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Art District News #8
by Zolga December 2 2009, 12:17 AM
Hello AiB, it's Zolga here with a little information about a very unique section of the site.

To start things off we, the Art District, will be hosting a Winter Banner Contest.

Here are some details about the contest:

Design and Create a Winter or Holiday themed banner for All is Brawl. Each entrant may submit up to two entries. Like the previous contest, your entry should relate to AiB or Smash in general.

Click here for more information.

Also, the long awaited badges for the last two banner contests have been given out. Everybody who entered a legitimate entry should have received a “Banner Contest Participant badge.” Sorry for the extremely long delay. If you have changed your username sometime in the last month, chances are you did not receive a badge. Please send a PM to LadyMartel regarding this issue if it applies to you.

Next on the list is the Screenshot Contest section, jointly run by Arban and me.

Don't worry if you have never uploaded an image from Brawl to the internet, Arban and I have written a few guides that should answer all your questions. The Screenshot Contests are fun and easy! I bet that all of you have at least one cool or crazy screenshot to show off.  

A new contest has not been started but it should be up within a few days. Stick around!

Finally, the Writer's Corner needs some love.
The Art District isn't all about visual works, poetry, prose, and other literature are just as important.

That wraps up this little update, thanks for reading.


Auro wrote at 12:18 AM on Dec 2, 2009 :
The banner badges are big
Black Mother wrote at 8:21 AM on Dec 2, 2009 :
Yeah, resize the new banner badges for 20x20, because they seem a bit like 32x32.
Screenshot contest is up for all of you waiting, by the way.
Bodo wrote at 6:18 PM on Dec 2, 2009 :
If the banners were smaller I might actually enter a banner contest.
Jansen Friedh wrote at 6:46 PM on Dec 2, 2009 :
Never was good at making banners. But good luck to everyone who enters!
LadyMartel wrote at 7:17 PM on Dec 2, 2009 :
My bad...
EazyDI wrote at 8:24 AM on Dec 3, 2009 :
I'll try my best!