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A Look Back On AiB and Smash 2010
by vVv Sumer January 1 2011, 3:01 AM
Happy New Year to all of you here on AllisBrawl. This year has been one of the biggest for AiB and Smash in general. I’ll be joined by Rich Brown and Zolga to re-cap all of this year’s happenings on AiB, the Smash Scene, and give you all another New Year’s resolution challenge to try out for 2011.

This past year on AiB has been one with a lot of changes and improvements that’s made the site much more fun and given our members a lot more to do around the site. We’ll try to improve and add on to the site even more in the future, but I’ll touch on just some of the cool new things added to the site during 2010.

A major change we all went through early this year was a new layout introduces to AiB. It was a little different at first, but I’ve definitely gotten more use to it, and really like how it displays all of the current featured content all in one place without too much looking or scrolling. We even introduced an art panel to it and might even make more additions to it next year to make it even better.

Blogs have always been a popular function of this site, and they’ve only become more popular this past year with more members blogging more frequently. The featured blogs feature was added so members could check the front page and keep up to date on important or interesting topics from blogs they might not have otherwise seen without it and I really like this addition.

With a new year comes new mods, and we’ve had a fair share of new mods this year as old mods retired as well. I even became a mod this year and it’s been an interesting year on AiB seeing how things are run behind the scenes as well as being a part of making the site better and more fun for the members, so I’m glad I’ve had a chance to do that this year.

After joining the staff I helped in introducing a cool new group for all of the Pokemon fans on this site with the creation of the AiB Pokemon League. This group allowed our members to take on Gym leaders and earn badges just like a real Pokemon League, and I’ve been having a lot of fun taking on the league as well as being a gym leader myself and taking challenges from members.

How many of us remember back in the day when trading cards were big and all of your friends were collecting cards and got you into it too. Well, AiB introduced its very own TCG this year with the launch of the AiB trading card game system. This allows members to collect and trade Smash cards with other members and gives a nostalgic feeling of the good old days at the same time.

We even had an unexpected surprise this year with the launch of a brand new Allis site when AllisCoD was announced. This is a cool new site for CoD or first person shooter fans in general, and although it’s still starting out it’s looking like a promising site that will let members compete to see who has the best CoD skills among AiB and AiCoD members.

Our members got to enjoy the release of a brand new skin for AiB this year with the introduction of the Rising Sun skin. This is a cool new skin created by Amethia who has announced the launch of two other skins he has created, the Volcanic and Acid skins, which will be launched sometime early this year, so keep an eye out for those while you enjoy the Rising Sun skin for now.

Along with all of the new features and groups we’ve added here on AiB for our members also comes a plethora of contests and challenges to keep our members entertained and having fun while visiting the site. Along with the regular contests frequently hosted this year we brought back the Halloween Pumpkin Contest this year, started up Scavenger Hunts again to challenge the knowledge of our users, introduced a new challenge in the form of the Who’s That User? Competitions, and also created the brand new Holiday Cookie competition. Look forward to participating in these contests again in 2011 along with any new contests or competitions we can think up for next year to make the site even more fun for everyone who visits it.

With all of the new happening on AiB this past year out of the way, here’s Rich Brown’s review of Smash’s influence offline and on the community during this past year:

2010 was an incredible year for Smash. The MLG Circuit,
Japan’s first time in the US, and the various new challengers to M2K’s
dominance were just a part of the highlights from the national tourney scene
this year. Here’s a quick recap of some of the nationals that took place this
year, as well as a look ahead to 2011:  

January 17th: POUND IV:


1: ADHD (Diddy)
2: Mew2King (Metaknight)
3: Ally (Snake/Metaknight)
4: KSizzle (Metaknight/Lucario)
5: Shadow_111 (Metaknight)
5: Judge (Metaknight)
7: Havok (Metaknight)
7: Logic (Olimar)

Summary: The new year kicked off with a national
hosted by Plank which attracted nearly the entire right side of the United
States, as well as So Cal pros DEHF and Havok. The top 8 featured 6 MKs, with
the only non MK mains/secondaries being ADHD with Diddy Kong (1st)
and Logic with Olimar (7th). Ksizzle came out of nowhere and beat
Ally, ultimately taking 4th place, while Shadow took out many top
players including NEO, Lee Martin, and Judge. ADHD ultimately won the
tournament, beating Mew2King in winners and grand finals.

Most Memorable Moment: Just about anyone who thinks
of Pound IV thinks of what happened at 8:15 in this match of DEHF vs. Chudat:
. Prior to the tournament, many people considered DEHF a legitimate threat to
win the tournament. He seemed poised to advance to the next round, but Chu
stayed patient and was able to force an unbelievable off stage gimp. Would DEHF
ever recover from such a heart breaking loss at a national?…..

(Fun Fact: Chu came to So Cal for a regional a couple months
later, and faced DEHF again. The same exact thing almost happened again. Link:

Notable Upsets:

Chudat over DEHF:
Ksizzle over Ally:

April 16-18: MLG ORLANDO:


1: Mew2King - $2,500
2: Ally - $1,500
3: Tyrant - $1,000
4: ESAM - $700
5: DSF - $500
6: ADHD - $350
7: DEHF - $250
8: Big Lou - $200

Summary: One of the biggest happenings for Brawl this
year was getting picked up on the MLG circuit. The MLG circuit attracted just
about every top smasher from every region in the United States. MLG Orlando was
the first tournament in the series. The top 2 was somewhat predictable with
legendary smashers Mew2King and Ally taking 1st and 2nd,
as well as West Coast’s number 1 player Tyrant placing 3rd.

Final match of MLG Orlando. Mew2King vs Ally:

Most Memorable Moment: The most memorable moment of
this tournament is really more of a completely unexpected tournament run by two
players who were previously relatively unknown at the national level: ESAM
(pikachu) and Big Lou (Luigi). ESAM’s pikachu got sent to losers early by ADHD,
but he then charged through a losers bracket which included Fatal (New
England’s number 1 player), Big Lou (one of Georgia’s top players) and DSF (top
West Coast MK). Big Lou’s Luigi beat MikeHaze twice (best Marth in the US) and
Atomsk (one of NJ’s top players) to slide into the top 8.

Notable Upsets:

MK18 over Ksizzle
Chaz over Lain
Big Lou over MikeHAZE
Big Lou over Atomsk

June 4th-6th: MLG COLUMBUS:


1: Mew2King (MW) - Meta Knight - $2,500
2: Ally (CAN)- Snake - $1,500
3: NickRiddle (SE)- Zero Suit Samus - $1,000
4: LeeMartin (SW)- Meta Knight/Lucario - $700
5: -Dojo- (SW) -Meta Knight - $500
6: Gnes (SW)- Diddy Kong - $350
7: Tearbear (WC)- Meta Knight - $250
8: ESAM (SE)- Pikachu - $200

Summary: MLG Columbus was the second stop on the
circuit. Mew2King and Ally once again took the top spots, reinforcing the fact
that they are leagues above the rest of the community. Nick Riddle, however,
did take an impressive 2-0 win against Ally in winners semis, after which he
announced at the end of this
that he is “kinda the best in the world.” Lee Martin had an
impressive 4th place finish after a series of large tournaments
where he was unable to quite break into the top 8. TX’s top 2 players Dojo and
Gnes took 5th and 6th respectively, while Tearbear
(ranked Metaknight from So Cal) surprised a lot of people with his 7th
place finish. ESAM proved his Orlando placing wasn’t a fluke by once again
placing into the top 8.

Most Memorable Moment: The Most Memorable Moment from
this tournament actually came from a match very early in losers bracket
MikeHAZE vs Ook:
. Ook counterpicked Green Greens in game 3, so MikeHAZE switched to DDD to
counter Ook’s DK. The rest is history.

Notable Upsets:

Nick Riddle over Ally:
Ook over MikeHAZE:
Arty over Dojo
San over Rich Brown

Aug 6th: APEX 2010:


1st - DEHF (Falco)
2nd - Brood (Olimar)
3rd - Mew2King (Meta Knight)
4th - Lee Martin (Lucario/MK)
5th - Ally (Snake)
6th - Lain (Ice Climbers)
7th - Atomsk (Ice Climbers/D3/Wario)
8th - Rain (Falco/MK)  

Summary: This was the most incredible tournament of
2010. Hosted by Alex Strife, this tournament brought Japan’s top players,
including Rain (Falco) and Brood (Olimar), to the United States for the first
time. There were so many incredible matches, including Rain vs Lee Martin going
last hit (
and DEHF beating Mew2King for the first time (
DEHF had a death bracket which included Gnes, Sweetpea (top Japanese diddy),
Atomsk, Mew2King, and Brood, but he tore through every one of them like a pro,
ultimately becoming the champion this incredible national event.

Most Memorable Moment: While DEHF was the champion
over everyone, the most memorable moment unquestionably was Mew2King vs Brood,
game 5 of losers finals:
The live stream swelled to about 3,000 viewers during this set. Prior to this
tournament, Japan hyped Rain as their best player, while Brood flew under the
radar. Brood went from getting 3 stocked game 1 to adapting and ultimately
securing a completely unexpected losers finals victory over the nation’s top

Notable Upsets:

Brood over M2K:
Brood over Ally:
DEHF over M2K:
San over Gnes:

August 27th-29th: MLG RALEIGH:


1: Mew2King (MW)- Meta Knight - $2,500
2: LeeMartin (S) - Toon Link/Meta Knight/Lucario - $1,500
3: Felix (WC) - Diddy Kong - $1,000
4: Seibrik (S)- Meta Knight - $700
5: NickRiddle (S) - Zero Suit Samus - $500
6: TyRaNt (WC)- Meta Knight - $350
7: DEHF (WC) - Falco - $250
8: Havok (WC)- Meta Knight/Marth - $200

Summary: While Mew2King continued his unprecedented
dominance over the competitive scene, the rest of the results at MLG Raleigh
were nuts. There was also plenty of controversy to go around. One of the
stories which grabbed headlines was the pause DQs which took place during
Cheese vs Nick Riddle and Cheese vs Will. Both Nick Riddle and Will were forced
to forfeit games due to inadvertently pausing. Ally, Atomsk, ADHD, and
NinjaLink were all DQed from winners due to being late for their match, which
made for some interesting results. On the positive side: Havok, a top player
from the West Coast, finally broke into the top 8 after receiving extremely
difficult brackets at the first two MLG events. Havok surprised everyone by
knocking out Ally very early on in the loser’s bracket, causing Ally to place 17th.
Felix, one of the top players from the Pac NW, also came out of nowhere and
took names including MikeHAZE, ESAM, Tyrant, and Seibrik.

Most Memorable Moment: Lee Martin had an amazing
weekend at MLG Raleigh, building upon his impressive showing at MLG Columbus by
taking out a myriad of top players including Sean (top Nor Cal player), Zex (1st
in Nor Cal), Big Lou, Tyrant, Seibrik, and Felix, only losing to Mew2King.
However, the best moment probably came in Grand Finals, where Lee Martin
decided to display his knowledge of characters and pick Toon Link. His TL
caught Mew2King off guard and brutally destroyed him, drawing quite a laugh and
much appreciation from the crowd.

Notable Upsets:
Cheese over Nick Riddle
Havok over Ally
Felix over Tyrant

Oct 14th-16th: MLG D.C.:


1: The_ADHD (EC) - Diddy - $2,500
2: RichBrown (WC) - Olimar - $1,500
3: Mew2King (MW) - Meta Knight - $1,000
4: ESAM (SE) - Pikachu - $700
5: FatalMatt (EC) - Snake - $500
6: MikeHaze (WC) - Marth - $350
7: HavokZ (WC) - Meta Knight/Marth/Snake - $250
8: AllyOrNotAlly (CAN) - Snake - $200

Summary: MLG D.C. found a way to top the insane
results of the previous MLG events. The top 8 featured some fresh faces with
ADHD, Rich Brown, Fatal, and MikeHAZE all placing into the top 8 for the first
time. MikeHAZE beat Anti (one of the best Metaknight mains in the nation) and
also beat Ally early in the bracket, continuing his dominance over Ally which
dates back to Evo 2009. Fatal beat Tyrant to get revenge from their set at MLG
Raleigh. ESAM was knocked into losers early by Havok (who got another
impressive top 8 finish) but then tore through the most horrific losers bracket
ever seen, beating Nick Riddle, Lee Martin, Tyrant, Ally, and MikeHAZE (and
nearly beat Mew2King) to finish 4th.

Most Memorable Moment: Rich Brown and ADHD both stole
the show and made history by becoming the first players ever to hand Mew2King a
loss at an MLG Brawl event. ADHD and Rich Brown probably had the most
impressive runs of all throughout the tournament, with ADHD beating Lee Martin,
Havok, MikeHaze, and Rich Brown, while Rich Brown beat Tearbear, Mew2King,
Atomsk, Fatal, and ADHD in winners bracket.

M2K vs Rich Brown:
M2K vs ADHD:

Notable Upsets:

Rich Brown over M2K:
MikeHAZE over Anti:
JuneBug over DEHF:
SlikVik over NickRiddle:

Nov 4th-6th: MLG Dallas:


1st (9) Gnes -Diddy Kong - $12,500
2nd (3) TyRaNt - Meta Knight - $7,500
3rd (2) ESAM - Pikachu - $5,000
4th (1) Ally - Snake - $3,500
5th (11) Espy - Sonic - $2,500
6th (12) _X_ - Sonic - $1,750
7th (4) LeeMartin - Meta Knight/Lucario - $1,250
8th (7) Atomsk92 - King Dedede/Ice Climbers/Meta Knight$1,000

Summary: Prior to this event, there was some serious
controversy involving Mew2King and ADHD. Apparently both players agreed to a
split of some sort, which was highly frowned upon by MLG, causing both players
to be banned from MLG Dallas. With the only two MLG winners both banned from
the final event, everyone knew the results would be interesting. Gnes, who had
been quietly destroying his local scene since getting 6th at MLG
Columbus, beasted through the entire tournament, only losing one game (ESAM,
who yet again got an impressive placing) the entire tournament. Tyrant also had
a very impressive run, returning to the top by beating DEHF, X, Ally, and ESAM
after losing to Espy early in losers. Ally also earned a solid placing, beating
Lee Martin and Espy to secure 4th place. Atomsk also finally placed
into the top 8 after placing just outside top 8 at every single MLG event.

Most Memorable Moment: No one prepared for was the
complete rampage Espy and X went on at MLG Dallas. Both Sonic mains tore
through some intense brackets to shock the entire smash world by taking 5th
and 6th. Espy’s victories included DEHF, Rich Brown, and Tyrant,
while X’s victories included Seibrik, Dojo and Lee Martin.

Notable Upsets:

Espy over Rich Brown:
Espy over Tyrant:
Espy over DEHF:
X over Dojo:
X over Lee Martin:

What 2011 has in store for smash
Feb 19th-21st: POUND V:

Location: Arlington, VA

Plank is bringing his legendary smash series back for
another round! Plank is doing some pretty amazing things for this tournament,
and many top pros from around the nation will be in attendance? And if you’re
worried about being eliminated too early because so many pros will be there,
there is also an amateur buy-in tournament for people who got eliminated from
pools, so everyone has a shot to go home happy!

March 18th-20th: WHOBO 3:

Location: Houston, TX
Xyro’s largely successful World Hobo tournament! Many top
pros who don’t travel much, including Gnes, Dojo, Razer, and Espy will all be
in attendance. They will all no doubt be ready to defend their home turf!

July 11th-13th: Genesis 2:

Location: Antioch, CA
In summer 2009, DBR brought us one of the most epic smash
brothers tournaments in history, and this summer they plan to make it even
better! If you only go to one tournament all summer, make it this one. Just do
it, this is a can’t-miss-absolutely-must-attend-tournament. Take my word for

There you have it smashers! We had an amazing year, and we
have plenty more to look forward to in 2011. Support your local scene, practice
up, and come out to these big events!

Now that you’ve caught up with everything on AiB and in the Smash Scene that’s happened in 2010 we would like to leave you all with another Zolga’s New Year’s Challenge for this year to give you something to strive for in 2011:

"It's that time of year again! The New Year is upon us and it's a good time to make some changes.

This year I propose that everyone makes an effort to get involved in their area's offline scene. There are a vast amount of users on AiB that haven't really tried to do this. How often have you passed up a tournament just because you didn't feel like it or didn't want to travel a little bit to get there? There are some out there that legitimately can't but that can't be true for every WiFi player and casual player out there. I am also guilty of not really trying that hard (which I hope to rectify in the coming year).

As you can see by Rich's review of Smash over the past year there were a ton of great moments in the community this year. You can be a part of the new ones too!
No one is forcing you to become more involved but honestly, what have you got to lose?

2011 is looking to be a good year with a lot of great upcoming events. Do your best to get out there!"


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The featured blog change isn't a positive thing and never will be. I'll take entertaining blogs over dull tourney blogs that only appeal to 20 people anyday.

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