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Methodical Madness: Stage Expansion Hacks
by E.Nigma March 12 2010, 3:41 PM

So, as of late, I've been completely swamped with things like my job, the Mewtwo skin, the girl I'm apparently swooning over, and other things involving some secret-not-so-secret stuff icon_biggrin

Yes, I've been busy. The last issue of Methodical Madness was nearly 2 months ago and I feel that it's high time to get off my bum, take some time to myself, and get something new posted up before Cheese and The740 chain grab me into a knuckle sammich and I get booted out for being a lazy poogeyman.

This MM, I'm going to be talking about 2 things. First, this great thing called the Stage Roster Expansion Code. It's a set of 3 simple (complex as hell) codes that allows you to add 9 new stages to your roster by putting an extra 5 Final Destination and 4 Battlefield Icons on the end of your Melee stage list.

This allows you to choose 9 custom stages that you yourself can even create if you want to, and play them in your game normally. These 9 codes are added to your replays and your custom music select screen so that you are able to save your matches and choose which music you want to be played on these stages.

Unfortunately, it will link each of these stages to your battlefield and final destionation music files, so you will be limited to a select few songs for each stage. This is a minor draw back for being able to add new places to play in my opinion.

The stage expansion system is just another example of how Brawl hacking has been moving along. We're getting closer every day to being able to fully customize the game in ways that we could only have dreamed of in the first year.

For those of you interested in the stage expansion code, check out the Smash Development boards.

Also, along with the new stage expansion, Kryal (the creator of BrawlBox) added a collision editor to the widely used BrawlBox program. People have been replacing typical stage models with models from the trophy horde and giving them collision data so that they become playable stages to add to their custom rosters.


Ganon's Flag Ship (Sub-Space Emissary)

Along with that, there was a trend started where users began drawing up 2D images and putting them as playable stages into the game. Now, this seems kind of silly but I think it'd be cool for a paper mario styled stage or something.

And last but not least, there has been a program created that allows one to modifiy the shapes of model vertex's. This gives them the ability to basically change the general shape and layout of a character's model. For example, I could make Zero Suit Samus's pony tail so large that it would appear to be just long hair instead of tied back, thus giving her a more femanine look.

As you can see in the image below, Princess Peach has been vertex modified into Princess Rosalina.

Most people, at first glance, would look at this image and believe that it was just a simple texture hack. However, there have been plenty of things done to it to make it appear otherwise. But for this particular image:
  • Her front bangs are longer to cover the eye.
  • Her hair has been reshaped.
  • Her earrings, almost unnoticeable unless you look really hard, have been reshaped into the stars that she wears in the game.
  • Peach's shoulder poofs have been slimmed down to give it a more elegant look.
  • Her gloves have been removed and replace with longer sleeves that flair out at the ends.
  • Her golf club (I think) has been modified into the Star Rod
  • And (unseen in this image) Toad has been swapped out for one of the Star Sprites.

The modifications are subtle, but they totally get the point across icon_biggrin


Show me your bread!

This stuff is getting interesting...

Next edition of Methodical Madness: I will be interviewing BigSharkZ - the guy who created half of that Rosalina sprite, and other awesome things.

What is it that you fight for, comrade?


Mao-Kai wrote at 3:44 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
Mao-Kai wrote at 3:45 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
..Now get cracking on melee falcon
MythTrainerInfinity wrote at 3:45 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
Man cool stuff, I should get into downloading some this...
Haloman800 wrote at 3:46 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
Haloman800 wrote at 3:46 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
I was actually going to be 1st, but I actually read the whole article before posting.
MythTrainerInfinity wrote at 3:47 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
I wonder if people started making Krystal playable, that'd make d/l it in a heartbeat.

C'mon furries, step it up!
Mao-Kai wrote at 3:51 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
^ no
MythTrainerInfinity wrote at 3:53 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
Also this post needs more videos.
Nessy wrote at 4:03 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
Foxy Woxy wrote at 4:10 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
These hax, I like I like
The Fallen Angel wrote at 4:13 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
O_O captain Falco....mind just exploded.

and leon S kennedy FTW
Queen wrote at 4:15 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
Not bad.
Midnite wrote at 4:16 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
Hey, Enigma, are you gonna get into models from other games, as well?
Xin wrote at 4:20 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
Rosalina. lol. nice hax.
TM Mango wrote at 4:27 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
what's with the huge space between "what to look forward to" and "Final Words" near the end?
E.Nigma wrote at 4:34 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
yeah midnite icon_biggrin i'll be getting to that soon

Quote (originally posted by King of Social Chat - Mango):
what's with the huge space between "what to look forward to" and "Final Words" near the end?

mostly for dramatic effect XD
Regimus wrote at 4:35 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
Wow, nice stuff.
KingJuan1 wrote at 4:43 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
leon O_O
__X__ wrote at 4:44 PM on Mar 12, 2010 :
Holy EFF icon_eh2