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Trivia Answers and Winners!
by AlphaZealot September 11 2008, 9:59 PM

The first week of Smash Trivia is over. A lot was learned from the first session held tonight at 9:00pm EST and next week there will be some changes and improvements! Here are the questions and winners from this week.

  • (Q1): Who were the top 3 players in Singles at Melee FC:D in order of placements (1st-3rd)? (A): Mew2King, PC Chris, ChuDat. (Winner): Hot_ArmS
  • (Q2): Approximately how many live tournaments have used the tio program for bracket management (answer within 20 tournaments)? (A): 1015-1055. (Winner): ALLSTAR41
  • (Q3): What was the second team to ever defeat Ken and Isai in a set and at what tournament did it happen? (A): Wes and PC Chris at MLG Meadowlands (or New York) 2006. (Winner): None
  • (Q4): What are the only two tournaments ChuDat defeated Ken at? (A): MLG Chicago and Super Champ Combo. (Winner): Hugs
  • (Q5): How many people were at the largest Smash tournament, Axis? (A): Depending on your source, either 302 or 303 is acceptable. (Winner): Big_Black
  • (Q6): Approximately how many online tournaments have been held through AiB? (A): Between 1000-1200 was accepted. (Winner): Olimarman
  • (Q7): Name the first national tournament Mew2King won in singles? (A): Melee FCD. (Winner): Sean
  • (Q8): When was Brawl released in the US? (A): March 9th, 2008. (Winner): Duff
  • (Q9): What move of Donkey Kong’s does not suffer from stale moves? (A): His F-Throw. (Winner): Hugs
  • (Q10): Who defeated M2K at XIIesticle and what characters did they use? (A): Ninjalink with Diddy and ChuDat with Kirby. (Winner): Nintendude1189

All the winners listed here should have recieved the Smash Trivia Amatuer badge! If you for some reason did not, then please send AlphaZealot a PM to have it corrected.

Next week will be held at a different time and a different room!


Jamnt0ast wrote at 10:00 PM on Sep 11, 2008 :
Jamnt0ast wrote at 10:00 PM on Sep 11, 2008 :
crap i forgot to come to this
Nintendude1189 wrote at 10:01 PM on Sep 11, 2008 :
I really liked the types of questions asked besides the numerical guess-type ones.
Trela wrote at 10:02 PM on Sep 11, 2008 :
Lol. That was some fun stuff aZ!

I got some studying to do. Can you give me a pop quiz tomorrow or something? Seriously.
Sean wrote at 10:03 PM on Sep 11, 2008 :
oh yea i got 1 =)
Vorpal ibn Sind wrote at 10:17 PM on Sep 11, 2008 :
wow good **** trivia.....harder than i thought

i thought i would ace this trivia easy but i only new the answers to 5 of those questions!
Iwan wrote at 10:33 PM on Sep 11, 2008 :
wow, harder questions than I thought! I'll be in next week.

Also, I can't believe no one got the question on who beat Ken and Isai :0
AlphaZealot wrote at 10:45 PM on Sep 11, 2008 :
Yea, people over look that I think because its sandwiched between their first loss ever (to Taj/Forward) and their first overall tournament loss (losing to Mew2King/King and then Chillin/Azen in the finals).
Iwan wrote at 10:47 PM on Sep 11, 2008 :
Yea, a few people I'm talking to on AIM mentioned just that; they mixed up those three. And correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that loss also in the same set as "Isai's comeback"? (The 2v1 where he pulled it out).
Dannykat wrote at 11:29 PM on Sep 11, 2008 :
VP_ wrote at 11:34 PM on Sep 11, 2008 :
i was randomly banned from the chat room when i was guessing the answer. icon_sad
Duff0 wrote at 12:57 AM on Sep 12, 2008 :
i got one icon_smile
Slhoka wrote at 6:26 AM on Sep 12, 2008 :
I could take part to this session although it was really late for me, and I must say I really appreciated the questions. Good job for this, AZ !
However, the way the session took place was rather disapointing. I can understand that doing it in the matchmaking room brought many people to play online, but it was hectic enough many people were already participating to the trivia session, and people who were here to find someone to play made it worse. And I guess it wasn't nice for them, too =/
Also all those people made it hard to answer or the spot the questions in the huge flood mass (BTW congrats to AZ who managed to see who was the first who got the right answer while about 20 answers were appearing every second). I think a anti-flood system (like a fixed amount of time to wait between writing two things in the chatroom could make everything easier.
Anyway, the concept and contents are good on the whole so keep going, with a few improvements it will be great =)
Tempest_01 wrote at 11:21 AM on Sep 12, 2008 :
That was fun, even if I didn't know anything lol, I came into Smash competitive scene really late. Also, use a tourney chat, bigger message window and people won't be coming for other reasons.
Edrees wrote at 12:58 PM on Sep 12, 2008 :
I have to say EXCELLENT questions. I knew the answer to 3 of them but was too late to respond ;(
CogSmooch wrote at 3:56 PM on Sep 12, 2008 :
Um didn't M2K win Cataclysm 3 which was way before FCD? Or does that not count as a "national tourney"??
AlphaZealot wrote at 8:30 PM on Sep 12, 2008 :
He did, and I did not count it.