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Doubles Night with Trivia! And New Ladder Rules!
by Enrish September 29 2011, 11:26 PM
Greeting one and all, and welcome to this season's first Doubles Night! I know how hard it is to find people to challenge in the Doubles Ladder chat sometimes, but I also know how important this ladder is, so we're going to host a few Doubles Nights this season to get things moving.

Doubles night is just a time to come to the doubles chat, play as many matches to your heart's content and earn a cool badge for doing so. This Doubles Night event will be hosted Friday, September 30, 2011, and will run from 6 PM EST – 12 AM EST. Participants at this event will have a shot at earning the double dater badge! To acquire the badge, participants will need to complete a minimum of 3 Doubles Ladder rank matches this Doubles Night, and send me (or host Miles of SmashWiki) a PM after the event if you think your team fulfilled the requirements to obtain the badge. Just have the team captain PM one of us, since it's not really necessary for both members of the team to send me the same PM.

As an added bonus hosts of the night, Miles of SmashWiki and Fandangox, will be hosting Non-Smash Trivia during Doubles Night. For those who are unfamiliar with how Non-Smash Trivia works, it is a contest for knowing certain pieces of information relating to Nintendo games.  For those who know how it works, Miles and Fandangox will be doing things a little differently at this event. Since this is a 6 hour event, we don’t want people just coming by to play three matches for the double dater badge, and calling it a night. We want everyone sticking around the whole night, playing rank matches, earning badges, and having fun; so throughout the night, Miles and Fandangox will be randomly asking Non-Smash Trivia questions. They’ll give notice before asking questions, but if you miss one, you’ll have many more chances throughout the night. All standard Non-Smash Trivia rules apply. Whoever answers first gets a point, they'll keep track of points throughout the night, etc. The top scoring individuals will receive cards, as will whoever correctly answers the difficult Challenge Question!

Now for the new ladder rules!!! Yes, in addition to last articles.
  1. If your partner is banned from the site then you are unable to participate in doubles ladder. You can not substitute your partner, unless you disband. This means if your partner gets banned from the site for a month then your team can not participate in ladder for that month.
  2. You cannot play against family members, or anyone in the same house, but you can play with them as a team.
  3. No one person can play the same team more than once in 24 hours regardless of you switching teams.
And for this season alone, until further notice, we have decided to use Apex's stage list. It was decided since stage lists are already so close and it is the Apex ladder there is no reason not to use Apex's stage list.

  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)
  • Smashville
  • Lylat
Counter Picks:
  • Castle Siege
  • Delfino Plaza
  • Halberd
  • Pokemon Stadium 1
  • Frigate Orpheon

For anyone unfamiliar with the recent changes made to the ladder please check out, "The Road to Apex: Online Edition!". As I've stated before Neal is the only one that can change the ladder rules page, and because of his busy schedule I'm unsure how soon he'll be able to change it. Until further notice (or he changes the page to match the updated rules) please refer to this article and the one linked above for the rules. Anything not addressed in the articles can be found in the FAQs or Rules. If you are unsure of anything after reading everything please feel free to ask me.

Once again please give big thanks to our sponsors vVv-Gaming, and Apex2012 for making this ladder so special! We hope to see everyone at Doubles Night, and good luck to everyone!


Sam_The_Freshest wrote at 11:30 PM on Sep 29, 2011 :
Sam_The_Freshest wrote at 11:32 PM on Sep 29, 2011 :
Actually... Put japes and RC back up.. D:
jarvitz wrote at 11:32 PM on Sep 29, 2011 :
great read. Looks like I've been ditched on smash trivia a second time. icon_sad

I should have a real smash trivia at the same time.

Ok fine I won't, or will I?
WiR Doogi wrote at 11:33 PM on Sep 29, 2011 :
bout time no RC and Brinstar

haha get raped
Lord Empoleon wrote at 11:53 PM on Sep 29, 2011 :
But which room will the Trivia be in?
Hukster wrote at 12:00 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
Wow. No Brinstar? Ness needs that stage. D:
Eternal Mangekyo Zebra wrote at 12:15 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
wtf no brinstar?

that was the only cp i had left........
Chunky wrote at 12:17 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
This looks like it'll be a fun and interesting ladder.

lol no more brinstar and rc.
Miles of SmashWiki wrote at 12:18 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
Trivia will be in the dubz ladder room; that way participants need not switch rooms.
Knche wrote at 12:32 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
AfroTwist BananaPie wrote at 3:13 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
Holy crap this ruleset actually makes sense

I don't... I don't believe it
xzx wrote at 3:20 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
No PS2?! =(
ccst wrote at 3:27 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
Finally the stages look like my stagelist for 3 years ago. Just remove Delfino Plaza and they're identical.

This is hype but due to schoolwork I/we can't attend. But it doesn't matter since we have a crap connection anyway (which is about to change in January/February).
Carls493 wrote at 5:56 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
If the Trivia is in the Doubles Ladder, I won't be able to show up, then.

It's okay.
The Virgo l LilG912 wrote at 7:10 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
Lol no RC..
Uno wrote at 8:07 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
give me my brinstar :/
-6WX- wrote at 8:11 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
WHOO 10 STAGES! Lets get it! Try and stop my Sonic now without ur brin/JJ. Bannin frig all day! no more worries!!! (jus wish I had picto :/)
Magi wrote at 9:18 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
Nintendo player wrote at 9:46 AM on Sep 30, 2011 :
No Brinstar????????