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Are you a tournament fanatic? Do you like to travel across the country in search of easy money? Does the thought of hanging out with fellow fat and smelly gamers excite you? Look no further, because there are three terrific tournaments coming to a town near (or far away from) you real soon! Let's take a look, shall we?

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As many of you know, and for those who don’t passes for MLG DC go on sale tonight at 7 PM EST. Although Brawl Passes don’t go on sale until tomorrow, September 15th, it doesn’t hurt to get a little extra notice and be prepared ahead of time to purchase your pass. I’ve personally had to help out a few people who’ve pushed back getting their passes til the last minute, and have seen people miss being able to attend MLG because they waited too long to purchase their pass. There’s no excuse to wait to purchase your pass, so do it as soon a possible before they’re gone!

Brawl passes will be on Sale from September, 15th and registration ends on October, 11th. MLG DC will run from October 15th through the 17th. Check the Official MLG DC Brawl Weekend Schedule for event times and other information on the official page when it updates tomorrow night.

For those of you who have never been to an MLG event, and are unaware and have never been to a regional tournament, this even is a must. Along with Brawl, the weekend will be filled with the nation’s top competitors from games such as:
  • Halo 3
  • Starcraft 2
  • Tekken 6
  • World of Warcraft
If playing the game we all enjoy so much this weekend, as well as being able to be a part of the community of so many other great games, each MLG event offers a huge amount of free gifts for anyone in attendance. This free swag includes:
  • Free BIC Razors
  • Free Old Spice Deodorant
  • Free Hot Pockets
  • Free Doritos, all you can eat, all weekend long
  • Free Stride Gum
  • Free Jack Link's Beef Jerky
  • Free Dr. Pepper, all you can drink, all weekend long
  • Free MLG and Doritos branded hand towels
  • Free hand massages
  • Free MLG and Hot Pockets branded aluminum water bottles
  • Sponsor giveaways and contests for free merchandise, including Best Buy Gift Cards
  • A professional photographer taking photos of players all weekend long - pictures go up on the very day they are taken!
If free stuff and great competition isn’t what you’re here for, then how about money? As with every MLG event, the top placers from this event will be payed out a huge sum, and will have points added on toward the national championship payout at Dallas, which isn’t too far away! This pay outs are:

Regular Season Competitions
1st = $2,500
2nd = $1,500
3rd = $1,000
4th = $700
5th = $500
6th = $350
7th = $250
8th = $200

National Championship Competition
1st = $12,500
2nd = $7,500
3rd = $5,000
4th = $3,500
5th = $2,500
6th = $1,750
7th = $1,250
8th = $1,000

Gaming, free stuff, money, many things bring people to MLG events, but my favorite part about going to these events is the great experience I get to share with everyone from the Smash community I meet and get to see again at these events.

Don’t forget, passes go on sale tomorrow night at 7 PM EST! Don’t wait until it’s too late to register, and don’t miss out on this great opportunity!