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Summer is over, time for Fall!
by nealdt August 31 2008, 3:05 PM

All is Brawl's Summer Ladder has officially come to a close. We invite everyone to join the new Fall Ladder (which will run through November) and embrace the opportunity to start fresh for the new season. AlphaZealot will have a full writeup about the new ladder in the next day or two, including a recap of the Summer Season and highlights/interviews with some of the top players. Stay tuned!


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Flash2k wrote at 3:09 PM on Aug 31, 2008 :
Got it :D
SwagoHod wrote at 3:10 PM on Aug 31, 2008 :
Sean wrote at 3:23 PM on Aug 31, 2008 :
waz-za wrote at 3:37 PM on Aug 31, 2008 :
gd luck everyone ^^
blu link wrote at 5:01 PM on Aug 31, 2008 :
So there will be ladders for fall, right? Because I'm going to try harder next Ladder

crizthakidd wrote at 11:25 PM on Aug 31, 2008 :
Lol wow I was gonna play at 12 getbsome early matches in.. Oh well I'll start tmrw morning hope everythings okay with u guys
Bakabridget wrote at 11:29 PM on Aug 31, 2008 :
Darn it. >_>

I was wanting to play the new ladder. Now I have to wait until 3 am.
JuniorMints wrote at 11:41 PM on Aug 31, 2008 :

That 3 stocks.
Ksmota wrote at 12:23 AM on Sep 1, 2008 :
i'm not gonna enter the ladder next season so people can't think my brother is cheating
Vorpal ibn Sind wrote at 3:58 AM on Sep 1, 2008 :
i still dont have a my last place reward....
EarthBoundEnigma wrote at 4:01 AM on Sep 1, 2008 :
I only had one win...
...It was to Simna, too...
Atomsk wrote at 6:20 AM on Sep 1, 2008 :
i wonder if i'm gonna get interviewed XD
VGamerJoe wrote at 11:22 AM on Sep 1, 2008 :