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AllisBrawl's Greatest Games: Voting Round 1

2009 is quickly drawing to a close. And with the year's end comes many things: Chistmas cover music, drunken New Years Eve parties, and most importantly, "Top" lists. AFI (the American Film Institute, not the band) has listed their choices for the best of the 2000's; VH1 is doing whatever lame thing they always do for the year's end, regarding who did what, and how much of that she wore... you get the point. But now, AiB is proud to present our very own version of this tradition. That's right, you, fellow AiB members, will get to choose the Greatest Games of All Time.

Oh yeah, you read correctly. In the coming weeks, we'll be holding a vote-athon of sorts, asking the AiB Community to give their Top 10 best/favorite videogames, regardless of the year, the genre or the console. You can base your version of "best" on multiple things - originality, playability, accessability, other big "ity" words - just make sure that you pick good ones.

Now I'm sure you've seen all of IGN's "Top 25" lists in the past few months, as well as their "Best of 2009" ones. Sadly, they don't actually let the community vote. But luckily, we're better than them, and we know it. Ladies and gentlemen, YOU will be heard as we decide the Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time. How will you get to vote? So glad you asked...

Voting Method

Name your top 10 favorite games. As members of a gaming website, thinking of ten games should not be even remotely difficult (though picking JUST ten might be). The order you put them in is very important, however. The scoring for the games will follow this formula...

1) 5 points
2) 4.5 points
3) 4 points
4) 3.5 points
5) 3 points
6) 2.5 points
7) 2 points
8) 1.5 points
9 & 10) 1 point

A sample submission would go like this...

1) Super Mario Brothers 3
2) Super Mario World
3) Metal Gear Solid
4) New Super Mario Brothers Wii
5) Pokemon Gold/Silver
6) Bonk's Adventure
7) TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project
8) Sonic Adventure 2
9) Kingdom Hearts
10) LoZ: Link's Awakening

If you feel like it is necessary, you can go past 10 and give honorable mentions...those votes just won't count (but CLEARLY LABEL the honorable mentions so that we won't skip your vote, and NO TIES). Feel free to explain (in the same post) why you chose what you chose, if you wish, but please keep the explanations separate from the list itself. I'm sure there are people who would love to know the reason(s). However, any non-voting discussion must be kept to the discussion group. Any posts made without ballots will be deleted by the staff, as well as any posts made by a member that has already voted. This is just to make things cleaner for the vote counters.

Be warned: you only get ONE submission. Think long and hard before submitting your vote, and make sure the order is how you want it. This will get extremely big extremely fast, and since everybody's taste differs, it will be hard to judge a seemingly obvious joke submission from a serious one. Also, although you only get one post to vote, remember that you are allowed to edit that through the end of the first round of voting. When is the end of voting, you say? So glad you asked:

Voting will end Tuesday, December 22nd 11:59 PM (PST)

After the first round, we'll take the top vote-getters and have a re-vote with only those, just to make sure everyone gets a chance to have their voice be heard. Remember, ALL DISCUSSION MUST BE KEPT FOR THE DISCUSSION GROUP. Please, only voting ballots in this topic!

Have fun coming up with your list, everyone!


UPDATE: Please do NOT include compilations of older games in your lists, such as Super Mario All-Stars, Metroid Prime Trilogy or the Orange Box; list specific games only. If a vote has not been changed from a packaged game by the deadline, then that vote will simply be counted as one for the top-vote-getting game in the series (for example, if you voted Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Metroid Prime was receiving more votes than Metroid Prime 2 or 3, MP1 would get another vote).

Also, if a game has been re-released or re-made for different consoles, we will still consider them the same game in terms of voting. If you believe a game like this should be counted separately, speak your mind in the discussion group. Thanks!