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by nealdt July 14 2009, 4:49 PM

Looking for a single-post wrapup of (most) everything that went down at GENESIS this past weekend? Look no further! (For full brackets and results see the AiB tournament page.)

Top Brawl stories:

  • Singles event size: 294 entrants, the second largest Brawl tournament ever.
  • Ally takes Brawl singles after losing the winners finals match to Mew2King. After moving the grand finals matches back to the hotel, Ally triumphs in two sets over M2K to take top placing of GENESIS Brawl. Videos are available here!
  • In similar fashion, Mew2King and Fiction come back from losers bracket to beat Ally and Sean in two sets to win doubles grand finals. (Still waiting on videos!)
  • Only 3 of the top 8 placings were from Metaknight mains, and those placings were from arguably the 3 best MKs in the nation.
  • A big argument/controversy over excessive stalling broke out during the losers bracket set between DEHF and Dojo. The Smash Back Room held a private discussion and held a vote to give the set to Dojo.
  • Due to the delay over the DEHF/Dojo incident, the tournament did not finish at the venue. The singles and doubles grand finals had to be played out back at the hotel.
  • Several crew battles were run during the 3 days but no conclusive winner was found. Pacific Northwest (OR/WA) lost to Puerto Rico and Midwest beat NorCal. SoCal and Atlantic North had to stop due to time constraints but Atlantic North later forfeitted. South demolished the International team.

Top Melee stories:

  • Singles event size: 290 entrants, the largest Melee tournament in history.
  • Armada lives up to the hype with flying colors, taking winners bracket sets against DaShizWiz, Mew2King, Mango, and others. His incredible Peach -- a character that no one has considered a tournament winner in a very long time -- impresses greatly and will likely inspire a new generation of Smashers.
  • Mango bounces back and takes grand finals from Armada in two of the greatest sets ever played in Melee. 
  • East Coast defeats West Coast in crews, Canada beats International, and South takes out Canada. EC vs. South doesn't happen because no one feels up to it after the amazing singles grand finals events.
  • Mew2King and Jman come back from losers bracket to defeat Scar and Darc in doubles grand finals, giving East Coast the top 2 doubles placings and Mew2King a clean sweep of the doubles events at the tournament.
  • The Mew2King/Armada winners semifinals match is marred by controversy when the two players play a best of 3 set when the rules call for a best of 5. DBR decides that the match stands, as in general any game played with improper rules can only be objected to during the game/set and not after. (This is a summary argument; both sides of the debate had excellent points and this tournament organizer is glad he did not have to make the final decision, and would also like to thank all parties involved for (mostly) keeping their cool during the discussion. Just watch out for Tonberry, that dude is scary when he's angry :))
  • Zhu later defeats Mew2King in losers bracket, making him only the second West Coast player to take a set off off M2K in the modern Melee scene. Zhu ends up placing fourth overall.
  • Florida represents with a ton of talent at the top of the Melee bracket, including dark horse Hungrybox at 3rd.
  • Tope ruins the Silent Spectre vs. darkrain hype by defeating SS in bracket. GOOD GOING TOPE :P.
  • Melee videos are slowly being released via this YouTube channel.

Top community/miscellaneous stories:
  • Ramada Inn Antioch is overrun by Smashers. Other guests flee the area facing the onslaught of foul-mouthed teenagers. Miraculously, no one is arrested.
  • Douchebag pricks who are likely from this very community break into Idaho/Churro's car in the parking lot and steal several TVs and Wiis. Rot in hell you pieces of trash.
  • CreepyFingers' prosu burgers sell like wildfire, with people having to wait up to 30 minutes for their order to come in.
  • Registration for 500 people takes about 90 minutes thanks to 7 registration stations and some tio additions to support multi-laptop event registration.

Thanks to everyone who attended!


PaaaT wrote at 4:51 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
This tournament was aweeesome
TOA Chink f0cus wrote at 4:51 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
excellent read
BetaZealot wrote at 4:52 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
Hurray for DEHF.
BFAA Inui wrote at 4:52 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
You forgot to mention the upset of Atomsk and I only getting 5th in teams. *cries*
Corimon wrote at 4:58 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
amazing tournament. <3
Jmex wrote at 4:59 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
Neal is amazing!
Jmex wrote at 4:59 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
Neal is amazing!
EmuKiller wrote at 5:00 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl.
BoZoRockin wrote at 5:00 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
This tournament was amazing. It helped that I lived like 2 minutes walking distance. Overall, I had an amazing time. I got to meet a bunch of smashers from around the world, good shi.t DBR
Drynster wrote at 5:00 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
tope ran a caboose over SS
JRFive wrote at 5:00 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
cool, looking forward to more vids
Bigfoot wrote at 5:01 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :

Inui wrote at 1:52 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
You forgot to mention the upset of Atomsk and I only getting 5th in teams. *cries*

this would matter if you were expected to do better
EmuKiller wrote at 5:01 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
tope beat linguini too =-(.
DuhToph wrote at 5:01 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
Wish I went...
EmuKiller wrote at 5:01 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
and LOL at bigfoot's post.

Yeah I'm looking forward to more vids too, JR5.
Jem wrote at 5:02 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
this was amazing =]
EmuKiller wrote at 5:02 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
I agree, Jem! So much talent and very well organized!

DBR too good!
Jamnt0ast wrote at 5:05 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
1st... page
EmuKiller wrote at 5:06 PM on Jul 14, 2009 :
Oh yeah Jamnt0ast? I have 5 posts on the first page without double posting.