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Merry (late) Christmas, Happy (late) Kwanzaa, Happy (late) Hanukkah, Happy (late) Holidays or whatever you celebrate. I would like to present to you a gift. Those worrying about what is in here, you don’t have to worry – it’s a game.

To start off, the type of game is a Doujin Soft game. I bet many of you are wondering what a Doujin Soft is. I know a few people are thinking that Doujin are adult-themed comics from Japan (manga would be more correct). But to be honest those people who think that have the wrong idea. Doujin really just means “underground-made.” You’re wondering what I mean? Well, it basically means it's made by people like you and me, unless you work at some company that prints publications. Meaning it's generally made in people's houses.

Getting on to the subject. Here I introduce the game Strike Witches STG. It is one of those arcade shooters that you might have played when you were younger. Anyway, this game introduces five teams and each one does something different. Luckily for you, the player, you only have to worry about one team member not getting hit, and some people on your team do something when they are hit or grazed. More on this later.

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Happy New Year, AiB! :D

Most of us make resolutions for the new year. Some like myself even make Smash resolutions. This brings me to Zolga's New Year’s Challenge: Main your worst or most hated character.

The challenge works like this: You pick your worst or most hated character and learn how to be “good” in competitive play with said character. At the end of the challenge there will (most likely unless organizing becomes conflicted with other things) be a tournament where all challenge participants duke it out to see who is the best with their new main.

All challenge participants will need to join this group.

Now I'm off to read some Yoshi guides and watch combo videos. xD

Who are you going to main?

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2008 was a great year, wasn’t it?  So many interesting things happened for us all at AiB.  From the sex changes to great Halloween fiasco, there certainly have been a lot of memories.  And what better way to remember and cherish these memories than with an award ceremony!  May I present to you the AiB awards!  Ok, well, we are still deciding upon some things…but, in a weeks time we will have the first annual AiB awards!  And we want your input!  You, the community, mean so much to us that we are asking for your help in deciding categories for the awards.  An example would be “Best Creator of AiB” (which we hope Neal would win, but you never know…)Any and all ideas you have, we will take.  I hope you all look forward to this exciting end of the year entertainment!  I know I can’t wait!
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by nealdt Jan 2 2009, 9:06PM

Two minor upgrades to the chat room:

  1. You can now ignore other users in the chat, which will filter out all their public and private messages. To do this, either click their name and then select "Ignore user" in the upper right "inspection" window, or type "/ignore username" at the chat prompt. You can remove a user from your ignore list by clicking "Un-ignore" or typing "/unignore username" at the prompt.

  2. Administrators can now mute chat rooms so that only moderators can speak. We will only use this to get your attention during especially spammy moments.


P.S. - the Winter Ladder is live!!!

Tags: Chat, bug fixes

New Years is behind us and we have finished the Holiday Ladder and officially begun the AllisBrawl's Winter Ladder season! Like the Fall Ladder Season the Winter Ladder will have cash prizes and a playoff. The Winter Ladder will run until March 31st, 11:59pm PT.

As announced last week we are looking for people who want to help out with ladder coverage. Applications will be accepted until next Wednesday, January 7th. Once again, we are looking for both video and written content of the ladder, so if you can help out and have the time to do one article every two weeks, then go ahead and send a private message addressed to AlphaZealot.

Click "Continue Reading" to view the details about prizes, the playoffs, rule changes, and other information.

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This will be the last Featured Tournaments for the year of 2008.  So sad, I know.  But don’t fret; we will be here for the upcoming 2009!  I hope you all have a great New Year celebration.  Be safe and have fun!

Here at All is Brawl we love our tournaments! We love everything about them, from the intense hardcore matches to meeting new people! And to show our unconditional love we’ve decided to highlight some of these tournaments, ya’know spread the word and maybe get some more people interested in going to these tournaments.

Every week a few tournaments will be featured, coming from all over the world! They will include online tournaments as well as in person tournaments. So we’ve got almost everybody covered!

Please continue reading to see who got featured this week!

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by JoeR Dec 31 2008, 10:19AM

Happy New Year and a late Merry Christmas! As vacation winds down I hope to all that their Christmas and New Year were bright and merry! With the start of the New Year comes new chances and new opportunities for everyone. Forget we not, though, this past year and the wonders and sorrows that it brought! This past year had many important and memorable events. There was the presidential election, the Super Bowl Champion Giants, the World Series Champion Phillies and of course our own bumbling economy. Of course, All is Brawl had an incredible year! From year's start to year's end, All is Brawl only grew and got better and better with each passing month!

All is Brawl is the number-one site for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but started out slowly just like many great things do. The site was up before Brawl even came out, which enabled everyone that was already a member to be prepped for launch. When I joined in March shortly after the game's release, the site was still relatively small with only 300 pages of players listed. I’m happy to say that there are now over a thousand pages and more members than ever before! The Spread the Word contest helped, of course, especially with fellow players getting word around.

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Ally beat out Sanoscy 3-1 in the Ladder Playoff Finals last night. Ally will take home the top prize of $200. In the consolation match Dabuz beat out Samboner for third place and $50. The Fall Ladder Playoffs was a first for AllisBrawl. After hearing feedback from the players both about the ladder and the playoffs there will be many changes made for next season to improve the user experience on the site. All the details regarding the new rules for the Winter Ladder, along with details about the Winter Ladder Playoffs, will be released on January 1st. If you haven't already heard then you can also read about the AiB vs GB Crew Battle that took place a few weeks ago. Here are final placements and prize distribution for the Fall Ladder Playoffs.

  1. Ally - $200
  2. Sanoscy - $100
  3. Dabuz - $50
  4. Samboner - $20 (or Wii points equivalent)
AiB Fall Ladder Playoff Finals

Want to Help AllisBrawl?

AllisBrawl is looking for volunteers to help with content for the Winter Ladder season. Volunteers should be active in the online community and be able to contribute one article for the site every two weeks as part of the AiB Ladder Content Staff. Volunteers who participate in the ladder will be given preference over those who do not. To submit an application send a private message addressed to AlphaZealot, include in the PM a few paragraphs about yourself (spelling and grammar count) that includes detail about your participation in the community and why you think you would be a good candidate to work for the site. We are looking for a total of three volunteers, two primarily for written content and one for video content (please note if you have video recording equipment). If you are accepted as part of the Ladder Content Staff then you will be granted a bolded name in the AiB chat rooms and given access to the AiB Content forum.

Click "continue reading" for the final standings from the Fall Ladder Playoffs.

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This happened a couple weeks ago. But I just want to give a quick shoutout to Team AiB for repping/handing out an 8 stock smackdown vs GB in the crew battle. Its all good fun. Afterall, we are all smash players, and are all part of the smash community at large. But nice performance guys! I am confident team AiB could take out any challengers. You can read about it in Hateoni's blog

Team AiB's Sick Line-up= Ally, Anther, Antizzle, Atomsk, Clouderz, Green Ace (yoshi is broken!), Hateoni, Holynightmare, Honu, Hot_Arms, Renegade, Samboner, Sean, Valdens

Check out the Videos here (and no I am not going to tell you who wins and ruin the suprise)!!!!

*and a big thanks goes out to Nintendoboy for recording/uploading them*

Go Now!

Alright guys, this week we've got a special treat for you: You won't have to deal with me! Due to the business of Christmas, a six hour drive, family issues and severe water damage to my parents' house, I wasn't able to write up anything this week. Instead, Praxis was able to cover for me this week. What a nice guy. (Of course, it was a tad late, but I asked him about it Wednesday, and haven't had an internet connection again until, oh, about 15 minutes ago.)

So, show your substitute teacher some respect. He's going to write up anyone who acts up, so I'll know which of you deserves a good, hard punishing. As a fair warning, I don't think I'll be making one this coming Friday due to the same problems and multiple ladder articles coming your way, but when I get back, I'll be sure to answer your mail and give you all some sort of treat. Reply with what you got for Christmas, and we'll have a Santa mailbag- about 2 weeks late.

Also, be sure to check out JV's interview with Dabuz and Samboner, two of our best.


[PS: Sorry about the multiple posts. We had some technical issues as well as communication issues. My bad.]

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So, I recently had the chance to sit down with two great, and modest, players. Our 3rd/4th place AiB Fall Ladder Playoff finishers (placing tbd) Dabuz and Samboner to hear about some thoughts, predictions, and all that good stuff.

JV_: Alright, so first off a big congrats guys. Samboner and Dabuz, top 4 in the AiB Fall Ladder. Out of 3,107 players to make it into the top 4 is a pretty amazing accomplishment. Thats a lot of smashers you beat out. So when you guys think just how far you made it whats the first thing that comes to mind?

dabuz: the first thing that came to my mind is i guess im not that much of a noob as i thought

samboner: the first thing i think is that, if i can do it without high/top tiers, anyone can do it!

JV_: Haha, not being as big of a noob as you previously thought is always a good thing. As is without top tiers! So speaking of that whats your guys weapon, errr character of choice? Any secondary?

samboner: well, fox is my main. He does good against like half of the roster. the other half i use for luigi, my 2nd. >.>

dabuz: my preference of characters is that lil retarded midget that everyone seems to hate, lolimar! and i do play two other very annoying characters as well, kerby and spamus

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This week Featured Tournaments is on hiatus! After getting back from WCSL, I caught the influenza virus and have been dying ever since. Please read as “john johns johns johning john”. So because of this sad turn of events, no tournaments will be featured this week. You should all be spending time with your loved ones instead of going to tournaments this weekend anyway…right? I hope you can all forgive me and Featured Tournaments will be back on track next week with some rad tournaments!

Here's to a day of sharing and loving with your family and friends. Spend it wisely, live it well, and then come see us when the good times have been had and you've stories to tell.

by nealdt Dec 24 2008, 5:25PM

Experimenting with some fancy shmancy Web 2.0 stuff... links to your profile should now read "allisbrawl.com/profile/yourname.ai" instead of "allisbrawl.com/profile.aspx?id=yourid". Try it out, lemme know what you think.

If you have a space in your name you can either put a space in the URL or a + sign (for each space).


Tags: Web 2.0

The final matches of the Fall Ladder Playoff will be on Monday, December 29th at 10:00pm ET. These matches will decide the final placements and who gets to go home with the top prize money. As a reminder, the payouts for the top 4 are:

  1. $200
  2. $100
  3. $50
  4. $20 (or Wii Points Equivalent)

The following is the Fall Ladder Playoff Championship Match:

(32)Sanoscy vs (3)Ally

The following is the Fall Ladder Playoff Consolation Match:

(4)Dabuz vs (7)Samboner


So, here we are: week six. And unlike my favorite television series ever, I’m still kicking.

Yes, I’m referring to Arrested Development, which, in case you haven’t noticed, is in this week's title. No, there are no plans for an Arrested Development videogame (though wouldn’t that be awesome?). Rather, I’ll be looking into the new generation of kids raised by TV sets and computer games, as this is very quickly becoming a legitimate concern among the older generations that run the place. Are kids getting fat because they can’t stop playing their games and go outside? Are children’s young minds getting warped due to gory games that their parents choose to buy them? Is carpel tunnel syndrome a real problem or do a few pansies need to suck it up? I’ll touch all the bases (if you catch my drift).

All that, plus a super extended mailbag, your BTWSSSotW (man, that’s a long one) award winner, and this week’s games that love being on top. You don’t want to miss seeing this- it’s the biggest one yet!

[On that note, beware. This is my dirtiest-minded article to date, just because of the huge response from the TWSS badge offer, plus the influx of Arrested Development jokes. I’ll tone it down in future weeks, but be aware that this may just not be work safe, if you’re working at a church. You have been warned.]

Continue reading Staindgrey: Coast to Coast - It's Arrested Development

The first match for the Fall Ladder Playoff Semi-Finals is set!

Dabuz vs Sanoscy

Ally vs Samboner

On Monday, December 22nd at 10:00pm ET these players will participate in Round 5 of the bracket. Round 5 is the semi-final round. The losers of Round 5 will square off in a consolation match to determine 3rd and 4th place, while the winners will move onto the finals.

The finals and consolation match will be played on December 29th, at 10pm ET.

As a reminder, here is the prize distribution.

  1. $200
  2. $100
  3. $50
  4. $20 (or equivilent Wii points)

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa, the good heartedness of the holidays surrounds us all. For this special winter weekend we should try to keep in the spirit of goodwill towards all…but hey, you can still trash talk at the next big tournament you go to. Don’t worry I won’t tell Santa.

Here at All is Brawl we love our tournaments! We love everything about them, from the intense hardcore matches to meeting new people! And to show our unconditional love we’ve decided to highlight some of these tournaments, ya’know spread the word and maybe get some more people interested in going to these tournaments.

Every week a few tournaments will be featured, coming from all over the world! They will include online tournaments as well as in person tournaments. So we’ve got almost everybody covered!

Please continue reading to find out what rad tournaments got featured this week!

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While we have a wide array of Brawlers here on the site, among those talented individuals are people who are also skilled in a wide variety of hobbies and activities. One of the talents we go the extra mile to express is art: both digital and traditional.

This week we're focusing specifically on an event you may be familiar with, the Signature of the Week (a.k.a. SOTW) contest held in the Art District! AiB is now holding its 21st contest, and we've got a record-breaking number of entrants in this one, hosted by myself, with a grand total of 28 signatures up for display! This week's theme is "Elements of Nature", and believe me, we have a wide assortment of styles and takes on the concept!

Whether you're somewhat fluent with graphic design and want to vote, or if you just want to check out the endeavors of our artists, click here to vote!

SOTW contests are run and hosted on a regular basis by your local art mods, so stop by sometime and give your GFX skills a run for their money!

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