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Who's That User? #2
Hey hey hey to all of you, and say hello to “Who’s That User?” #2! Invinciboy here, which you already knew, and I’ve got another user that you’ll have to guess who…it is. Rhyme break aside, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty by first congratulating the winners winners chicken dinners:

So…who’s that user? *dramatic pause* It’s Apollo! Thanks for being a good sport and keeping your identity hidden. A WTU Featured User badge will be given to you when it is created. And our five lucky winners are…RARE, Auro, Arhungry, jarvitz, and Flame! Congrats, pats on the back, wine all around, etc. Your WTU Winner badges shall also be presented upon completion. For everyone else that wishes to see the results the day after, join this group!

With that said, let us now review the rules of this game (with the addition of one new gimmick):

1. I will give you all an interesting fact about a particular user. If you are the user I am describing, please keep quiet about it and do not reveal yourself. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your WTU Featured User badge.
2. In addition to a fact, clues will be given to help you search the myriad users of AiB for the right one. Don’t stop until you are absolutely sure you have the right user and he or she matches the clues given, because you only get one shot at this.
3. To make sure you are taking the time to check your guess, I will give you a few questions to answer about this user. Every answer will be found somewhere on his or her profile (general information, blogs, videos, etc.) If one answer is incorrect, then your whole guess will be counted wrong, so make sure you are absolutely certain of what you typed. (P.S. If you can't find the answers, then you either have the wrong person or aren't looking hard enough).
4. When you are ready to give the name and answers, do not post as a comment. You must send a private message, or your submission will be void. Also, don’t give me a link to his or her profile unless you have the name and the answers to the questions to go with it. Putting just a link in your message will count as an incomplete (and therefore wrong) answer.
5. Everyone has until midnight tonight (PST) to message me. Any answer sent in after that will not be counted.
6. The first five that send the correct username get the WTU Winner badge!

Because I have nothing more to say, let’s get this here competition under way!

This user is fascinated with hair styling. All it took was one trip to a salon, and BAM! he/she became infatuated with the job. It’s funny how something like that can get anyone interested with any kind of profession, eh? He/she also likes to style his/her and his/her friends’ hair. Does he/she charge people for that…and if so, does he/she charge himself/herself? Anywho, in the future, this user plans to go to a hair school in order to hone his/her styling skills and maybe become a stylist one day. I wish his/her the best of luck with his/her endeavors, especially if he/she really does go through with it and Rapunzel happens to stop by one day for a haircut!

In addition to the fact above, this user…
-is in the group I sometimes try to recover even though there's no way I'll make it back to the stage.
-has an “l” somewhere in his/her username, name, or location.
-has an AiF account.
-has a friend code on his/her profile in which all of the numbers make a sum of 60.

And the questions you must answer are as follows:
1. When did this user join the site?
2. What is this user's real name?
3. Where did this user originally live before he/she moved?
4. What kind of joke contest did this user like to do with blogs?

So tell me…WHO’S THAT USER?! Good luck to all, use your time wisely, and pay attention to the clues/questions! >;D

By the way, if you want to try to be featured in an article of “Who’s That User?”, just send me a PM with a cool, unique thing about yourself that possibly no one knows about you. However, just make sure this thing can’t be found anywhere on your profile (About Me, videos, blogs, tournaments, etc.) There’s no guarantee that you’ll be chosen, but if your name is selected by random name picker I’ll use, you shall receive the WTU Featured User badge (as long as you don’t say anything to the other users)! The deadline to send is midnight Friday (PST), so what are you waiting for? Send in for play, and maybe get featured one day! ^^ (Note: those that already sent in something do not need to resend.)


Black Mother wrote at 10:05 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
Congrats you all.
BFAA BasedKubo wrote at 10:13 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
Imo these are impossible unless you personally know the user =_=
Invinciboy wrote at 10:30 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
Not impossible. Just follow the clues, and you'll find the user.
dabuz the horrible wrote at 10:42 AM on Jul 20, 2010 : look at!!!!!...everyone their...naaaaaaaaaaaaaame...
Invinciboy wrote at 10:45 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
That's an L, not an I. lol
Luckytime wrote at 10:50 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
Are you sure you don't mean "has an “l” somewhere in his/her username, name, AND location."? >,>
Invinciboy wrote at 10:54 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
Nope. Could be either one or all three.
BoZ wrote at 11:00 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
4. What kind of joke contest did this user like to do with blogs?
That might have gave it away. >XD

I'll consider.
Luckytime wrote at 11:00 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
Ah I see, well then have my badge ready! ;]
Invinciboy wrote at 11:01 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
Quote (originally posted by BoZ):
4. What kind of joke contest did this user like to do with blogs?
That might have gave it away. >XD

I'll consider.

Maybe it will...maybe it won't. >XD
Ay Zee En wrote at 11:02 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
Too time consuming.
Invinciboy wrote at 11:16 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
Quote (originally posted by AzN):
Too time consuming.

If you use the AiF clue, then not really.
Raffi-X wrote at 11:47 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
I got it
Gardex wrote at 11:51 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
I believe I got it aswell
Raffi-X wrote at 11:57 AM on Jul 20, 2010 :
Wait nvm i can't find the answers to 3, and 4 T_T
Zeffen wrote at 12:15 PM on Jul 20, 2010 :
Gardex always gets everything :<
Gardex wrote at 12:20 PM on Jul 20, 2010 :
One of the five people in whole AiB with the "I won the Game" title *brags*
Luckytime wrote at 12:55 PM on Jul 20, 2010 :
Just submitted my answer, all the criteria was there so I'm confident about it :]
jarvitz wrote at 1:14 PM on Jul 20, 2010 :
i am happy icon_biggrin