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The Green Lesbian: Interview with Xyro
by BFAA Inui February 25 2011, 1:40 PM
Inui: Tonight I am honored to have the likely best Brawl Samus in the world and one of the best hosts in the Smash community, Xyro, here for an interview.  He is the host of what I think is the most successful tournament series in Smash history, if not more than that.  His HOBO series attracts national level competition consistently and normally has high turn-outs.  He is also the main host of the WHOBO series, which are basically "world" HOBOs since he intends them to be nationals.  The third installment of the WHOBO series is next month and will hopefully be the biggest one yet.

Xyro: WHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Yea man, thanks for taking the time to interview me! I've never had an "Inui interview" before so I'm sure this will be pretty tasty!

Inui: I'd like to ask you about your HOBO series, which you're most known for.  What does HOBO stand for, how many have you hosted, and why have you decided to keep this series running for so long, even after you got married?

Xyro: HOBO stands for Houston's Official Brawl Ordeal. Kinda dumb, but I needed something kinda unique/funny and I think it's worked out pretty good thus far. As of now I have done 30 HOBOs and 3 WHOBOs(as of March 2011). I decided to keep the series going because I realized it's the MAIN reason why my state is so freaking amazing. The last reasons why I keep on going with the HOBO series are because I LOVE running tournaments and the fact that it brings our entire state together. It's kinda like a massive "Smash family" reunion every month.  Oh, and to comment on you talking about me being married and how it will affect my's causing me some issues. I got married this past September and at first I thought it wasn't gonna mess with my HOBOs and Smash stuff but once I got the news that my wife is gonna bust out a mini Xyro(she's supposed to have the kid in July)....all things changed that instant. Being married and having a kid on the way means I gotta grow up and do it pretty quick so I'm like 99% sure this WHOBO will be my last(spoilers!!).  I may still try to hold events but I'm not sure how I can manage a wife/kid/work/school/trolling the Houston thread and running events at the same time.

Inui:  Yeah, I've been to a few of them and both WHOBOs so far and they were pretty amazing.  I hope you can continue to host even with your family to take care of.  Next month, you'll be hosting that third WHOBO you just mentioned.  *Pound* 5 is occurring this month and then we have other big tournaments right after WHOBO 3.  You've got some stiff competition for attendance since not everyone can afford going to everything.  What sets WHOBO 3 apart from the other big tournaments going on in the first half of the year?  Why should people choose WHOBO 3 if they had to choose between all of the big events this winter and spring?

Xyro:  Yea this year is gonna have some killer events(Pound/Genesis/WHOBO/etc.) but what I think sets WHOBO 3 apart from the rest is really two major things. First of all, it's a national tournament that has LOW TIERS(1vs1/2vs2) as a side event. Most other major events do retarded stuff like Gay-, Gay+, BalancedGay or whatever other dumb hacks out there and I dont like those at all so I make it a goal of mine to be different and bring a REAL side event to the table. The second way that WHOBO 3 sets itself apart from the pack is that it's beng held at an anime convention(Anime Matsuri). Yes, it's kinda expensive, but you get a TON of things to do besides Smash: Cosplay, contests, anime showings, art, hot girls(or guys), imported cars, LARPing, Texas Showdown Tournament(SSF4/MvC3/BlazBlu/etc.), and of course the rave at midnite(Firday and Saturday only).  All of this makes WHOBO 3 a unique experience for ANY smasher. Oh and if you are SUPER lucky(or is it UNLUCKY, rofl) you may get to see the legendary WHOBO BEAST!  Here's the link to the AiB page for the event:

Inui: Haha, I've heard a bit about this "WHOBO Beast" and would like you to explain what exactly it is...

Xyro: Oh god NOOOOOO. Please don't make me tell you about that disgustingly deformed MONSTER that haunts the halls of WHOBO!!! Before I continue, I want to make SURE that if ANYBODY is gonna click the links below, you do it by your own CHOICE and I am not responsible for the night terrors you will have from this horrendous animal.  This is the first sighting of the WHOBO beast, it was at WHOBO 1:  It seems that her need to feed returned because I saw the beast at WHOBO 2 the very next year:  Based off of the encounters with the WHOBO beast, it seems that she will never stop feeding and that must mean that she will return for WHOBO 3. It kinda makes me happy but at the same time it makes me scared. You know, at any given moment she could pick me up, do some nasty things to me, eat me and all I could do is pray that my death is fast.

Inui:  LOL I think I remember seeing her before...  WHOBO 3 sounds exciting, just like the others.  You're going to host both low tier singles and doubles, and it's no secret that you also main a low tier and have a really good shot at placing high in those since you're widely considered the best Samus.  Why do you main Samus instead of good characters and how well do you think you'll perform in the low tier events this time around?

Xyro:  I main Samus because I really want to prove to people that low tiers CAN be good if played correctly and played by a player who is also good. The problem is....this is BRAWL so there is a limit to how good she and I can be. In low tier teams I'm teaming with the legendary Gnes and he will use Mario. I'm pretty sure we can get top 3 in LT teams if we play our cards right. As for LT singles, I'm not too sure where I will place. Ally(Falcon), Poltergust(Yoshi), Noid(Samus), Espy(Lucas/Zelda), Lee Martin(Mario/others) and many other amazing low tier players will be there so it's gonna be hard to tell the placings. I also think that you(Ganondorf/Mario) and YOSH(Yoshi) will do extremely well in both events as well.

Inui:  Thanks for the vote of confidence.  I'm sure you'll do well and I'll be rooting for you.  I'd like to ask you a two-part advice question that could help some people out.  Do you have any tips for aspiring hosts to help them host successful events, and do you have any advice for low tier mains on how to overcome their disadvantages?

Xyro: The few tips I have(they are basic but they go a long way) as a TO to fellow TOs is to treat your tournament like it's the last event you will ever run and do whatever it takes(within reason) to make your players happy. Make sure ALL areas/cities/regions around you know about  your event. Pull out ALL the stops: livestream/twitter updates/facebook event pages/huge amounts of set-ups/multiple events(add LT or MT or Melee). House and transport people from OOS or OOC. MAKE SURE you stay active in your tournament thread and answer the question that appear. Oh, and DO NOT be afraid to ask other TOs or friends to help. Like I said before, all of this is pretty basic but if you do what I say you will have an AWESOME tournament and people WILL return. As for giving advice to fellow low tier mains: play to learn. Ask yourself every fight, "Why did i get hit by that? How can I avoid it or lessen the chances of me being in that situation?" Also, learn how to powershield better because you will see instant results once you get that down. No matter what though, don't give up  because you CAN get better and you CAN win!

Inui:  That's some pretty good advice.  I'd like to end this with a somewhat controversial topic you've always been heavily involved in, and that is the idea of banning Meta Knight.  MK surely has saturated the results for a while, but the argument is that he's merely being overused but isn't broken at all, and the repeated losses of top MKs to top mains of other characters backs this up.  It seems like he is indeed overused but it looks very unlikely that an actual ban will ever happen, or at least one backed by the BBR or the Brawl community overall.  What's your current opinion on MK?

Xyro: ROFL I knew this would come up at some point. I still think he needs to be banned. At the end of the day, he's impossible to counterpick by character(his WORST match-ups are EVEN) or by stage(no stage puts him at a real disadvantage). I feel that if a Smash game has a character that can't be CPed in anyway then he needs to go. I also feel than when a scene has to make rules that limit a character just to keep him in the game he needs to go. Think about it; PLANKING is an issue not because of GaW/Pit(because it's proven by frame data that a lot of characters can stop these two characters from doing it) but because of MK and Scrooging is not an issue because of Pit or CHARIZARD(lolololol) but it's because of MK. LOL though I can go on for decades, I'll stop here.

Inui: Well, you know I'm staunchly anti-ban, so we'll have to agree to disagree since we're both also pretty stubborn, lol.  Do you have any shoutouts for some people before we wrap this up?

Xyro: Yea I do. I wanna give a shoutout to YOU because you really didn't have to interview me but you chose to. It really means a lot to me so THANK YOU. I also wanna give a shoutout to any and all low tier mains out there for sticking it out and representing low tiers no matter what. And finally I wanna give a shoutout to everybody in Houston, TX (Gnes/Razer/Trela/Smoom/Illmatic/Jerm/P4/etc.) because even though we argue A LOT, they are all really cool guys and they make Houston the fun/exciting place it is today.

Inui: I definitely enjoy the Texas scene and look forward to going there again.  Thanks for the time, since this interview did take a quite a bit of time since we both had a lot to say.  Good luck with WHOBO 3, your own matches, and your life with your new family.  It's not common to have married Smashers with kids and everything in the community.  Set a good example for the youngsters!

Xyro: LOL Thank you for that! I hope all goes well with WHOBO 3 too and it better or else I'm gonna look like a fool

Inui: You'll be fine.  =]


vVv Sumer wrote at 1:40 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
Nice interview. ^^ WHOBO sounds like it's going to be a ton of fun~
KoRo wrote at 1:48 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
"Most likely the best Brawl Samus in the world"

Noid would like to have a word with you..jk

Nice interview.
pesticide wrote at 1:52 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
Uffe wrote at 1:56 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
Great interview! And congrats, Xyro! icon_smile
Coolwhip wrote at 2:05 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
Do xyro even go to other tournaments outside of texas?
Not trying to sound like a troll or anything like that.
BFAA BasedKubo wrote at 2:05 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
sago da bess samus
Micklem wrote at 2:07 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
Marth has only 1 bad mu and that's mk. Should he be banned after mk, by the same logic?

Also great interview, whobo sounds awesome.
Mr. Poke-Guy wrote at 2:15 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :

This interview is awesome.
K.I.D.Goggles wrote at 2:17 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
you for got about projectgay when you wer mentioning gay games.
GAY wrote at 2:55 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
Quote (originally posted by Micklem):
Marth has only 1 bad mu and that's mk. Should he be banned after mk, by the same logic?

Also great interview, whobo sounds awesome.

Err ROB says hello.

ROB rapes Marth even harder than MK IMO.
Illmatic. wrote at 2:57 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
Great Interview Xyro!!!

I love you - you frakin green lesbo!
KMF wrote at 3:41 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
nice interview
shadows0404 wrote at 3:41 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
nice interview =)
jarvitz wrote at 3:48 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
What happened to bob's picture? great read as i said when i saw it in the forums. TURELY AMAZING
-Neon- wrote at 3:52 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
GAY wrote at 1:55 PM on Feb 25, 2011 : Err ROB says hello. ROB rapes Marth even harder than MK IMO.

It's pretty even maybe slightly in rob's favor, Marth juggles him too well.
Soren9 wrote at 4:05 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
I hope someone else is willing to take over the hobo series.....that way mini xyro can go to one.

But I wish you the best of luck
Eternal Mangekyo Zebra wrote at 4:13 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
Wow had no idea he as married lol
Luckytime wrote at 5:03 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
lol @ mini Xyro.
Yune wrote at 5:34 PM on Feb 25, 2011 :
Xyro rules !!!!