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Greetings, AiB! The Brawl Fall '10 playoffs have come to an end for both Singles and Doubles, and I'm here to bring you all up to speed on it. Let's look at the results, with the final brackets for each. (Note that they may not be entirely accurate, as some couldn't make it to their matches.)


Here is the final bracket. Ally took first place with his Snake/Meta Knight for the fifth time in AiB history (big shock, eh? lol), and earned a solid $200. hyperdabuz (Olimar) came in second with to win $100, HolyNightmare (R.O.B.) in third for $50, and -lloD- (Peach) in fourth with $25 in tow. Congratulations to you guys, as well as the sixty other users that made up this year's top 64!


Here is the final bracket. IMA BAN YOU, the dynamic duo of Tairbair (Meta Knight) and ChocoNaner (Diddy Kong) came in first to pocket $100. Unholy Allies, also known as HolyNightmare (R.O.B.) and Ally (Snake) came close behind in second for a winning of $50. Both teams have long histories of high placings, and who can blame them? The players in each are skilled in what they do! Nice job to you two, and the the other thirty teams in this year's top 32!


For those that didn't make it, don't give up! There may be a plethora of intimidating players in the ladder, but that doesn't mean you shouln't try to be all you can be. Work on your weaknesses, develop new strategies, and maybe one day your name will appear in the top four of these ladder articles (with the possibility of earning free money at the end!)

Welp, that's about wraps up this wrap-up article. I'd like to thank Enrish for organizing this huge event, Trishrachi the Giftmaker for writing theladder updates, and our volunteer referees (Linkz, Slient Nite, Kakashi of the Santa, 1PokeMastr, and Dr. Sprite) for taking time out of their schedules to oversee the playoffs chats. Enjoy the short break from the joke ladder, and prepare yourselves for the next official season. Good luck!

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Alrighty, it's that time again. Welcome to the fifth and final ladder update of the fall season! I hope you guys have enjoyed stuffing yourselves during Thanksgiving. xD Anyway, seeing as my access is currently limited for a little while due to some terrible technical difficulties, the rankings still had to be taken the night before, so please bear with me. Though, I will most likely consider taking the rankings at a very later time for the next season. So, with the ladder closing very soon, many players have decided to step things up in their game. What suprises await us? What has been expected from this update overall? We shall see whose wishes have come true! Then again, I've got quite a few singles videos in my disposal.

In the spectator's corner, there were only 2 singles videos sent to my inbox by Kyleisreal. Though these actually seem more like friendlies (after a ladder set, that is) than ladder matches, it's better than nothing. Despite the top tiers galore, I'd say these are worth to watch, even though Ally isn't using his Snake in these matches. I think this is pretty well evened out. (Texture/music hacks are definitely used for your viewing pleasure. :3)

Video 1: Kyleisreal (Snake) vs. Ally (Meta Knight) [Round 1]
Video 2: Kyleisreal (Snake) vs. Ally (Meta Knight) [Round 2]

And with that being shown, some of you can hopefully be able to submit some cool ladder replays if you wish to see a few in the next update. All you have to do is to drop a PM in my AiB inbox. Nothing else. If you're not sure whether you'd like to show off a few moves or not, you have time to think about it. But in this case, submissions are now CLOSED until the next ladder season so please do not send any! Okay, we can now go on to the top rankings for this week! (As always, inform me if I still remain inaccurate with your use of primaries/secondaries/etc. I only get what the feedbacks and main profiles give me.)

Side-note: These top rankings have been taken at 9:00 pm PST on Friday [11/26/10].

Current Rankings


[01] | [01] : ANTi (33 - 5) → Meta Knight
[02] | [06] : -lloD- (137 - 18) → Peach
[03] | [29] : The Addy (38 - 5) → King Dedede
[04] | [NR] : Ally (33 - 9) → Meta Knight
[05] | [02] : hyperdabuz (46 - 6) → Olimar
[06] | [07] : xxpatgxx (37 - 1) → Zero Suit Samus
[07] | [03] : Nairo The Booty Warrior (31 - 10) → Meta Knight
[08] | [05] : LukeMoonWalker (33 - 0) → Meta Knight
[09] | [04] : Zebro (138 - 32) → Wario
[10] | [14] : RaffiX (60 - 27) → R.O.B.
[11] | [NR] : Tairbair (74 - 14) → Mr. Game & Watch
[12] | [08] : -DracoBlaze- (83 - 17) → Meta Knight
[13] | [22] : MeroKnight (66 - 13) → Zero Suit Samus / Random?
[14] | [09] : Amaterasu Okami (272 - 70) → Snake
[15] | [31] : ADHD (53 - 15) → Diddy Kong
[16] | [NR] : Salem (16 - 3) → Zero Suit Samus
[17] | [20] : Sake (36 - 0) → Snake
[18] | [10] : raytay824 (145 - 53) → Marth
[19] | [11] : chiiiiiiiii (26 - 6) → Meta Knight
[20] | [19] : Hedi_ (121 - 44) → Wolf
[21] | [21] : Ramona Flowers (56 - 11) → Meta Knight
[22] | [12] : Big_M (66 - 40) → Snake
[23] | [23] : Flame (40 - 14) → Falco / Snake
[24] | [17] : SlayerZ (48 - 9) → Peach
[25] | [32] : Kamicario (65 - 19) → Lucario
[26] | [27] : megafox112 (324 - 153) → Fox / Snake / Marth / Falco
[27] | [26] : 5th Best In Wisconsin (278 - 165) → Sheik / Meta Knight
[28] | [16] : Meri Pam (33 - 3) → Diddy Kong
[29] | [NR] : pkmonftw (135 - 54) → Meta Knight / Olimar
[30] | [NR] : PentaSalad (140 - 71) → Mr. Game & Watch
[31] | [15] : Smetsys (104 - 26) → Meta Knight
[32] | [NR] : HyperKeeby (129 - 101) → Kirby


[01] | [01] : u lose to us Y [Flame / Debom] (31 - 0) → Snake / Meta Knight
[02] | [02] : we lost to them Y [HappyMedium / Limit] (27 - 1) → Meta Knight
[03] | [03] : DLK [LukeMoonWalker / M to the Ekos] (75 - 14) → Ness / Lucas
[04] | [04] : If You Seek Aimeeee [FAE / Kamicario] (38 - 5) → Lucas / Lucario
[05] | [06] : Metaknight, ace character, always gets the gimp [Worst Random Unknown Player In New England / hinkage] (29 - 8) → Snake / Meta Knight
[06] | [07] : Green Team [Amaterasu Okami / BF-HCS] (74 - 24) → Snake / Ness
[07] | [05] : I hope you like pain [HyperKeeby / Admiral Arban] (81 - 37) → Kirby / Diddy Kong / Meta Knight
[08] | [NR] : we rage hard at wifi [hyperdabuz / RaffiX] (8 - 1) → Olimar / R.O.B.
[09] | [NR] : Kawaii Desu~ [Auro / SlayerZ] (15 - 0) → Meta Knight
[10] | [11] : Team Red [SuperMarioMC / SkOaRaAn] (46 - 30) → Mr. Game & Watch / Marth
[11] | [12] : We Main Low Tiwes [Shiro H / Lucar] (21 - 5) → Wolf / Fox
[12] | [09] : The Real We Red [Legan / Smetsys] (13 - 8) → Marth / Lucario / Meta Knight
[13] | [15] : Space dat tilt and b air [Rayquaza07 / Hedi_] (13 - 2) → Meta Knight / Wolf
[14] | [08] : Blast it with Piss [Izumi / Sakkym3nt] (14 - 8) → ? / Donkey Kong
[15] | [10] : LATA'S [ThuG85 / uncleNG] (22 - 15) → Mr. Game & Watch / Meta Knight
[16] | [12] : Supers [Smash God / -lloD-] (13 - 3) → ? / ?


  • Well, what do you know... Ally decided to stick to his word as he makes it to this final ladder update, currently ranking in 4th!
  • The Addy definitely has the most decent jump in the rankings. He was in 29th place about two weeks ago, and with some serious catch up, he is currently placing 3rd with his King Dedede. Nicely done!
  • Since October 18th, chiiiiiiiii hasn't been remaining active on this ladder. Yet, despite suffering some decay, he is barely moving down the rankings. I do feel that he'd do pretty well if he plays again.
  • These following players have been dropped from the last update's rankings: [13]Pikabunz, [18]Death_Alex, [24]Captain L, [25]YoshQ, [28]Zazen Agenite, and [30]Renegade TX2000.
  • Top 5 Players with the Most Wins → megafox112 (324), 5th Best In Wisconsin (278), Amaterasu Okami (272), raytay824 (145), and PentaSalad (140).
  • Top 7 Players with the Highest Win % → LukeMoonWalker and Sake tie with a percentage of 1.000, xxpatgxx (.974), Meri Pam (.917), dabuz (.885), and -lloD- and The Addy tie with a percentage of .884.

  • Ouch... the win streak for "we lost to them Y" has finally been shattered by one loss. Despite that, they still remain in 2nd place, which is still a good thing!
  • Actually, taking another glance at the rankings, the top 4 positions remain unchanged while 5th, 6th, and 7th place positions are switching with each other. This is a little interesting...
  • These following teams have been dropped from the last update's rankings: [13]Rape At Night and [14]Cura's team.
  • Top 5 Teams with the Most Wins → "Black Ppl Dont Exist" (81), "DLK" (75), "Green Team" (74), "Team Red" (46), and "If You Seek Aimeeee" (38).
  • Top 6 Teams with the Highest Win % → "u lose to us Y" and "Kawaii Desu~" tie with a percentage of 1.000, "we lost to them Y" (.964), "we rage hard at wifi" (.889), "If You Seek Aimeeee" (.884), and "Space dat tilt and b air" (.867).

With this being posted, we have 3 days remaining until the fall ladders close! I'm not sure how well you guys will do in terms of catching up, but we will see what happens. Don't forget that there is actually prize money to be won at the end of the ladder season if you manage to survive! In the meantime, work hard and keep your flame of competition lighting up! Congrats to the current top 32 players and 16 teams who made it to this final bi-weekly update. We wish you all the best of luck for anyone seeking to be at the top and making it to the playoffs! Until next time (which is somewhat a little sooner than you think), see ya~ :]
Arban here and I am kicking off with a new Pokémon series entitled "Pokémon Updates and Analysis"! The purpose of these weekly articles  are to give any updates on several things like the metagame,  the AiB Pokémon Rankings, the AiB Pokémon League, and upcoming Pokémon tournaments. These articles also include, with the help of Pizza, Midnite, and Mango, a section for analyses on certain Pokémon and their tier list movements, why a Pokemon is in a tier, or even their different options for commonly used Pokemon they face. So let's start off...

League Updates

First, I would like to notify everyone that the badges for completing Neal's additional league challenge have been finally made.

Pokémon prodigy
Elite Trainer

These are obtainable by deafeating every single Gym Leader, and the AiB Champion of the AiB Pokémon League, by following the rules and regulations Neal's challenge.

I would also like to congratulate the 3 members who completed the Ultimate Challenge, and the one who beat the additional challenge, and they are Arban, HyperKeeby, -llod-, jarvitz, and Sumer. Congratulations!

And lastly, a new Gym opened up recently named as the "Insecto Gym", which is run by Sumer, and his Gym type will be Bug.

Pokémon Rankings Updates

We have here the third update of the AiB Pokémon Rankings. We have lightlanayru currently ranked first with Mcmuffin trailing behind by 7 points! Next update of the rankings will be on September 25th, 2010. So stay tuned!


This coming week I will be hosting my first Shoddy Battle Pokémon tournament in my series. So be sure to attend as the more entrants, the more points will be added to the Top 5 placers in the tournament.

We also have ExJackSilver hosting his second installment of his Unofficial Special Pokémon Tournament. This will be kind of different with rules from standard competitive play, like not being able to use software like Pokesav to make your Pokemon, but that doesn't mean this tournament won't be fun!

(Unfortunately both Pokemon tournaments are being hosted on the same date; September 24th, 2010)

Next we will have Pizza stating his personal analysis on the recent OU tier change of Heracross moving to UU.

Pokemon’s metagames have had a recent shift, with Shaymin moving from BL to OU, and Heracross moving from OU to UU.  These changes were predicted as coming a long while ago. Shaymin’s movement to OU doesn’t change much in OU, but UU loses a reliable bulky Grass Type for their Fire/Water/Grass core playstyle. Heracross’s movepool is huge, however. UU’s metagame is going to be turned on its head, with this monster bug running around.

Shaymin’s move, as I said before, was a long time in coming. Shaymin was going to be moving on up after the Latias/Salamence bannings.  This is because Infernape and Heatran usage would rise, followed by a rise in bulky waters like Vaporeon and Swampert, and then eventually a rise in bulky Grass types like Celebi and, of course, Shaymin. OU is shifting away from the Dragon/Steel cores and toward the Fire/Water/Grass playstyle that UU has. In OU, Shaymin is going to have a lot of competition with Celebi, as Celebi has a better support movepool. However, Shaymin has laid its roots and will always have a niche in the OU metagame, because it doesn’t take x4 from U-Turn, or fear Pursuit.

Heracross has been dropping in usage for months, most likely because his speed is a major turnoff in OU. That being said, Heracross is going to be a complete monster in UU. His base 85 speed was the one thing holding him back in OU. However in UU, this is actually quite good. He boasts the 4th highest attack in UU, and his two STABs are only resisted by Weezing, Moltres, Mismagius, and Rotom. He has very few reliable switch ins. Moltres can switch in on anything that’s not Stone Edge and outspeed him. Weezing can switch in on a lot of moves and Flamethrower, but Guts boosted Façade 2hkos.

So that concludes this edition of Pokémon Updates and Analysis!
I recently got a chance to sit down with xxpatgxx and -lloD- for an interview about the recently complete AiB Singles Ladder season. For those who are unaware, xxpatgxx took 4th place in the last ladder season, and -lloD- ended the season with a 3rd place finish. With the intro aside, on to the interview!

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Hey everyone! It's that time again for another ladder update! Just a few side-notes, I have decided to make this bi-weekly for better results and changes. And if there are any epic replay videos of your matches that you'd like to share out and be featured on any ladder update article, feel free to send me a PM and I'll see what to do (though this will most likely be my last update for this season so it may have to wait until the next season). Anyway, let's get on to business. Yes, I will always say that my apology in advance still remains up here if I still remain inaccurate with your use of mains. This is all based on what my eyes see in your feedback.

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