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Weekly AiB Discussion with Dr. Phy: Coast to Coast
by Maraphy August 11 2008, 12:29 PM

Hey all you avid news-readers on AIB. You may know me, or maybe not. I’m Dr. Mara Phy, here to bring you the latest discussion at All is Brawl. I’m bringing hot topics and sweet interviews to your computer screen every week! Don’t forget to leave a comment, so you can have YOUR voice heard!

Today’s topic is a big one. It’s about America, or more importantly, two parts of America. The East Coast and the West Coast.

On AiB, or on any other Smash community for that matter, when a Smasher is asked where he or she lives, the asker is usually interested in the Coast that he/she resides in. The Smasher might then respond with “West Coast”, “East Coast”, or even “Mid Coast”.

This simple explanation of where one lives is more than meets the eye, however, and registers with many more meanings to a fellow Smasher.

In the world of Smash Brothers, “Coasts” pretty much identify some people. Joe Shmoe may be a West Coaster, while Larry Jamarry is an East Coaster. Although the two parties share one important thing in common; the love of Smash, they tend to look at each other differently. More region-wide tournaments pop up in the West Coast; therefore some say that the West Coast has more experienced players. The East Coast is bigger, and to have a region-wide tournament there, it would be very inconvenient for people from Maine, for example, to have to travel all the way to Florida. 

Therefore some argue that the East Coast is less into Smash as the West Coast. For this reason, the coasts tend to look at each other in a different way, often arguing over the popularity of Smash in both areas. Such an example of this would be the “East Coast Sucks” Group  

To further expand on this topic, I interviewed two very intellectual people, one East Coaster, ThrustMasterMango, and a West Coaster, t0mmy.

I asked each of them what they think of their own coasts. Mango said, “The East Coast is bigger than the west, which calls for more Smashers, and our coast isn’t just four states long.” T0mmy, on the other hand, thought the West coast was better because they’ve got “The skills + the fun”, and he also said, “We’ve got beach parties, bikini babes, surfing, and Nealdt. Nealdt can be a good substitute for a bikini babe, you know.” 

Next, I asked both of them what they think the OPPOSITE coast thinks of their coast. T0mmy said, “They come off as a little arrogant. I’ve been the target of put-downs…” Mango said frankly, “I think that they believe the East Coast isn’t as competitive in Smash as they are…” 

And then you know what I asked next? Haha, I asked each of them what they think of the other coast. Let’s see if their answers match up with what they thought the other would say. Mango thought, “The West Coast is pretty much the same as the East, the only deciding factor on which is better is the location you reside in…”, whilst t0mmy thought, “As far as East Coast goes in the Smash scene… it seems like they’ve got some really awesome players. I can’t wait until Brawl really hits nationally. We’ve had some big events like FAST and OMG happening at the same time, and there was just recently BIO, but it’s been pretty much regional only.” 

Lastly, I asked them both an important question. We’ve talked about the East Coast, and the West Coast, but we haven’t spoken a word about the giant stretch of land that connects them; the “Mid Coast”. I asked each of them what they thought about this “Coast”, and how they feel about the Smashers there, that aren’t around many tournaments and such. Mango said, “They surely don’t get the amount of attention that they deserve… They have the biggest region of all of us…The only states I hear of having tournaments are Michigan and Texas…I don’t really hear of any tournies from anywhere else because I don’t know anyone from any other states, and most people add some of those states [in the Mid-Coast] to a coast instead of where they actually are…”

t0mmy’s answer was similar. “They don’t have a coast, no ocean… They miss out on the West Coast vs. East Coast issues…There’s just a lot of space out there in the Midwest, and all my Midwest Smash friends are always complaining that they’re too far away from any tournaments..” 

For the full interviews with Mango and t0mmy, check out my blog, here. 

I think that although the two Coasts have obvious differences, such as Snow in the East and Hollywood + beaches in the West, the two coasts are connected by a huge bond that keeps not only America, but the whole world of Smash together. That is Super Smash Brothers. And in between them is not a coast, but a vast field of Smash players just waiting to get into the competitive scene. 

That’s all for today, everyone. You can tell us YOUR opinions on this issue by leaving a comment!


Sknil wrote at 12:34 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
Hm, I didn't know there were more region tournaments on the west coast.
Rai wrote at 12:39 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
there is snow in the west too.
Zori wrote at 12:43 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
east coast baby!
SlayeZ wrote at 12:44 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
Hi, I'm SlayeZ!
iSora wrote at 12:46 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
Mid-Coast players really don't get the attention they deserve, but that's not to say I'm blaming the East or West coasters. It's not anybody's fault. The region is too big in general and there aren't many tournaments for us to attend because gathering people to one place is kinda hard.

West coast being smaller and having only 4 states, one of which is pretty big, makes it easier for people to get together since they don't have to cross state borders. That's kinda in their advantage.
Whitefangx wrote at 12:55 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
i didnt know the west coast had more tournaments cool
Whereslawldo wrote at 1:18 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
I live near the gulf of mexico, so i guess im a "mexico-coast"...
TheGlitchmaster wrote at 1:41 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
I live on the East Coast. There arn't many tourneys around where i am....I hate Glitch City.
Banks wrote at 1:59 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
mid coast....LOL
Banks wrote at 2:03 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
also the east coast and west coast equally far to travel from one end to the other. socal is pretty damn far from northern WA just as maine is from florida. just because the map labels CA as one state doesn't make it way easier travel.
Timbjerr wrote at 2:09 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
At least the West-Coasters and East-Coasters get several regional tournaments. In Texas, I have one every other month. >_>
BMM wrote at 2:28 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
Mid Coast definitely needs more recognition and attention...
i mean... midcoast pretty much pwns. and what about canada guys?
MooniniteLeader wrote at 2:30 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
isn't it divided into the midwest and the south?
Dynamism wrote at 2:39 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
Hi SlayeZ, I'm Dyna!
Blu wrote at 2:46 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
I'm a West Coaster. >.>
I don't participate in many tournaments and I'm not very good at Smash.
I consider myself a Mid-Coaster at heart, though, because I was born and raised in the good old smoggy Midwest, where the sky is gray and everyone gets horrible allergies. Tornado Alley and all that.
In my opinion of all the coasts-
West- There are a lot of Japanese people in Seattle, plus we've got California. We're smaller so we don't have as many people, but our states are bigger for the most part, especially compared to Rhode Island, Maryland, and other East Coast states.
Mid Coast- This is a coast? Jeez. Well, the Mid-Coast has as many climates as people, especially in the very heart of it all- St. Louis. St. Louis has many attractions that would be better off in different climates and places, like the City Museum, which would probably fare better in Seattle, with all the art nuts (myself included.) The Mid-Coasters don't get many tournaments or recognition, even though they might get the most practice, since you can't go outside for half the seasons, and the other half you're sneezing your head off.
East- I don't have any experience with this area, besides Florida, which I barely remember. East Coast has lots of yummy Taylor Pork Roll, and, for the most part, pleasant weather, much like the West Coast. The main difference is that the Northeast tends to have chilling falls and winters, and Florida and the like have blazing summers, much like St. Louis, but probably with less humidity and cleaner air. Much of the states are smaller on the East Coast, but since there are more of them, there are more people. More people = more practice, usually.

So, my analysis?
West Coast- Closer together, less people- Bigger local tournies which means better experience with lag-free tournies.
Mid Coast- Awful weather draws people to stay indoors more, many people, not many tournies. These people are probably more battle-hardened, and most likely get to practice longer, due to bad weather and airborne allergens.
East Coast- Farther apart, more people- In smaller states, local tournies are probably very popular. Rhode Island's only got to be an hour or two across. More region-wide online tournaments, and benefits from Floridian brawlers who have enough money from old relatives living in condos that they can easily afford Brawl and many other great games for great consoles. Fair-skinned Floridians are more likely to stay indoors because their sun screen isn't effective enough.

...I hope I summarized my view well. I might have gotten a bit off-track, but...
Enochuout wrote at 3:03 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
I really hope mid-coast doesn't become the new term for the midwest.
stellamedusa wrote at 3:18 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
I think other countries of the world (maybe Japan for instance) would annihilate most of us at Smash anyway, making the whole Coast War even more meaningless and pathetic than it already is. We're all human and gamers anyway, so a Japan vs US (East, West, and "mid-coast") scenario wouldn't be any more rational.

But as long as no one's taking it too seriously, and no one gets hurt, [shrugs], no problem.
iSpiN wrote at 3:59 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
I would rather take part of a Smash Olympics and compete against other players around the world :D
ArkiveZero wrote at 4:03 PM on Aug 11, 2008 :
yea we in the midwest are pretty much screwed when it comes to tournies, i'm not going to spend $100 on gas just to drive to one tournament....