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Playoff doubles interview: FightAdamantEevee and Rizakor
by Umbre December 25 2009, 8:49 AM

Umbre: Who are you two on AiB? And what are your mains?
Rizakor: Hi. I'm Rizakor, and I main Meta Knight. icon_biggrin
FightAdamantEevee: I'm FightAdamantEevee and I main Pit and Lucas ^^
Umbre: What do you like most about the AiB ladder? (its strong points)
FightAdamantEevee: Meeting new people and teams, and using it for experience.
Rizakor: Yeah, I really enjoy meeting new people! The ladder helps me learn a lot of match-ups too, which has been improving my offline game.
Umbre: Yeah, ladder is good for meeting new people. Match-ups are always important too.
What drives you to play online? (why do you play online/ladder)
FightAdamantEevee: Mom johns, she's sick. I can't go anywhere offline as of now. Therefore, Wi-Fi is my only way to play anyone.
Rizakor: Brawl is honestly my favorite game at the moment, and I can't always play offline on school days, so I just play online. Ladder is fun because you monitor your progress with points and try to get the best streak you can. It also leads to playoffs, which is full of tough players and I absolutely thrive for competition, I love it.
Umbre: Do you use online as a way to practice for offline? (during the times you two play offline)

FightAdamantEevee: My next tournament is January 30th. I guess I could say I'm using Wi-Fi to practice for this. Other than that, I don't use it to practice for offline.
FightAdamantEevee: My next offline tournament*
Rizakor: Oh definitely. I can honestly say I've improved by a significant amount by playing online, but it's important to apply what you learn online to your offline play. For instance, Snake used to be my worst match-up, but by playing so many on Wi-Fi, Snake has become one of my best and favorite match-ups.
Umbre: Yeah, Wi-Fi can be helpful in those ways.
You've gotten pretty far into the bracket, and recently ended up into losers. How does it feel to be pretty far into the bracket?
FightAdamantEevee: It feels pretty good. I didn't think we'd make it this far, honestly, but Smash God and llodownedu are a really good team, so I wasn't surprised that we lost. icon_razz Good luck to those two in the finals, btw. ^^
Rizakor: FAE and I were very optimistic, and before a match we always tell each other "Let's win this one!" and any time we get a win we celebrate with "Oh you did great that last match!" We try not to get intimidated by tough teams, and just play to the best of our ability. It feels great, I'm glad we're in this far and hopefully we get further. Seriously, Smash God and llodownedu are a great team, I gotta give it up to them <3.
Umbre: Yeah, they're a good team.
Who's the toughest team you've played online?
Rizakor: There have been a couple of tough teams, but I'd have to say Smash God and llodownedu are the toughest so far. They work great together and they're really precise. A few other teams that were tough for us were Ally’s+ Holy's team and Mango254's team.
Umbre: What's the toughest character combo for you to face online?
Rizakor: Personally, I can't stand a Diddy and Meta Knight team. Two of my worst match-ups, and together they're extremely difficult, especially on FD. I'd probably ban it, but yeah, definitely don't like Diddy/Meta teams.
FightAdamantEevee: GnW and Wario. GnW rapes my characters and I can never seem to hit Wario in doubles, then wind up getting punished with a fart. It's a frikkin scary team. :/ Also, Wario has good DI and GnW can bucket brake, so it's really hard to kill them. They both have a nice supply of kill moves as well, and Pit+MK = light team.
Umbre: Pretty good combination of characters; pretty understandable.
Ok, final question, coming up;
Do you have any advice for the people/teams out there who wish to improve in doubles?
Rizakor: Mhm. You should ask your teammate a couple important questions such as: Are you a defensive or offensive player? What's your favorite CPs? What stages are you bad on? Aside from that, practice, practice, and more practice. The more you play with your teammate, the more you understand them and the better you'll be able to follow up whenever they hit the opponents towards you. If you're facing a character you don't like, let your teammate handle them while you take on the other. And please don't bash on your opponent if he/she makes a mistake that costs the game. I've seen a lot of teams do that, and I hate it because we all make mistakes, and if you honestly can't take it anymore, find a new partner. Stay optimistic, and NEVER give up. Comebacks DO happen. :]
FightAdamantEevee: Well, the most important thing is to make sure that you don't treat 2v2's as two 1v1's. Teamwork is involved, and is a major element of doubles. Also make sure that you have general team strategies such as “Mainly I'll be doing ‘x’ and you'll be doing ‘y’” Example: As Snake I'll be going defensive and stock tanking, so you can feel free to go aggressive. However, don't be afraid to change it if it doesn't work against a certain team. It's good to change styles every now and then, especially if it's more efficient and works better. Also, have mini, easy-to-execute combos such as a throw to aerial or attack that will hit. Throws are so easy to combo out of in doubles it's not even funny. Also, if you keep getting followed by a match-up that you dislike, have your partner handle them, and you take the other guy. There's not really a point in fighting a match-up that you know you can't play unless the opponent's partner is the same or a worse match-up. Lastly, support your teammate when they need it. For example, if you see your partner getting beaten badly for a few moments or getting ganged up on, don't sit back and watch until you see the outcome. Go in and help out. And if you see your partner at a high %, try to shield off the opponents so your partner can live longer. That's about it ^^
Umbre: Ok, very good responses to that.
Well, the interview is now over. Thank you two for taking the time for the interview, and good luck in the rest of your playoffs matches.
FightAdamantEevee: No problem, and thanks =D
Rizakor: Thank you! XD


Seiker wrote at 8:54 AM on Dec 25, 2009 :
Seiker wrote at 8:54 AM on Dec 25, 2009 :
oh wait.....
LoF NAKAT wrote at 9:24 AM on Dec 25, 2009 :
That's my boy Ricky! Use that for our offline tournaments dude ^_^

You too FAE good job!

I will see you with 7FO next season.
Jenkins wrote at 10:03 AM on Dec 25, 2009 :
Debom wrote at 10:17 AM on Dec 25, 2009 :
Auro wrote at 10:53 AM on Dec 25, 2009 :
Smash god and llodownedu were a good team
MintyFlesh wrote at 11:08 AM on Dec 25, 2009 :
u put eric anderson instead of fightadamanteevee for one of them

when r i gon be interviewed i think i are best wifi mrth
lloD wrote at 11:28 AM on Dec 25, 2009 :
Not TK wrote at 11:37 AM on Dec 25, 2009 :
good read
jarvitz wrote at 11:37 AM on Dec 25, 2009 :
aww i wasnt mentioned? FAE helped me a lot.
Chunky wrote at 11:39 AM on Dec 25, 2009 :
Nice job FAE and to your partner to, you've made me proud <3
LoF pwii wrote at 12:13 PM on Dec 25, 2009 :
FightAdamantEevee carries the team icon_razz
Black Mother wrote at 12:21 PM on Dec 25, 2009 :
Good stuff guys! :}

Just fix the part where it says "Eric Anderson" from Skype lol.
Black Mother wrote at 12:24 PM on Dec 25, 2009 :
Good stuff guys! :}

Just fix the part where it says "Eric Anderson" from Skype lol.
Haloman800 wrote at 1:19 PM on Dec 25, 2009 :
Awesome interview =). Two very good players.
youpiknight wrote at 1:27 PM on Dec 25, 2009 :
it's all about homo saipians
Patg wrote at 1:49 PM on Dec 25, 2009 :
I know fightadamenteevee he's legit.
Sticks wrote at 3:48 PM on Dec 25, 2009 :
FAE2gud. +D
Eternal Mangekyo Zebra wrote at 4:08 PM on Dec 25, 2009 :
lol FAE is too good icon_biggrin
I dont think anyone knows how to say your name though XD