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Smash Election Spotlight: AiB User Nominees + Contest Reminder!
by surfingnc November 13 2008, 6:39 PM
Earlier this week, the winners of the nomination for AiB president were announced.
Two very tough teams of Smashers must face each other in order to get your votes!

Your nominations pinned up Kirrrby & TlocCPU versus Praxis & Valdens.

Now it's their turn to tell you what they're all about!
The following are their proposals on how they plan to improve your AiB experience.

*Also, the deadline for those of you planning to submit an ad for the Capt. Falcon and the Kirby campaign is TOMORROW TONIGHT! You MUST have your entry posted >>>HERE<<< tomorrow by 11:59PM PST!

First up is Kirrrby & TlocCPU's Kirrrbycide Party:

Hello AllIsBrawl! I, Kirrrby, and my running mate TlocCPU, leaders of The Kirrrbycide Party, are honored that we were nominated for the AllIsBrawl President.
We appreciate all the amazing support we have received! :]

Now I'd like to tell you all what I am willing to promise to AllisBrawl, if Tloc and I are elected.
  • As a certified host, I already host lots of tourneys, but none have been singles, and sometimes they are too late for some of you :[. Well if I am elected, I will not only host my doubles tourneys earlier, I will start to do singles tourneys, along with other ideas that would be fun for the AllIsBrawl community. :] I will let you guys choose what tourneys you want me to host.
  • I promise to listen to YOUR feedback and use it to improve your overall AiB experience by having more in-depth and awesome content on the front page and taking your suggestions on what kind of content you would like to see! This was approved by surfingnc, the editor of content for AiB!
  • If I'm elected, I promise new a beachball(s), more unique badges (especially for those of you who don't even think you have a chance to get a unique badge!) and less badgewhores! In my eyes, everyone deserves a special treat at least once! ;D Yes, this was approved by nealdt himself.
  • Not only will there be new a beachball(s), I promise that beachballs will be changed, so that when they're dropped, they will always go to an ACTIVE user who has never hit one, someone who has visited the site recently, instead of a dead/inactive account. :]
  • Another promise I can make, is that, if I win this election, Bio Desu will stop talking in 3rd person on AllIsBrawl. *Agreed by Bio Desu.
  • If I win, as a celebration, I will host 2 tourneys that will have wii points as the prize, a singles and a doubles. ;D Haha yay wii points.

There is so much more that I would like to do for the AllIsBrawl community.
Im always willing to help and befriend anyone. :]

So my fellow AllIsBrawl community, if you elect TlocCPU and I as your VicePresident/President, I promise all of the above, and much more to come. ;D
Thank you again for all the amazing support, please keep it up!<3 ;D

Special Message from TlocCPU:
Praxis is NOT a girl, HE'S a DUDE! Don't support liars!

Vote for TRUTH! Vote for KIRRRBY!

Next up is Praxis & Valdens' Flat Chested Party:

Valdens & Praxis, The Flat Chested Party, will work together to make AllIsBrawl a better place.

Valdens & Praxis are very actively involved in the smash community on AllIsBrawl, in all aspects; competitive, general silliness, and group whoring. At the same time, both members of the Flat Chested Party are regular tournament attendees, playing in both online and offline tournaments as their respective mains, Game & Watch and Peach, placing 3rd and 10th on their respective state Power Rankings.

The Flat Chested Party will work to improve AllIsBrawl in many ways.

Our first promise is that of superior front page content. Well-written articles on deep topics, devoid of the "desu" and "kawaii"-filled grammatical atrocities that the supporters of our opponents tend to post.

Our second promise to you is to keep the game we all love as our primary focus. We're here for Smash Bros!

The third promise: in light of the second, in order to improve the quality of this site especially with regards to online tournaments, we promise better moderation. No more Xaltises! As funny as he was. Qualified moderators will be picked and recommended to Neal and Staindgrey.

And the fourth promise: unlike our opponents, the team of Valdens & Praxis is actually in a position to implement changes, for the better. Administrative powers for the win.
We give you our word that, as candidates, we will fight to get a calendar system implemented that shows upcoming tournaments, contests, birthdays, etc. as a new site feature. You heard it here first- it will happen.

And of course; The Flat Chested Party will maintain all of their current standards. You can expect to see more Weegee and Staindgrey Punch photoshops from Praxis, and more hot shirtless photographs from Valdens.

Remember: a vote for the Flat Chested Party is a vote for Staindgrey Punch. A vote for our opponents is a vote for Bio Desu.

Valdens and Praxis; The Smasher's choice.

*Special Note from Praxis: I changed my profile to female on a dare from Kirrrby. Then their party uses it against me to call me a liar. Quite underhanded. Who's the honest one here?

Well, there you have it! Who will get YOUR vote? Well... it's up to YOU to decide!
Polls will open up Friday, November 14 at 12:01am EST! (That's TONIGHT!)
More details on how to vote will be announced tonight!

Remember to join your favorite candidate's official group to support them!

Also, make sure you join the OFFICIAL 2008 AiB Smash Election group also by clicking HERE!


Sean wrote at 6:41 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
lol this is so cute
Mittens McKittens wrote at 6:44 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
This is serious business good sir.
DTL. wrote at 6:46 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
kirrrby wrote at 6:46 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
:D <3 Gl to my opponents.
NightTide wrote at 6:46 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
Bio not talking in 3rd person is very serious business indeed. o.o
CinatoastB3 wrote at 6:49 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
the grammar from these two candidates is atrocious....
@ kirrrby its my running mate TlocCPU and I...not I and my running mate TlocCPU
@flat chested party you spelled fourth promise wrong...its fourth

but i will vote for kirrrbybecause i have attended a tourny of hers and had fun and because of that new beachball rule....f*** inactive users and their beachballs
T-Loc wrote at 6:53 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
I would just like to reiterate that a vote for praxis is a vote for mod power abuse. Praxis has received the following badges on several occasions and removed it HIMself so that he could further cheat in the election by pretending he's a girl.

surfingnc wrote at 6:55 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
xD this election is dirty dirty dirty
CinatoastB3 wrote at 6:57 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
lol scandalous
Zori wrote at 6:58 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
Sean wrote at 6:58 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
pretttttty dirty, how will they retaliate? lol
Afrohawk wrote at 6:59 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
"-Another promise I can make, is that, if I win this election, Bio Desu will stop talking in 3rd person on AllIsBrawl. *Agreed by Bio Desu. "

I_Magus wrote at 7:00 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
I just wanna know why she talks like that dont you?
Praxis wrote at 7:01 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
Dirty indeed? MasterKoga has given me the badge on each occasion, primarily because he knows me IRL and is trying to irritate me.

Regardless, TlocCPU- I'm not the dirty one here. I changed my profile to female ON A DARE FROM KIRRRRBY. Then your party uses it against me to call me a liar. Quite underhanded. Who's the honest one here?
Zori wrote at 7:03 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
Valdens wrote at 7:04 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
The tables decisively turn. Who are you to go around throwing out accusations at something that was originally spearheaded by the leader of your party? How unprofessional.
T-Loc wrote at 7:04 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
Well if you vote for praxis you're Hitler. You don't wanna be Hitler, do you?
C'mon praxis let's see if you have something dirtier than that lololol.
Afrohawk wrote at 7:04 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
Valdens, out of curiosity, what happened to CoC...I mean, Diving Wrath? Did it collapse or something?
Valdens wrote at 7:06 PM on Nov 13, 2008 :
If you vote for Tloc/kirrrby, you hate kittens! :[

I deleted it, Afro.