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It’s still cold out there this long winter.  You know what you should do?  Go to some Featured Tournaments to warm yourself up!  Just take some body spray with you to cover up the man odors!

Here at All is Brawl we love our tournaments! We love everything about them, from the intense hardcore matches to meeting new people! And to show our unconditional love we’ve decided to highlight some of these tournaments, ya’know spread the word and maybe get some more people interested in going to these tournaments.

Every week a few tournaments will be featured, coming from all over the world! They will include online tournaments as well as in person tournaments. So we’ve got almost everybody covered!

Continue reading to see what tournaments got featured this week.

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You’ve been waiting with bated breath. Every second since I announced it has been the longest second of your life. You’ve waited for so long. But, it’s finally here; it’s finally done. May I present to you….

The 2008 AiB Awards!

Now, this was done to share some laughs and some fun within the community so don’t take things too seriously. We want you all to have some amusement with this one and get even more involved with the community. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the awards!

Please continue reading to find out what the awards are and who received them!

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Welcome to the first Weekly Ladder Update! There has been some intense action right from the starting gate!  There are now over 1,750 players on the ladder and we are just starting toward the completion of the Winter Ladder Season! Here is your top 32 from last week, keep on eye on these players as they compete for playoff positioning, badges, and $370 in prizes! 

Ladder Rankings

  1. --samboner (16-1): Fox
  2. --iSpamTornado (30-1): Meta Knight / Snake
  3. --RazorBlaze (31-1): Meta Knight
  4. --Raffi-X (51-15): R.O.B.
  5. --HolyNightmare (76-8): R.O.B.
Click "continue reading" to see the rest of the top 32!

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Inui: I know the Brawl vs. Melee debate is probably old by now, but I personally haven't seen much intelligence on either side.  It's often just whining about something with regards to one of the games.  You're a top player in both Melee and Brawl at this point and you play both competitively fairly often, so you should be able to offer some of the best insight into this debate so far.  You bash Brawl often, but it seems you attend one Brawl tournament for every time you insult Brawl.  This brings me to my first question.  You say Brawl isn't that fun and that every other fighting game is better, yet you are active in the tournament scene for Brawl.  Why do you attend Brawl tournaments so frequently?
teh_spamerer: I attend Brawl tournaments so frequently because I always win money in them and I like some of the people in the community.  At 90+% of the Brawl tournaments I have gone to I spent the entire tournament playing friendlies on a Melee setup and my Brawl tournament matches.
Inui: When Brawl first came out, you defended the game when known Melee players bashed it from the start.  I remember that you actually switched sides pretty quickly and began bashing Brawl.  What made you change your mind?

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In today's active, bustling lifestyle, we can sometimes forget to set time aside for ourselves and enjoy a few days away from the world to regroup. I'm here to present to you a way that allows you to do this, but also give you the chance to earn some new badges to show off to your friends! 

What am I talking about, you say? Simple! The Stadium Portal has recently added some new badges for you to work for. For each of the five Target Smash!! stages, you will earn a new badge for obtaining a certain total high score.

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Due to the recent spike in shall we say, illicit, activities on the ladder, I'd like to lay down some clear guidelines on what is not allowed.

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There will be no SG:C2C this week. For a more detailed description, read the full article. Otherwise, check out the other articles our wonderful content team has to offer.

My bad.

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The holidays are now at an end, and hopefully you’ve gained some extra money from family and friends.  And the perfect way to spend that money is to use it to go to this week’s Featured Tournaments.

Here at All is Brawl we love our tournaments! We love everything about them, from the intense hardcore matches to meeting new people! And to show our unconditional love we’ve decided to highlight some of these tournaments, ya’know spread the word and maybe get some more people interested in going to these tournaments.

Every week a few tournaments will be featured, coming from all over the world! They will include online tournaments as well as in person tournaments. So we’ve got almost everybody covered!

Continue reading to see which rad tournaments got featured this week!

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by JoeR Jan 8 2009, 1:25PM

I like to consider myself a sort of Smash connoisseur. I appreciate all the work put into each of the games and the details that make things fun for the players. A large aspect of Super Smash Bros. from day one has always been the stages. Many, however, have disappeared over the years as the game has evolved into what is now Brawl. Here for another exciting week are some of the top missed stages from the world of Smash!

Mushroom Kingdom (64): The first of many secret stages in the Super Smash Bros. world! This stage really made a Mario or Mushroom Kingdom fan feel right at home! This stage brought with it nothing but endless fun! With warp pipes, POW blocks, pipe piranhas, balancing platforms and classic music, the magic was just endless. Far from being okay for tournament play, the Mushroom Kingdom stage gave more obstacles and fun than any other stage in the series, which made for endless free-for-alls! Three warp pipes were on this stage and any character could use them to warp between any of the three at random! Just don’t use them when a piranha sticks up its head or you’ll get smacked -- and be wary of where you end up because one of the three pipes drops you off part way down a bottomless ditch in the middle of the stage!

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The concept was simple enough: add stages each season until a solid, community made, stage list could be created. However, the fatal flaw that got overlooked was, simply, the time consumption. After hearing mostly mixed reviews from members of the community it has come time to re-adjust the stagelist. Keep in mind absolutely no set of stages will make everyone happy, as the philosophies for which stages should be allowed are incredibly varied.

Starting today (with the official rules to be updated sometime today or tomorrow) we will be reverting to the stage list from last season with a few notable exceptions. Lylat Cruise will be listed as a counter-pick instead of neutral. In addition to this, Distant Planet and Norfair have also been added to the list of counter-picks. Finally, both players are now allowed one "Personal Ban" for their set, in which a stated stage may not be played at any point. This will be the final stage list for this season with no other adjustments to be made.

Click "Continue Reading" to view the full stage list and new staff members!

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You may have already heard this if you keep up with general gaming news via Joystiq or Kotaku. Bear with me if so.

It was announced today that 1UP.com and affiliated entities (EGM magazine, Gamevideos.com, and a few others) has been sold to the Hearst Corporation by their former owner, Ziff Davis Publishing. Not a huge deal; it happens all the time and business and you can't blame companies for trying to do everything they can to maintain profits in a sour economy. What sucks, however, is all the good people being laid off in the acquisition, including a few friends of All is Brawl.

I'm specifically talking about Matt Chandronait, producer of the 1UP Show, and Ryan Scott, editor of Games for Windows magazine. It was Matt's decision to do a 1UP Show segment about Brawl and bring in members of the community to talk competitive Smash with the show hosts; at the suggestion of show member Richard Li (whose fate is unknown), Matt and his team asked myself, Gimpyfish, and HugS to join them in San Francisco to film a 10 minute segment on what it means to be a competitive Smasher. The show went up the Friday after Brawl's release and was one of the few/only positive representations the competitive community has ever had in popular media. So we as a community owe a lot to Matt, Ryan (a big contributer to the 1UP Show and "star" of the Brawl segment), and their team for the exposure they brought to the community and their generosity in hosting us.

We as a website are additionally indebted to the show because it was our mention during the show -- "What's the new website? Allisbrawl.com?" -- that first brought many of our users to the site. We got thousands upon thousands of hits, and over 600 new members specifically mentioned the 1UP show as the reason they were joining. That kind of publicity is invaluable to a young site, and it's safe to say the AiB wouldn't be the same without that early boost in visibility.

So here's another "thanks" to Matt, Ryan, and the entire 1UP Show crew for that amazing video segment. Talented, intelligent people are never jobless for long, and we're sure they'll end up somewhere great soon.

Merry (late) Christmas, Happy (late) Kwanzaa, Happy (late) Hanukkah, Happy (late) Holidays or whatever you celebrate. I would like to present to you a gift. Those worrying about what is in here, you don’t have to worry – it’s a game.

To start off, the type of game is a Doujin Soft game. I bet many of you are wondering what a Doujin Soft is. I know a few people are thinking that Doujin are adult-themed comics from Japan (manga would be more correct). But to be honest those people who think that have the wrong idea. Doujin really just means “underground-made.” You’re wondering what I mean? Well, it basically means it's made by people like you and me, unless you work at some company that prints publications. Meaning it's generally made in people's houses.

Getting on to the subject. Here I introduce the game Strike Witches STG. It is one of those arcade shooters that you might have played when you were younger. Anyway, this game introduces five teams and each one does something different. Luckily for you, the player, you only have to worry about one team member not getting hit, and some people on your team do something when they are hit or grazed. More on this later.

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Happy New Year, AiB! :D

Most of us make resolutions for the new year. Some like myself even make Smash resolutions. This brings me to Zolga's New Year’s Challenge: Main your worst or most hated character.

The challenge works like this: You pick your worst or most hated character and learn how to be “good” in competitive play with said character. At the end of the challenge there will (most likely unless organizing becomes conflicted with other things) be a tournament where all challenge participants duke it out to see who is the best with their new main.

All challenge participants will need to join this group.

Now I'm off to read some Yoshi guides and watch combo videos. xD

Who are you going to main?

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2008 was a great year, wasn’t it?  So many interesting things happened for us all at AiB.  From the sex changes to great Halloween fiasco, there certainly have been a lot of memories.  And what better way to remember and cherish these memories than with an award ceremony!  May I present to you the AiB awards!  Ok, well, we are still deciding upon some things…but, in a weeks time we will have the first annual AiB awards!  And we want your input!  You, the community, mean so much to us that we are asking for your help in deciding categories for the awards.  An example would be “Best Creator of AiB” (which we hope Neal would win, but you never know…)Any and all ideas you have, we will take.  I hope you all look forward to this exciting end of the year entertainment!  I know I can’t wait!
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by nealdt Jan 2 2009, 9:06PM

Two minor upgrades to the chat room:

  1. You can now ignore other users in the chat, which will filter out all their public and private messages. To do this, either click their name and then select "Ignore user" in the upper right "inspection" window, or type "/ignore username" at the chat prompt. You can remove a user from your ignore list by clicking "Un-ignore" or typing "/unignore username" at the prompt.

  2. Administrators can now mute chat rooms so that only moderators can speak. We will only use this to get your attention during especially spammy moments.


P.S. - the Winter Ladder is live!!!

Tags: Chat, bug fixes

New Years is behind us and we have finished the Holiday Ladder and officially begun the AllisBrawl's Winter Ladder season! Like the Fall Ladder Season the Winter Ladder will have cash prizes and a playoff. The Winter Ladder will run until March 31st, 11:59pm PT.

As announced last week we are looking for people who want to help out with ladder coverage. Applications will be accepted until next Wednesday, January 7th. Once again, we are looking for both video and written content of the ladder, so if you can help out and have the time to do one article every two weeks, then go ahead and send a private message addressed to AlphaZealot.

Click "Continue Reading" to view the details about prizes, the playoffs, rule changes, and other information.

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This will be the last Featured Tournaments for the year of 2008.  So sad, I know.  But don’t fret; we will be here for the upcoming 2009!  I hope you all have a great New Year celebration.  Be safe and have fun!

Here at All is Brawl we love our tournaments! We love everything about them, from the intense hardcore matches to meeting new people! And to show our unconditional love we’ve decided to highlight some of these tournaments, ya’know spread the word and maybe get some more people interested in going to these tournaments.

Every week a few tournaments will be featured, coming from all over the world! They will include online tournaments as well as in person tournaments. So we’ve got almost everybody covered!

Please continue reading to see who got featured this week!

Continue reading Featured Tournaments! #37
by JoeR Dec 31 2008, 10:19AM

Happy New Year and a late Merry Christmas! As vacation winds down I hope to all that their Christmas and New Year were bright and merry! With the start of the New Year comes new chances and new opportunities for everyone. Forget we not, though, this past year and the wonders and sorrows that it brought! This past year had many important and memorable events. There was the presidential election, the Super Bowl Champion Giants, the World Series Champion Phillies and of course our own bumbling economy. Of course, All is Brawl had an incredible year! From year's start to year's end, All is Brawl only grew and got better and better with each passing month!

All is Brawl is the number-one site for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but started out slowly just like many great things do. The site was up before Brawl even came out, which enabled everyone that was already a member to be prepped for launch. When I joined in March shortly after the game's release, the site was still relatively small with only 300 pages of players listed. I’m happy to say that there are now over a thousand pages and more members than ever before! The Spread the Word contest helped, of course, especially with fellow players getting word around.

Continue reading New Year's Recap, 2008!

Ally beat out Sanoscy 3-1 in the Ladder Playoff Finals last night. Ally will take home the top prize of $200. In the consolation match Dabuz beat out Samboner for third place and $50. The Fall Ladder Playoffs was a first for AllisBrawl. After hearing feedback from the players both about the ladder and the playoffs there will be many changes made for next season to improve the user experience on the site. All the details regarding the new rules for the Winter Ladder, along with details about the Winter Ladder Playoffs, will be released on January 1st. If you haven't already heard then you can also read about the AiB vs GB Crew Battle that took place a few weeks ago. Here are final placements and prize distribution for the Fall Ladder Playoffs.

  1. Ally - $200
  2. Sanoscy - $100
  3. Dabuz - $50
  4. Samboner - $20 (or Wii points equivalent)
AiB Fall Ladder Playoff Finals

Want to Help AllisBrawl?

AllisBrawl is looking for volunteers to help with content for the Winter Ladder season. Volunteers should be active in the online community and be able to contribute one article for the site every two weeks as part of the AiB Ladder Content Staff. Volunteers who participate in the ladder will be given preference over those who do not. To submit an application send a private message addressed to AlphaZealot, include in the PM a few paragraphs about yourself (spelling and grammar count) that includes detail about your participation in the community and why you think you would be a good candidate to work for the site. We are looking for a total of three volunteers, two primarily for written content and one for video content (please note if you have video recording equipment). If you are accepted as part of the Ladder Content Staff then you will be granted a bolded name in the AiB chat rooms and given access to the AiB Content forum.

Click "continue reading" for the final standings from the Fall Ladder Playoffs.

Continue reading Congratulations to our Fall Ladder Playoff Champion-Ally

This happened a couple weeks ago. But I just want to give a quick shoutout to Team AiB for repping/handing out an 8 stock smackdown vs GB in the crew battle. Its all good fun. Afterall, we are all smash players, and are all part of the smash community at large. But nice performance guys! I am confident team AiB could take out any challengers. You can read about it in Hateoni's blog

Team AiB's Sick Line-up= Ally, Anther, Antizzle, Atomsk, Clouderz, Green Ace (yoshi is broken!), Hateoni, Holynightmare, Honu, Hot_Arms, Renegade, Samboner, Sean, Valdens

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