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SMASHScene: CGC VI (plus Content Team update)

Hey guys, check this video out. It's from Chill on CGC VI.

I took some videos from CGC, but I can't really make it into one whole video since I didn't take any consistent footage that documented my day from start to finish. So, nothing from me... unless you want to see an epic match of rock-paper scissors...

Anyway, a quick word about the new Content Team: If you applied, Peachy and I will be choosing new members of the team shortly. We've been thinking about selections, and we'll be getting together soon to talk about the candidates.

That's it for now... more soon.


If you wanna share yo' stuff with da Smash community, send it in, mang.


Cyan wrote at 8:35 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
Sean wrote at 8:37 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
hey i went here. like them all.
susannayouuu wrote at 8:37 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
haha vtek at the end lolol.
Llumys wrote at 8:44 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
F8_DS wrote at 8:52 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
Zomg the blue Falcon does anyone see?
The one that got rested? xD That's meeee =3
I phailz
TOA Chink f0cus wrote at 8:54 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
Boba Tapioca wrote at 9:02 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
i was in that!
FighterKirby wrote at 9:09 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :

Faye Valentine wrote at 9:10 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
u sux :l
Iwan wrote at 9:50 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
yaaaaaaaaaaaaay content team announcement. =^_^=
SoloS wrote at 10:10 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
I spy my red jacket. twice.

Nice recap. They ARE always fun.
Onski wrote at 10:24 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
i like how my face is the first thing you see on AiB, good **** Chris
VP_ wrote at 10:27 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
Chill had such a cool voice, he should do commentary or do radio
CHILL wrote at 10:30 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
I try onski, that was total luck btw :D Onski, you are a smexy mofo so good thing your face is there to sell this vid :D

and to all the rest, thanks for the comments :D
CGC Grayfox wrote at 10:34 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
Onski's face on AiB makes the site that much cooler.
Dashing Professor Beef wrote at 10:47 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
lol V-Tek.

Onski, you're like the Supermodel of AiB.
DuhToph wrote at 11:10 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
CrispyTacoz wrote at 11:26 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
Man, I am never in these videos XD
LOL AT V-TEK (had to say it I still love you icon_razz)
RyanPF wrote at 11:35 PM on Mar 11, 2009 :
Good video!