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Who's That User? #36: Holiday Hijinks
by Invinciboy December 26 2011, 5:24 PM

Hello, All is Brawl! I hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoy the bounty of gifts (or piles of coal) you received! The reason I didn't do this contest yesterday was because I thought you all would be too busy playing with your toys, spending time with family, or eating a ton of food to remember about little old me. Think of this as a post-Christmas event and we'll be just fine. But before that...

Last edition's results: lightlanayru was the featured user. She joined the site on February 12, 2009, mains Toadette in Mario Kart Wii, and has twelve tournament medals. Foodies, ShadeTale, benaji261, Redlover, StillNotBlackEnoug89, Hyperactive_Ducky, trufflethedog, Bluerider, and Coolwhip were all of the users that guessed correctly. Quite a turnout; congratulations to you all! By the way, if you wish to see the results of a WTU right after they happen, check this group out!

1. I will show you the message the featured user sent me. If you are the user I am describing, please keep quiet about it and do not reveal yourself. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your
WTU Featured User badge.
2. In addition to a fact, clues will be given to help you search the myriad users of AiB for the right one. Don’t stop until you are absolutely sure you have the right user and he or she matches the clues given, because you only get one shot at this.
3. To make sure you are taking the time to check your guess, I will give you a few questions to answer about this user. Every answer will be found somewhere on his or her profile (About Me, blogs, videos, etc.) If one answer is incorrect, then your whole guess will be counted wrong, so make sure you are absolutely certain of what you typed. (P.S. If you can't find the answers or have to PM the person you're looking at for an answer, you're doing it wrong.)
4. When you are ready to give the name and answers, do not post as a comment. You must send a private message, or your submission will be void. Also, don’t give me a link to his or her profile unless you have the name and the answers to the questions to go with it. Putting just a link in your message will count as an incomplete (and therefore wrong) answer.
5. Everyone has until 3 am (PST) to message me. Any answer sent in after that will not be counted.
6. The first TEN that send the correct username get the
WTU Winner badge! Keep in mind, however, that some veterans may come back to compete. Work fast, but don’t give up!

It's time for the special holiday submission. Good luck, everyone!

"Last winter, my cousin and I went to take my little brother to a ski slope while we were in Pennsylvania for the holidays. My brother was at the top, going to ski down, while my cousin and I sat at the bottom, chilling. We were waiting under a pine tree, next to the slopes, where the snow was waist high. We were both bored, so my cousin dove head-first into the snow, attempting a headstand, and I also jumped  in as well! After our heads thawed out, we decided to throw snowballs at the oncoming skiers. After a couple of throws, I finally hit a forty year-old guy, right in the nose. He should of worn a helmet! When he fell down in the snow, he glared at my cousin and I while we laughed hysterically, and ran."

In addition to what's above, this user...
-has a "t" somewhere in the username.
-joined during Summer 2011.
-mains the same person in Brawl and Melee.

And the questions you need to answer are as follows:
1. When exactly did this user join the site?
2. Who is the character described above?
3. Who does this user main in the original Smash Bros.?

So everyone, tell me...WHO'S THAT USER?! Good luck, pay attention to the clues/questions, and have a happy New Year!



Awax wrote at 5:51 PM on Dec 26, 2011 :
Hal Kahn wrote at 1:11 PM on Dec 27, 2011 :
sw96 wrote at 4:17 PM on Dec 28, 2011 :
SeitraX wrote at 12:06 AM on Dec 29, 2011 :
its shadetale
DiebeNacht wrote at 1:09 AM on Dec 29, 2011 :
who do i message?
DiebeNacht wrote at 1:16 AM on Dec 29, 2011 :
got it, so nvm. I'VE GOT THIS ONE
Sylarius wrote at 12:52 PM on Dec 29, 2011 :
Quote (originally posted by SamusAranxoxo):
its shadetale

It's not me...
Raptor wrote at 5:57 PM on Dec 29, 2011 :
Its shadetale
Sylarius wrote at 6:51 PM on Dec 29, 2011 :
DiebeNacht wrote at 9:34 PM on Dec 29, 2011 :
it's not ShadeTale, he's not even in the group described and doesn't play SSB64. anyway, you're not supposed to post your answer here, you have to message Invisiboy and answer the additional questions.
S-BLAZE wrote at 10:33 PM on Dec 29, 2011 :
DemonXeire wrote at 11:04 PM on Dec 31, 2011 :
David Hasslehoff
Evil Mata wrote at 5:09 PM on Jan 1, 2012 :
I already won guys. You may either cry all you want or suck it up.
DarkLava wrote at 6:33 PM on Jan 4, 2012 :
got it