After winning Apex I practiced less and less, which shows in my placings. I don't own a working Wii or a copy of brawl, but I borrowed one from my friend recently and have been practicing a good amount by playing wifi with others.

    dmbrandon:  Some players swear by Wi-fi, and others won't touch it.  Do you feel Wi-fi is reliable practice?

    DEHF:  I feel like Wi-fi helps in your prediction skills and gives you some knowledge in match ups that you may not run into every tournament. The lag makes it so that you won't play as well as you normally would offline, but I feel that if you think of Wi-fi more as a way to learn and improve the lag shouldn't matter that much.

    dmbrandon:  Moving onto the ruleset, Apex is going for a more conservative ruleset, even going to the lengths to ban stages like Brinstar and Rainbow Cruise.  This is going against the Unity Ruleset, which has so far been a bit more liberal.  As a Falco player, where do you stand on stage lists?

    DEHF:  I agree with both of those stages being banned, Rainbow Cruise more than Brinstar. I think having a stage with a moving blastzone hurts the game competitively. It's a fun stage of course, but I don't think it belongs as a competitive stage list. I would think Brinstar is a fine stage as well if not for the acid that constantly rises. We all know that both stages has some sort of competitive potential in them, if they didn't they would've been banned a lot sooner. I feel that having the stages left on are not the way to go, especially if we want to have more character diversity in our scene.

    dmbrandon: Character diversity leads to one simple question:  Metaknight!  Ban?  

      With the current stagelist we have I would say yes. With Rainbow Cruise and Brinstar banned, I'm not sure. I guess I would lean more to no.

      Well, moving on a bit, a lot of players are known for playing one specific character.  I'd say you're definitely the name that comes to mind when people think of Falco!  However, Falco can be limited on in cetain situations, so have you picked up any secondaries that will benefit you on counter pick stages, or in hard matchups?

      I have a Metaknight, that pretty much takes care of all of all of Falco's bad stages and bad match ups. I've been training up my Ice Climbers, trying to get them tournament ready. I don't know if they'll be good enough to use by the time Apex rolls along. I also have a pretty good Fox that I'll probably never use. His good and bad match ups are the same as Falco's, I don't really see a point in using him over Falco.

      You mentioned you are working on Ice Climbers, what sparked the change?

      I think they have a lot of potential. The have an inescapable 0-death with their chain grab. Even without the chain grab, they rack up damage very fast. 

      Do you see having to switch off a lot; who would you switch for?  Who do you see this year as your biggest competition?

      I'd say there's quite a few people. Esam is probably my biggest threat. He plays Pikachu and Ice Climber, Falco's two worse match ups.  Ally is a big one of course.  He was amazing before and has gotten a lot better since he decided to use more characters. There's ADHD, a player I've never beaten.  In fact, I don't think I've ever taken a game off of him in tournament. Tyrant, who I go back and forth with. If he's on his game, He's very capable of beating anyone. And of course, Mew2king. There are times when I play him and it just seems like absolutely nothing works.

      Since you went ahead and mention SO MANY of East Coast's players, it begs the question: What region do you think is currently the strongest?

      As much I hate to say it, I have to say NY/NJ is strongest region right now. Overall, most of their players out place every other region and 1st place is usually taken by someone in that region at nationals.

      As a completely unbiased reporter, I would agree that your statement of New Jersey and New York being the best.     Again, Unbiased.  But, on the topic of regions, a lot of international attendance is expected, including a ton of Marth players from Europe!  How do you think the Marth onslaught from Europe is going to fare against the Metaknights of America?      
    DEHF: I wouldn't be surprised if they placed very high, but I don't see them winning it all.

      Are you excited to play any specific international players?

      I'm most excited in playing Mr-R and Leon, I think it would be fun to play other high level Marth players.

    :  Are you confident in America winning the "USA vs the World Invitational Crew Battle?"

      I think we'll win. We have all these good Metaknights! They won't stand a chance!

      Well, I hope you all put on a good show!  We're all greatly looking forward to the event, and I'm sure everyone is going be playing at a fantastic level.  But, before we talk about your expectations of the event as a whole, I wanna talk briefly about doubles.    As one of the best players in the country, I'm sure you're swarmed for teams requests.  Have you found yourself a partner, or are you still weighing your options?

      Yes, I have a partner. I'm going to be teaming with Vex.

      You guys recently both traveled to Hawaii for an event, correct?

      Yes, we did. It was HSI 2011.

      What can the world expect from you and Vex?  Team comps, predictions on placings, etc?

      I honestly don't know, teams are hit and miss with me. I either place very high or very low. We aren't going to be able to practice until Apex since we live so far from each other, so I hope that we instantly click when we play. 

      Should we expect him to play Game and Watch for bucket shenanigans, or just straight Metaknight?

      I'd want him to go Game and Watch, I've never teamed with a good Game and Watch before.

      I suppose you guys will be trying to practice over Wifi, then?

      That's true, I forgot about that. 

      Besides the tourney itself, is there anything you're excited about, in terms of attending Apex?

    DEHF:  Meeting all of the players that will be there, especially the European and Japanese players.

    :  Is there anything you'd like to add or say to the community before we finish this up?

    See you all at Apex! It going to be amazing! If you're thinking about not going, GO! You'll be missing out on so much!

    DEHF's chance to defend his international crown comes quickly, as APEX2012 is less than four months away!  Stay tuned for next week, where we'll announce our fifth final event, our streaming partner, and the launch of The Road to Apex:  Online Edition!  Don't forget:  Up to date information on the tournament, including our sponsors, can be found at www.apexsmash.com!
    Tags: DEHF, dmbrandon, Apex

    AllisBrawl, the Apex Tournament Series, and vVv-gaming are all incredibly excited to present to you:

    The Road to Apex:  ONLINE EDITION!

    Allisbrawl is proud to support the ongoing efforts of Apex 2012, and with the help of vVv-gaming, we're going to be taking that support to a whole new level with our fall ladder!
    The top placing competitors in the fall ladder will receive stipends to help cover the costs of attending Apex 2012.  The winner of the playoffs will receive a $300 stipend, with the runner up getting $150, and third place will round it out with a stipend for $50!*  The stipends have been generously donated by vVv-gaming, long time sponsor of competitive Super Smash Bros Brawl, and now, some of the biggest smash events and smash sites out there in both AllisBrawl.com and Apexsmash.com!(For information about the stipend, hit the link at the bottom that heads to the ladder page)
    Not only will the top three receive money, but the entire top 8 will receive seeding points for the Super Smash Bros. Brawl singles event at Apex 2012!  A rare chance for players who don’t live near qualifiers, or have lost right outside the top eight to make a splash at the scene’s biggest event!

    Even with its faults Wifi has given the foundation to some of the best players out there. Top national players have gotten their very start here on the AllisBrawl online ladders.  Players like Ally, Dabuz, and Anti. Players that since that start have constantly proven themselves as the best players on the internet, and off! This is a chance to see some of the most talented players on Wi-Fi to emerge and really make a name for themselves in the competitive mainstream.  

    The ladder is slated to begin on Thursday, September 15th, and Last until Sunday, November 20th! The Playoffs will begin shortly after, on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving:  November 29th!  The playoffs will be concluded by –no later- than one week before Christmas (Sunday, December 18th), so that the winners will have ample time to plan their trip to Apex 2012!  The AllisBrawl doubles ladder will start on the 15th, then continue on its normal schedule, with normal prizes. However the top 8 doubles teams from the fall ladder will all receive seeding points to Apex2012.

    For more information on vVv gaming, Apex2012, or the ladder itself, please check the following links:

    The AllisBrawl Fall Ladder (Complete rule-set and details to be released prior to the Sept. 15th start date)

    We really hope you're all as excited about this partnership as we are.  Merging the Offline and Online Communities has been a long sought after goal, and with the AllisBrawl fall ladder being brought to you in association with Apex2012, and vVv-Gaming, I’d say we’re one step closer!

    *Should a stipend winner not be able to attend Apex 2012 his stipend will then go to the next highest playoff finisher in attendance at Apex 2012.

    *Due to a couple people expressing interest in a bit more time the new deadline for applications is Sunday September 11th. Thanks to everyone that has sent in their application already and you can expect to hear back shortly after the new deadline*


    Several years after the inception of AiB (the very first, and closest to home of the Allis Network sites) it is safe to say it has been quite a ride.

    What started as a couple dudes trying to create something better for a smash community they called home for a large part of their life has grown and changed in ways we had never imagined.

    But I am not going to get too nostalgic with reflecting here. Where we currently are at is as the network has grown so has the level of responsibilities and sheer amount of things to do. It has made it difficult to keep up. A large credit goes to our staff, our writers, artists, and all the people who have volunteered their time and effort to make contributions through-out the years in maintaining such strong home for the community, for the people that care about a game to interact and be a part of something. But that does not mean there are not opportunities to do more and be better. So with that we are looking for people that can really contribute to making this site, and this network a better place. And as such, I am happy to say we are now taking applications for the first ever official AiN interns!

    The roles we are looking for come in two forms.

    1. Business/Management/Marketing - This individual(s) would work closely with me on growing, improving, managing, and marketing this thing we call AiN. You would be involved in conversations about where we are, where we want to go, and how in the hell we plan to get there. An idea facilitator and master of crafting digital landscapes.

    Requirements: Someone capable and responsible. Willing and able to carry out tasks, work with and manage staff, and just be a constant positive force in general AiN improvement. Some understanding of business, marketing, or management is desirable.

    *Please provide a resume and a short cover letter as to why you think you would do great in this role.*

    2. Programming/Ideas to tangible parts of the sites - This individual(s) would work closely with Neal on taking the dev initiatives we have and turning them into reality. Creative input into what projects and ways to improve, helping to prioritize our dev effort would also be part of the to role.

    Requirements: Should have strong familiarity with the C# programming language; intermediate knowledge of HTML and web design concepts; and passing familiarity with database programming and design.

    *Please provide a short paragraph detailing your programming experience. Feel free to also link to any work you have done*

    Both roles are unpaid internships. That, however, does not change the fact it is a great work experience and life experience. Very few people in their life can say they made lasting dev contributions or helped manage and grow a site, a community, of tens of thousands of people. Looking back I think that is something anyone can be proud of. And it looks hella good on a resume and we would be happy to stand as a positive reference for you in the future.

    All applications should be sent to [email protected] . The deadline is Saturday September 3rd. We will only be selecting a few people this go around. But should it go well, who knows we may make this a more regular thing or these people may become more permanent fixtures.


    Hello again, AiB! Sorry for the long wait, but with playoffs kicking off, a new promotion (ASK FOR NAME CHANGES PLEASE!), and school starting up, I figured I'd give the members some time to let life sink in before I resumed. I guess not much will change; unless some big event goes on, WTUs will still be on Sundays (same time, same place). But enough chatter, let's get to what matters!

    Last edition's results: It's a good thing I made the WTU group and kept tabs, otherwise I would've completely forgotten everything for this! So, the featured user from #29 was none other than jarvitz! He joined the site on December 14, 2008, mains Funky Kong in Mario Kart Wii, and has created one stage. Participation was much better for this edition, and we had a filled roster. Congratulations to luigimaster51, Maize, person13nebur, SkOaRaAn, and SuperMarioMC for making it through! By the way, if you wish to see the results of the contest the day after, check this group out!

    1. I will show you the message the featured user sent me. If you are the user I am describing, please keep quiet about it and do not reveal yourself. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your
    WTU Featured User badge.
    2. In addition to a fact, clues will be given to help you search the myriad users of AiB for the right one. Don’t stop until you are absolutely sure you have the right user and he or she matches the clues given, because you only get one shot at this.
    3. To make sure you are taking the time to check your guess, I will give you a few questions to answer about this user. Every answer will be found somewhere on his or her profile (About Me, blogs, videos, etc.) If one answer is incorrect, then your whole guess will be counted wrong, so make sure you are absolutely certain of what you typed. (P.S. If you can't find the answers or have to PM the person you're looking at for an answer, you're doing it wrong.)
    4. When you are ready to give the name and answers, do not post as a comment. You must send a private message, or your submission will be void. Also, don’t give me a link to his or her profile unless you have the name and the answers to the questions to go with it. Putting just a link in your message will count as an incomplete (and therefore wrong) answer.
    5. Everyone has until midnight tonight (PST) to message me. Any answer sent in after that will not be counted.
    6. The first five that send the correct username get the
    WTU Winner badge! Keep in mind, however, that some veterans may come back to compete. Work fast, but don’t give up!

    Well folks, let's see which lucky ducky gets the spotlight this time...

    "Here are some unique facts about me that possibly no one will know!

    1. I love Classic Rock/Heavy Metal Music!
    2. I love classic games way more than the ones today
    3. I love World History/Geography
    4. I love keeping up with the news and current events around the world!"

    In addition to what's above, this user...
    -is in the group '90's Are All That.
    -has an "h" somewhere in the username.
    -joined the site in Winter 2010.
    -doesn't have an account on any other Ai site.
    -mains a B tier Brawl character, according to the Official BBR Tier List v6.

    And the questions you need to answer about this user are as follows:
    1. When exactly did this user join the site?
    2. Who is the main described above?
    3. How many tournaments has this user been to?

    So tell me…WHO’S THAT USER?! Good luck to all, use your time wisely, and pay attention to the clues/questions! >;D

    P.S. By my calculations, there will be eight more editions unless I get more PMs. It's not like I expect this to go on forever or anything, and you all are free to send in entries if you wish; I just wanted to say that #38 will be the last edition at the moment. Prepare yourselves, because I will make that one extra fun!
    After talks with local sponsors, and the Apex Staff, we've decided to add four major events!  In addition to the legendary Brawl and Melee tournaments you've come to associate the Apex Series with, Friday, January 6th, we're going be adding Pokemon 5th Generation! (Black/White)  Due to popular demand, Apex has decided to hold two separate Pokemon tournaments on Friday, January 6th!
    • Standard Singles - Rules Coming Soon  
    • Nintendo's VGC 2012- The rules for this tournament will be announced when Nintendo announced their 2012 Ruleset. 
    We've dedicated and known hosts ready to give you guys one of the best Pokemon tournaments that the Smash Scene has even been a part of!  We recommend all players keep themselves up to date with everything Pokemon related, because we'll be using the most recent rulesets!
    Along side the Pokemadness, Saturday is going to be huge, because during the Brawl event in the Main Room, we'll be partnering with Local Battles to bring you the some of the toughest competition in Atlantic North!  We're bringing you two major events, and breaking ground for a National Smash event!

    • Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012
    • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    Smash has too long been focused as a selective tourney scene, and we're going to up the Ante in a huge way with the Fighting Game community!  In November, we'll see the release of Ultimate MvC3, which is going to sport 12 additional characters, 8 stages, and a complete reblancing of the game!  SSF4:AE 2012 is going to be a completely rebalanced version of the game that stole the show at Evolution 2011 this past July, and we're looking to keep the hype alive with a sponsored event, held at Apex 2012!  Both games will utilize the current rulesets accepted by the fighting game community!

    All tournaments will be $10 per person to enter, and will require a $10 venue fee for players coming to Apex not as a player or Spectator!  All information on these tournaments will be posted in early September, as we get a bit closer to the event.

    In the coming weeks, we're going to be announcing more sponsors,  in-depth player interviews, and most importantly:  We have big news coming for all you Wi-Fi players!

    Don't forget to check out Local Battles, and show your support to a brand new sponsor for Smash!  Otherwise, for more information about the Apex Tournament Series, head over to http://www.apexsmash.com/!
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