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New AiB Skins & Banner Contest!
by Amethia October 27 2010, 9:05 PM

Hey everybody, many of you have noticed the new "Rising Sun" skin for AiB, and I decided I will create more skins for the site, but I need YOUR help this time around. I usually only make what the community asks for, not what the staff wants. It would be appreciated if you give any feedback on what needs to be edited in my work-in-progress skins (Volcanic, Toxic, etc.). Here are the overviews of what the skins will look like and these pictures will be used to determine what should be edited:

Moving onwards, I would like to announce AiB's New Skins Banner Contest! The test banner I made for the Green skin will be excluded from being used after the contest, but my Volcano skin banner will be staying there. What's needed for these skins are 2 banners for the Volcanic skin, and 3 banners for the Toxic skin. Up to 2 entries may be allowed for each skin from each participant, by PMing me your entry with a generic subject like "AiB New Skins Banner Contest".

1. Banner must be 964x175 pixels.
2. The banner should have a color scheme that compliments/fits with the skin it is for.
3. The banner does not have to be completely Smash related(doesn't have to have the Smash Symbol everywhere/all Melee/Brawl renders etc)
4. Preferably the logo should be displayed near the middle of the banner in a decent size. You may use this logo or create your own: or

1. Each entrant may submit up to two entries(per skin). Once a banner is submitted, it cannot be changed.
2. The banner MUST be new work. I'd like to see what the Art District can do.
3. Entrants will be penalized accordingly for plagiarism, faked votes, and other inappropriate conduct.
4. The process in which the winner is decided will depend on how many entries we receive. It will most likely involve public voting as well as admin panel selection.
5. The admin panel reserves the right to rule that the banners will not be changed for this banner contest if the quality of the banners are not up to our standards.

The deadline for entries is [b]November 10th[/b]. That's 2 weeks from now, leaving you more than enough time to make a banner. Badges will be awarded to the people who participate, and of course, those who's banners are selected for each skin.

This next part is something I wanted to ask the community about, but has nothing to do with this contest particularly. If you need to look at some of these skins to get ideas for your the contest banners, then feel free to. I’m making lots of skins, but I don’t know what the community really wants because of my lack of internet access. However, you can still help me out in making these skins without entering the banner contest! Simply tell me which of the following skins you like, this will give me an idea as to what kind of skins the AiB community would like to see added, if I should work on new skins, or if I should finish skins I'm already currently working on.

*I make skins as gifts for my BEST friends. Rising Sun was a gift to Jill BSAA =P*
**Banners and names aren’t final and may be replaced at any time**
***Click on the images to see the full size of them***

AllisDrama (lightlanayru’s skin. renaming it in the future, don’t worry)

Waterfall (jarvitz’s skin.)

L.O.G. (for the ’08 originals that made AIB, “AIB”. You know who you are)

Other skins to look out for: Dropping Sky, Acid, XYZ (Metallic), Earth, Breath Bound


Slither2Hunter wrote at 9:06 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
****EN LOVE THESE SKINS icon_sad
Zolga wrote at 9:06 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
Fixed. Thanks Arban/Sumer.
42_ wrote at 9:07 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
Green skin. icon_biggrin
vVv Sumer wrote at 9:07 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
No problem. ^^; Ignore the early post everyone. <.<

Also, green <3
Carls493 wrote at 9:15 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
Maybe I should give this a whirl.
Link14 wrote at 9:16 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
Awsome Skins
Link14 wrote at 9:17 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
Go Carls Go!
ICYo-yo wrote at 9:18 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
cool, i think there should be one with sheik zelda or link on it. When i think "zelda" i don't think gannon
EMC25 wrote at 9:18 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
Yoshi better be in the green one for the final finishing
But green looks cool
Peterdinosaurous wrote at 9:21 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
the toxic one looks amazing
Regimus wrote at 9:21 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
These look incredible. At least there's something AiB likes around here and as an added bonus, it's not completely hated. I love these, everyone one of them.
GirlsOfGaming wrote at 9:26 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
i want that volcanic one, and can i have that picture you used for the avatar?
Blak Zeth wrote at 9:33 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
Well lets see.The drama one i really dont like.We sorta already have a reddish one but this one is still guud. The text and color are good for the green(just needs green chars like yoshi and luigi etc.) and the waterfall is good but i like LOG the best!! icon_biggrin it just needs like toon links on it LOLz
SirraH wrote at 9:41 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
i like all those skins they put them all up
Ninoflors wrote at 9:45 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
I love the pink skin! I'm so doing banners for these (;
FrankTech wrote at 9:45 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
Very cool. I like to change skins. If I could mix skins that would be cool. I like the dark forum of Red/Black, but I would change the top alot.
trASHv2 wrote at 9:54 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
I love them but I think the typo in the Waterfall skin could be changed and replacing MetaKnight in the green banner(2nd to the top) could be change, like Fox since Wolf is on the left!
Master Mew1000 wrote at 9:58 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
Thay all rock^_^
Kakashi of the Sharingan wrote at 10:09 PM on Oct 27, 2010 :
Awesome! I can't wait for these skins to be released icon_smile