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Karaoke Contest Results!
by -GoV- July 4 2011, 7:57 PM
Hello Allisbrawl!
Here they are (finally), the results of The Karaoke Contest.
I'll keep it short here since most of this article is going to be filled with comments from the judges!

First of all I'm happy to see some people showed interest and some also actually joined. The last Karaoke Contest we had was on a blog and surprisingly it was more popular than this one even though this one was featured on the front page!
We didn't get alot of entries sadly and everything didn't go 100% according to plan (The judges/the deadline etc), but in the end we finally got together and got the results for you.
Without further ado, here are the comments from the judges and the final results.


Zodi - All I can say is it's very lovely, you have a good voice! Also loved the editing, it's almost like this is a real song made by you, haha! Excellent entry!

Heytallman - First of all, difficult song without the right voice! But you have a great voice and it fits perfectly with this song.
You also really tried and did your best with this song which makes it a very good entry of course!
In my opinion, an excellent entry aswell!

Terra_1991 - First of all this entry sadly has very low quality which makes it very hard to really listen and review. So yeah, first thing to do (next time?) would be recording it in a bit better quality so I can hear your voice better and the music of course, but from what I can hear you got a pretty nice voice.
As for the song/entry itself, it's not bad at all! It's done pretty decent but like I mentioned before, the quality makes this one VERY difficult...
So yeah, all in all, it's a decent entry but the bad quality makes it score lower than it probably would have icon_wink.

Sinnyboo242 - You guys went for a duet, which is very cool! The one singing (mainly) has a very good voice and a pretty good singing voice! The guy on the guitar makes the entry even better but his voice isn't as good as the main guy.
I loved how this was a pure acapella and how you guys did the instrumental yourself, big + point.
In the end you guys did a great job and imo, have chosen a great song, haha. Excellent entry!

Princess Fantaisa - Entry 1 (English): I'll keep it short with this one, haha. You've got a perfect key and a beautiful voice. When I was listening to it, it was like if I was listening to a real song. So yeah.. also an Excellent entry!

Entry 2 (Japanese): Kinda exactly the same as the comment on the English entry only 1 big + is that you did it in Japanese and it still sounds beautiful! Awesome entry!

Xephr - A very high quality cover indeed! The entry is very lovely! Loved the guitar playing. Your voice was out of key sometimes but that isn't such a problem. + point for playing guitar and singing!
So all in all a good entry right there! =)

Krystedez - This entry is very well done with editing. The fact you used your own voice in 2 different pitches is a very interesting way and imo, sounds good together.
All in all I like the song + your take on it. Good entry!

Kakashi Of The Sharingan:

Xephr - good vocals, bad guitar, slightly out of tune.

Krystedez - interesting mix of two vocal styles, kind of bland though.

ZoDi - decent vocals, but kind of boring, and not because it was a ballad, I love a good ballad.

heytallman - fairly good vocals, but honestly sounds like the entrant was trying way too hard and kinda messed up a bit.

Terra_1991 - horrible audio quality, honestly it's impossible to evaluate these vocals.

Princess Fantaisa - awesome vocals very calming and unique, definitely the best entry.

Sinnyboo242 - the traditional generic I'm Yours cover... there's always gotta be one of these, never the less the vocals
              were great... the lead vocals anyway...

Kyleisreal - (Sadly he doesn't have comments for all the participants):

HeyTallMan - You had a strong voice and was pretty good to listen too. Only thing i would say was at some points it seemed like you were just yelling out (But hey maybe thats how that song is supposed to be) I would have preferred you sung the song without the background vocals because i would have been able to judge your voice better but all in all i thought it was ok.

Zodi - I don't know what song you sung, but i liked your flow on it and you kept control of your voice. The only thing i would say is that you were sometimes lettting the music drown your voice at times.......But other than that i like the way you sang this song and was one of the entries i personally liked.

         The Results:

- #1: Princess Fantaisa: Really just a great entry and beautiful vocals.

- #2: Heytallman: Also another awesome entry! While it didn't got you to #1 it really was done very nicely and very close to #1!

- #3: Sinnyboo242: Great duet and instrumentals. The song has been done alot of times but nonetheless you guys impressed us!

And a VERY close third place but in the end #4 goes to ZoDi.
Badges will be given out to the winners!

*A little note: Next time when entering, read the news post carefully and send your entry to the right people/place.

In the end everyone did great and I'm happy we got atleast a few entries.
As closing words I would like to add that everyone should look out to the next Karaoke Contest. The next one will be different from this one and more in the style of Idols!
we'll have our judges of course, but we'll have several community based polls on the soon to come special Karaoke Contest group so the community can get an input aswell.
And one last thing I will add is, you can already start on your entry for the next contest if you want to join the next one.

More information regarding the next Karaoke Contest shall be announced soon, but for now, adieu!


Surreal wrote at 8:21 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
Neat. Wish I could have listened to the actual entries though.
Krystedez wrote at 8:21 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
Yay congrats to winners! I know my entry was kinda sore, I wanted to do another one though. I think next time I'll do something that fits my voice better icon_smile

Thanks for the comments ! I really want to improve.


A link for anyone interested in critique. This was my entry.
heytallman wrote at 8:21 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
Sweet! Worth the wait kinda since I got 2nd! I'll win the next one though!

And sorry if it sounded like I was trying to sing it loudly. I actually recorded it one day while driving. I'll do a better job recording the next one.
K to the ate wrote at 8:31 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
This is the second karaoke contest in a row in which my entry never got through lol.
Sam_The_Freshest wrote at 8:43 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
-GoV- wrote at 8:48 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
I apologize for the people who's entries didn't come through. I've tried looking everywhere but some I just couldn't find and others were found too late as it were.

That's why in the next Karaoke Contest (which will be very soon) all entries will have to be sent to 1 person or all judges. =)
Goodz Da Animal wrote at 9:03 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
ehhh gov. I don't agree with the winners for this. I wish i was included on the judging.
Goodz Da Animal wrote at 9:04 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
Some of them should have won but some are in the wrong placings. If Kate's entry was in there someone would be out also.
Krystedez wrote at 9:05 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
I would also like to have seen the other entries, are they available online for listening pleasure?
Goodz Da Animal wrote at 9:06 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
No one be madd with Gov though because the inactivity in the contest was crazy.
-GoV- wrote at 9:21 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
Fine that you don't agree but then again you should've discussed it with me & Kots.
I'll pick some new judges next time anyway.
Krystedez wrote at 9:41 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
If I dont enter can I judge?? icon_razz I'm just interested in getting better, not winning stuff heh!
Goodz Da Animal wrote at 9:43 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
Is what your saying is your going to replace me? If so, that would be odd because it was kind of my idea to revive this since shiro wasn't going to. Just being straight up bout that.
Savage wrote at 9:59 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
i cant stop laughing LMFAO
-GoV- wrote at 10:10 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
Kyle, dude, I've had this WHOLE thing planned a long time, which is why Enrish said I got this (because you asked him to take this over), so no, not your idea.
Also, any other problems regarding this, hit me up @ skype.

And Krystedez, I won't pick judges yet.
heytallman wrote at 10:18 PM on Jul 4, 2011 : Here is my entry btw, it will be deleted in like a week, because it has 3rd party content stuff. And I can't have any of that on my channel.
Goodz Da Animal wrote at 10:36 PM on Jul 4, 2011 :
Nah im ok i don't have any problems so i won't do that. But if it was planned so long i don't understand why it got started when i spoke up. I don't want to judge anymore anyway for these contest anymore, i realized the people i'd vouch for wouldn't probably win anyway because i'd be ruled 2 to 1. Btw i talked to Enrish too. I told him i wanted you to be head of it since you had the power to make New post (which didn't really work) So yeah thats about it. So hey it is what it is. Thats my last note regarding that, hope the next contest do as well as this one.
GnG Sinnyboo242 wrote at 12:42 AM on Jul 5, 2011 :
Very surprised I didn't win, suppose it was the quality. Didn't hear any other entrants but I guess if we had an actual mic besides a laptop computer we might do something better LOL

Oh, and I was the lead vocals, the guitarist was a friend of mine.
LinkElfice510 wrote at 2:58 AM on Jul 5, 2011 :
Aw this makes me regret my little hiatus from AiB. Looking forward to the next one!