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TourneyPlay 5: Interview with Jem
by Rich Brown April 25 2010, 11:24 AM
The excitement is brewing over Tourneyplay 5. The normally Washington-based tournament, hosted by GameClucks is making a special appearance in Southern California. We sat down with Jem, one of Washington’s top players, and got his thoughts on this upcoming regional tournament.

Rich Brown: You are regarded as the top MK in WA, and one of the top 2 or 3 players in the state. What is it about your playstyle that sets you apart from all other WA players?

Jem: I play a lot more aggressively than most of them are used to, I would guess. I've been near the top of my region since 2008, and you don't just luck your way into this position. I have a natural talent, but I'm trying to get even better by practicing with Felix and Nerd a lot.

Rich Brown: How often to you practice? Who else in WA do you play with?

Jem: I try to play everyday. The closest person lives about 20 minutes from me, so if I'm not playing with someone, I pretty much pull the Mew2King and just play vs. computers and theorize what a human would do if I do something. I play mostly with Felix and Nerd, but also Eggz and TooBusyToCare and Sagemoon.

Rich Brown: TourneyPlay5 is coming up. This will be your first time coming to SoCal for Smash. Who are you most looking forward to playing against, and who do you think are your biggest threats in singles and doubles?

Jem: I went to SoCal for Super Champ Combo too for Melee ;). Im looking forward to playing with DSF since I've played him in about 7 Brawl sets. Tyrant, Havok, just everyone down there. You too. I would say Tyrant, Havok, and Mew2King. I want to play DSF. For doubles, M2K + Fiction. I'm fairly confident in Sean and myself's ability to place at TP5 doubles. Larry also, obviously.

Rich Brown: Ah, yes, you and I have unfinished business ;)

Jem: Very much so!

Rich Brown: Since this is a WC regional, there’s going to be a lot of regional pride to go around. How do you think the crowd and the pressure of such a massive tournament will influence the matches?

Jem: I think after MLG Orlando, all those guys will be used to it. I've played with some of the best in Brawl and *cough* Halo, so the crowd doesn't bug me. I do want to rep Washington though. Chip has done it, Felix has done it, I need to step up now, I expect myself to finally shine at a big regional scale event.

Rich Brown: How do you personally handle the pressure of a crowd and a big tournament? What advice would you give to someone attending a big tournament for the first time?

Jem: Just remember why you're there and playing. And if people are rooting against you, that typically means youre a threat. I take it as a bit of a compliment. You need to be calm. I would say, just try to play and have fun when its your first tournament. Don't set your standards too high, but come in aiming to do some damage. If you're friendly with everyone, it'll make your experience all the more better.

Rich Brown: Some other WA players, including Felix and Nerd, are also coming down for the event. How do you predict WA as a whole will hold up against SoCal, NorCal, and Vegas?

Jem: Felix just showed he can keep up with elite Meta Knights. He beat Seibrik in tournament, and I heard he 3-0'd Atomsk in a MK vs Diddy money match down in Orlando. Nerd is always a good player getting better. I think WA will get a top spot in doubles, and Felix, Nerd, or myself (or maybe a combination) will place top 7, even with SoCal and M2K in attendance. i think we're highly underrated, mainly because of my lack of travelling and results.

Rich Brown: What potential singles and doubles matches are you most looking forward to seeing?

Jem: Felix vs. any SoCal Meta Knight, Nerd vs. any SoCal Meta Knight, Felix vs. Larry, me vs. any SoCal Meta Knight and ranked player. Felix and Nerd vs. M2K and Fiction. Sean and I vs. M2K and Fiction. There's a lot I'm looking forward to :)

Rich Brown: Lastly, apart from Smash, what else do you plan on doing while you're in SoCal?

Jem: Hanging out with everyone. I haven't seen SoCal (exempting Havok and DSF) since Genesis. I want to meet new people and just have a blast with everyone. Shoutouts to Gunnar Optiks, Gameclucks, Felix, Nerd, umm, everyone whose supported me, Rich Brown, MLG, and Brawl players everywhere! :)

Rich Brown: Very cool. Thanks for your time, and good luck at TP5!

Jem: Thanks, you too, cant wait to see you all again!


dabuz the horrible wrote at 2:31 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
Amethia wrote at 2:32 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
kole wrote at 2:38 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
_ForsaKen_ wrote at 2:40 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
to cool
FlameWaveKei wrote at 2:43 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
I thought felix and nerd weren't going
BostonBrawler wrote at 2:44 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
Never liked Jem, such an arrogant attitude.
I thought he deserted the Brawl Community for Halo 3 a while back, I guess he didn't have enough "Natural Talent" to stay with it.
Granite wrote at 2:57 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
usually when people root against you. it means your a douch. they only root against m2k cuz he wins all the time, everyone still likes him.
t0mmy wrote at 3:08 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
Quit the hate people, most of you never met Jem. He's a really nice guy in person, some of us come off ****y online but it's mostly because this is COMPETITION. If you don't talk yourself up you're not going to have the confidence going into the arena. Simple as that.

Pacific Northwest is underrated, even though we've shown we can step it up with the rest of them. I heard Felix and Nerd won't be attending, as their travel funds are probably exhausted from traveling to MLG Orlando. But I hope they get a way down there.
Atticus wrote at 3:14 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
**** you BostonBrawler
vVv Sumer wrote at 3:29 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
TopPredator wrote at 3:36 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
TP ftw =3
heytallman wrote at 3:54 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
Good read.
Jem wrote at 5:22 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
Thanks everyone
Eggz wrote at 5:26 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
Brick wrote at 11:57 AM on Apr 25, 2010 :
usually when people root against you. it means your a douch. they only root against m2k cuz he wins all the time, everyone still likes him.

youve obviously never been to a large tournament before.

good read, tp5 is gonna be dope (though felix and nerd arent going as of now)
Jem wrote at 5:28 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
yeah Rich interviewed me a week ago and it got posted now after they decided to not go haha
Luuburd wrote at 5:28 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
Hype! Jem. <3
King of Spam wrote at 6:21 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
If felix goes I wanna definitely play him.he constantly underrates pit and calls him trash just cuz he quit him
Felix wrote at 7:31 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
pit is such a garbage character lol
Eggz wrote at 7:38 PM on Apr 25, 2010 :
yeah pits really bad lol
im sure felix's pits better than yours king of spam guy
also wtf pit is so ****ing gay