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A Look Back at the HOBO Series, Part III
by heytallman December 17 2009, 9:09 AM

Welcome back to the history of the HOBO series! When we last left off, HOBOs had just started to gain national recognition, and we had gotten our first out of state attendees, Mew2King, Azen, DSF, and a few others, and we have just had our first Meta Knight-banned tournament. We now continue on, with more people around the country paying attention to the series. Our journey brings us to HOBO XIII, and a few other tournaments where other players stepped up to organize their own tournaments.

December 6, 2008 - 36 entrants

With Planet Zero still closed for a location change, Xyro was still looking for a permanent tournament venue. For a while, Smashfests had been regularly occurring at a small drink shop called The Drink Station. With nowhere else to hold a tournament, Xyro books the shop for a HOBO. However, due to the small size of the venue, this was a smaller one, in fact, the smallest one since the Beaumont tournament.

But that didn't stop it from being a great tournament! Dallas went home with the top 3 spots, with Infinity winning, DMG coming in second, and Ice finishing in third. Xyro was not around until late, as he had to work that day, so the tournament was run by Furbs and Rockettrainer. Aside from the normal singles and doubles, low tier singles was added as an event. However, Furbs and RT decided to wait for Allan to get off of work at midnight or so, so it started pretty late. Gnes won that, with Xyro coming in second, and bwett placing third.

EPIC FAIL - A bunch of people went to eat after singles and doubles. When the various cars came back, Jerm walks in and announces that Ozz had locked himself in the car. Everyone runs outside to Jerm's car, where we see Ozz in the backseat, flailing around, and trying to get out. Eventually, he does, and everyone points and laughs.

FREE DRINKS - Some tournaments waive your venue fee if you bring a setup. Others don't really do anything, aside from saying thanks. Seeing as how this was a drink place, the venue fee included a free drink, and the cost could be waived for a setup. Anyone who's been to a tournament before knows that dehydration and headache can set in as the day goes on, so a free refreshing beverage sure does hit the spot. I think I got a blended coffee drink with vanilla. It was great!

January 7, 2009 - 29 entrants

Xyro took the month off to let Sethlon run a tournament at a new venue in Magnolia. However, Magnolia is quite far for the average Houstonian to travel to, so the turnout was pretty low. If I remember correctly, the venue was some kind of sports bar, and was pretty nice. I didn't attend this tourney, so I'll be pretty brief. Fliphop wins this once, beating Razer in the grand finals. Coming in third was a newcomer, making his first offline appearance ever: the All is Brawl's ladder's own SAMBONER. Sam impressed everyone by placing so high, but he would not return to a live tournament until a small tournament at a college, and then at HOBO 20. San Antonio also made their presence known at this tournament, with 3 of their players placing in the top nine. Jerm, a Toon Link player, who had been doing well recently, came in last, disappointing many people. Sadly, other than results, I don't really know anything about this tournament, wish I could elaborate more.

February 7, 2009 - 22 entrants

This was another smaller tournament, hosted by Ozz, held in his garage. With more and more out-of-city players attending HOBOs, it was a nice break to have a more local tournament with only Houston players. Winning this small tournament was Razer, with Gnes placing in second, and Zori coming in third. I did not attend this touranment, either, so once again, I can't elaborate.

February 28, 2009 - 54 entrants

After a long 2 month break, HOBO is back, once again at the Drink Station. This one drew a larger crowd than the previous tournament here, and the venue was pretty packed. The victor this time around was Dojo, who beat Infinity, who beat Razer. This tournament was very fun, with many great players from throughout Texas attending. San Angelo, Dallas, Louisiana, and Beaumont were able to come out for this one.

VIDEO OF THE TOURNAMENT - (provided by yours truly himself)

THE RETURN OF THE MILK MATCH - Here's some history for this one. An old Houston tradition, back in the Melee days, was to issue a milk match. A milk match was where two people played a set, and the winner got to take a glass of milk and add any ingredients to it he wishes, and the loser must drink said milk. Well, at one point during the tournament, Dugfinn asks the worker at the Drink Station to throw a bunch of random ingredients together and make the most disgusting drink imaginable. She tells Xyro about it, and Xyro asks "WHO WANTS TO DO A MILK MATCH?" Two people, Chaos and Carnage, agree, and play a set. Chaos loses, and must drink the disgusting cocktail. While watching, Dojo and Razer almost lose it and almost puke themselves. Eventually, though, Chaos downs it, and is a good sport about the whole ordeal. Footage of him drinking it can be seen in the HOBO XIV video above.

EPIC MOMENT - At one point in the tournament, RoyR and Dojo meet. A battle of the greats ensues. After getting stage spiked by Dojo on his last stock in match 1, Roy was ready for revenge. He counterpicks Yoshi's Island, and what happened next shocked the masses, and will live on in our memories forever. The RoyR spike. 30 seconds into the match, Roy throws Dojo off the ledge, and then footstool spikes him. However, instead of going straight down, Dojo goes straight to the right, hits the stage, THEN goes straight down. And the crowd went wild. Also, the ending to the match was pretty good. Dojo would go on to win the set, but RoyR's spike was seen by all as the coolest moment of the tournament.

If you would like to witness the RoyR spike for yourself, please go to about 3:50 in this video:

March 7, 2009 - 51 entrants

At HOBO XIV, and a few other small smashfests held at the Drink Station, people would go to McDonald's or Jack in the Box to eat. Of course, at either of these locations, a drink can be bought for a fairly low amount of money, so more drinks were bought at surrounding fast food places rather than at the actual drink place. Well, they didn't like that too much, and they told Xyro that he could no longer hold Smash events at this location. So, we were once again in need of a venue. DeAngelo, who had been helping Xyro with tournament and venue stuff, tells him, "You know, I think I could get us a great venue." So he did. We now have the venue, a place with a bowling alley, small movie theater, a few arcades, and a giant ferris wheel in the middle of the main room! Suffice it to say, this was the best venue thus far. The room we have for the tournaments is huge and spacious, with sufficient air-conditioning for the leagues of sweaty gamers who gather for this little pasttime. As of this writing, we are still holding HOBOs at this venue.

Well, with the new venue comes new tournaments, DeAngelo, who got us the venue, runs tournaments for Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and Blazblue while Brawl is going on.

So far, this is my favorite HOBO venue so far. And this was a great tournament. The 1 2 3 went to Razer, Infinity, and Gnes, in that order. Also, Jerm, who had placed last at Sethlon's tournament, took 4th at this one. Go figure.

NOT-SO EPIC MOMENT WHICH TURNED OUT TO BE KINDA EPIC - The only possible complaint I could say about this venue was the lack of security. We were in a large room near the exit of the main building, right next to the parking lot. People were allowed to walk in and out as they pleased. A College Station Smasher, Sand-Trap, was watching his stuff, when a group of kids walks in, with one of them grabbing his backpack, which had his Wii in it. Because he was keeping an eye on his stuff (which you should definitely do if you bring your stuff to a tournament), he followed the kids outside, and said "HEY, GIVE ME BACK MY STUFF!" At this point, the entire group splits up and takes off running, and Sand-Trap chases the kid with his backpack, TACKLES HIM TO THE GROUND, grabs his backpack, and walks inside.

At this point, a ONE-ARMED COP chases the kid down, brings him inside, and handcuffs him (how he did this I have NO IDEA). So the little kid is sitting in this chair, and they are waiting for a cop car to show up to take the kid to juvy. The kid gives the cop some sass, and the cop EXPLODES at the kid, "YOU BETTER SHUT YOUR ****ING MOUTH, YOU LITTLE ****IN ****, I'M GONNA HAVE TO BEAT SOME MANNERS INTO YOUR ****IN ***!" at which point the tournament players watching all crapped their pants. The cop car came, and the kid was taken off to juvy, and was never seen again, as far as we know. Sand-Trap decided to not press charges, as he got his Wii back, and if he did, the kid could say "he tackled me and hurt me" and in turn charge Sand-Trap with assault or something. Everyone was just glad his stuff didn't get stolen.


March 18, 2009 - 21 entrants

During spring break, Ozz decided to host another tournament in his garage. Once again, it was a mostly local tournament, with only BadNewsBear coming in from out of town. Similar to the first one, except it was probably a bit warmer. If I remember correctly, it was a VERY nice day, I was out geocaching with a friend in the area that day, so I stopped by for a bit. Razer won, with RoyR coming in second, and Gnes coming in third. Small, but a fun tournament.

EPIC MOMENT - RoyR had been laying kinda low for a while, and not really attending too many tournaments. But he sure came out in full force today. Roy makes it to winner's finals, facing off with Razer. He wins. Razer beats Gnes, and we have a rematch in the grand finals. The crowd is expecting an epic match, but nothing would prepare them for what they would soon witness. While Razer wins the set, and the tournament, this happened in game 1:

To quote Xyro "we had to stop mid tourney and send razer to the hospital. this is why." This was easily the most epic happening of the tournament.

Well, that's it for this time, next time I'll be writing about WHOBO I and beyond. It's bound to be great, so don't miss it!


Not TK wrote at 9:10 AM on Dec 17, 2009 :
good read icon_biggrin


vVv Sumer wrote at 12:24 PM on Dec 17, 2009 :
Nice. =] Looks forward to the next one. =o
Ozz wrote at 1:22 PM on Dec 17, 2009 :
I flailed my arms around for comedic effect. Obviously I wasnt really panicking lol.

You guys thought i was serious icon_razz
FIERCELINKMASTER wrote at 3:01 PM on Dec 17, 2009 :
KRDsonic wrote at 3:04 PM on Dec 17, 2009 :
Wait, it was the 1-armed cop that did that? Dang, I didn't know. I remembered seeing that cop at HOBO 21 and didn't think much of it. Guess he's like a superhero xD.
Zori wrote at 3:49 PM on Dec 17, 2009 :
Lol I had no idea he was one handed lol
Faye Valentine wrote at 5:02 PM on Dec 17, 2009 :
LOL I remember the one-armed cop XD

seriously how'd he do that...
Cyo wrote at 6:25 PM on Dec 17, 2009 :
Funny stuff. XD
Dakpo wrote at 1:48 AM on Dec 18, 2009 :
the second link is wrong i think :/
freakin amazing/epic match by RoyR against Razor
spongejordan wrote at 9:19 PM on Dec 18, 2009 :
Yeah, second link is wrong, I watched all 3 matches and I didn't see anything like that :X
heytallman wrote at 7:03 PM on Dec 19, 2009 :
I'm so sorry for the wrong video link. The spike is at about 3:50 in THIS video: