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2008 AiB Smash Election: Nomination Results!
by surfingnc November 10 2008, 12:20 PM

After checking and double checking the replies to the nomination post, we have tallied up a combined total of almost 500 votes (for both the AiB user and Smash character nominations). This was not an easy task, for the competition was very close in both, the AiB user nominations and the Smash character nominations.

The individuals who were chosen by the community will be contacted soon with details on winning the nomination round.

The Smash characters who were chosen will also be announced to their official group so that slogans and support can be raised.

And now without further ado, we are proud to present to you the contenders for the 2008 AiB Smash Election:

Smash Character Candidates


      Captain Falcon                                              Kirby
Official group of Capt. Falcon 08                           Official group of Kirby 08


AiB User Candidates

Praxis and Valdens


Kirrrby and TlocCPU


Click on their names to go to their official campaign groups!

We wish good luck to all the candidates and their running mates and remember to start campaigning!
Election Weekend will be here before you know it!


Blue Rogue wrote at 12:22 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
gogogo Falcon
BANRYU wrote at 12:30 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
Whoa, only one comment so far? o.0
Princess Aura wrote at 12:35 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
Rofl. Falcon's already got this. <3 What a man.
JDM wrote at 12:42 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
ctrl F Plan 9

Praxis wrote at 1:12 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
This is going to be quite a battle icon_smile
Jamnt0ast wrote at 1:14 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
Jamnt0ast wrote at 1:24 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
the obvious winners are Vald/Praxis and Captain falcon
Bio Desu wrote at 1:31 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
Wooo !!! XD NOOORRRIII !!!! <33333
Bakabridget wrote at 1:36 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
Go Captain Falcon!!! WOOOOOOOOO
iSpiN wrote at 1:50 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
I'm going to vote for Captain Falcon/ Praxis/Valdens
Big C wrote at 2:29 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
im not gonna vote. unless change is promised. I demand change 1000 allowances worth of quarters
ravenhats wrote at 2:31 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
Can we still vote 3rd party?
Praxis wrote at 2:35 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
Big C: I can promise change. Keep an eye on our posts to come icon_wink
Mario_128 wrote at 3:27 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
hmm..hard decision.
CoolGreenApple wrote at 4:03 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
We've got it in the bag.
Karin wrote at 5:07 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :

WE NEED CUTENESS AND CHANGE. C. Failure will bring us falcon!
Tristriam1 wrote at 6:13 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
rh_lh_ wrote at 6:16 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :
Kirby for change!
Kirbyy wrote at 8:08 PM on Nov 10, 2008 :